Davina Claire
Biographical information
  • 1995 to 1996

The Originals Fanfiction

  • 16 (S1)
  • 17 (S2)
  • 18 (S3)

Call of Magic

  • 20 - 22 (Magic Arc)
  • 24 (Journey Arc)
  • 25 (Friendship Arc)
  • 30 (Final Chapter)
  • Alive
  • Danielle's Protégée (currently)
  • High School Student (currently)
  • Harvest Witch (formerly)
  • Member of the New Orleans Coven (formerly)
  • College Student (Call of Magic)
  • The Harvest Witch of Fire
  • D (by Marcel)
  • Vivi (by Danielle)
  • Lil Sis & Smiley (Leon)
  • Female
Family information
Significant Others
Supernatural information
Significant spells
  • Erasing Rebekah and Sophia's memory
  • Unlinking Sophie and Hayley
  • Removed Klaus' compulsion from Camille
  • Tracking the witches who used magic
  • Resurrecting Kol
  • Locator Spell to find Qetsiyah
Significant kills
  • Various members of Neoma's army
Played by
  • Danielle Campbell
First seen
Last seen
That Original happens to be my best friend and we always have each other's backs. Its because of her and her mom that I don't have to follow the Coven anymore.
Davina to Oliver about Danielle in Alive and Kicking

Davina Claire (a.k.a Vivi) is a main character and a young witch in The Originals Fanfiction. She will later become one of the female leads and the deuteragonist of Call of Magic.

She is the adopted daughter of Marcel Gerard and the owner of Yue.

She grew up a very sheltered life due to being chosen as one the sacrifices in The Harvest. She was saved by Marcel and ever since that event, he protected her from Sophie Deveraux and the coven whom were after her so that they could complete The Harvest. Davina later on came to see Marcel as a father and brotherly figure. After the The Original Family's arrival in the French Quarter, Danielle came into Davina's life and volunteered to help Davina with her magic. Davina eventually formed a bond of friendship with Danielle. Once strange things began to happen to Danielle, Davina tried to help her but it was of no use. After Danielle's death, Davina searched for a way to bring her best friend back to life. When Davina's powers began to go out of control, Sophia came up with the idea to transfer Davina's powers to someone else. The person chosen was Sophie (whom killed Danielle and to avenge her death). Thanks to Sophia, Davina no longer had to practice Ancestral magic. Davina was unable to bring Danielle back to life and by Danielle's request, she resurrected Kol Mikaelson instead. Later on, it was discovered that the Element of Life/Spirit would bring those back to life. Davina did a locator spell to find the witch, Qetsiyah, who could teach the element to Sophia. Davina also participated in the upcoming war against Neoma and Sophia was able to use the new element she learned to bring Danielle back to life and the best friends were reunited at last. Soon after, Davina joined Danielle on a trip to travel different places in the world.

During the second season, after she returned to New Orleans from her long trip with Danielle and Leon, she gets involved in the Mikaelson Family drama after being attacked by Mikael. Eventually, she was reunited with her boyfriend whom she met during her travels.


Early Life

Davina 5 TO 1x05

Davina being chosen.

Most of Davina's past is unknown so far. She presumably grew up in the Quarter with the rest of the witches, though no one in her family has been revealed or mentioned thus far, other than her mother. Davina went to public school with a boy named Tim, whom she met at age 10, and for whom she had romantic feelings. Davina was also best friends with Monique for some time before the Harvest, and was a member of the coven she was one of the four young witches selected for The Harvest.

Marcel and Davina TO 1x05

Davina saved by Marcel.

Upon the day the Harvest was to be completed, she and the other Harvest girls were deceived by the Elders regarding their fates and the events surrounding the sacrifice. They were told that the knife that was used on their palms for the blood sacrifice would put them in a peaceful limbo, but instead, Bastiana , the lead Elder who was performing the ritual, began to kill the girls by slitting their throats. As the last girl to be sacrificed, Davina witnessed the slaughter of the other selected girls, and was restrained by a fellow witch in her coven so she could not intervene. She felt betrayed by the Elders, as well as her mother, who stood by and witnessed the devastation and slaughter. However, when Marcel and his vampires appeared, effectively ending the sacrifice by killing the majority of the witches in attendance, Marcel saved Davina's life and for eight months afterwards lived with him. Marcel spent the next eight months hiding her from the witches, and using her powers to help keep the witches in subjugation out of punishment for what they did to her and the other girls. 

Throughout The Originals Fanfiction

Throughout Call of Magic

Throughout Eternal Darkness


Davina is a quiet girl living a very sheltered life. However, the extreme levels of restriction placed upon her has caused her to possess a very powerful temper, a bad combination with her level of power. Davina seems to be used to getting her way, and when things go awry she is short-tempered. She has faced betrayal from her coven in the past, leading her to seek revenge against them. Marcel has said that Davina has authority issues.

Physical Appearance


Davina is a beautiful young woman in her late teens. She appears to have dark brown hair, the length was past her shoulders and is usually worn down in loose waves, although occasionally has it pulled up.

She possesses blue-green eyes with darkened eye lashes, rosy cheeks, full lips and a light tan skin. Davina had a small frame standing at approximately 5'3" with a slim body type. She is usually seen wearing white or pale colored dresses with some type of distinct pattern, although as the season progresses, has begun to wear darker shades such as grey and black. It can be noted that she is rarely seen wearing shoes. She was also absent of jewelry and wears minimal makeup.

Powers & Abilities

Main article: Witch
Davina powers

Davina is known to be the most powerful member of the New Orleans Coven alive. The biggest reason to why is because of the Harvest Girls being sacrificed and only her spared causing her to absorb their powers. She began to learn to control those powers with the help of her mentor and friend Danielle. However after Danielle's death, Davina greatly suffered from it and began losing control. Instead of having to be sacrificed, her powers were transferred to Sophie Deveraux whom became the sacrifice in her place. Even though no longer having the powers of the resurrected Harvest Girls, Davina still was the most powerful out of the four girls due to Danielle's teachings. After Danielle's resurrection, she no longer used ancestral magic.

Most Significant Magic

  • Ancestral Magic (Season 1, formerly)
  • Telekinesis


Marcel Gerard

Main article: Marcel and Davina

Davina's adoptive father and best friend. She met Marcel when he saved her from nearly being killed in The Harvest. Ever since then he has been protecting her from the witches who wish to complete the ritual. Davina trusts and even loves Marcel as a friend, and even as a father. She appreciates what he has done for her. They had formed a strong bond due to him always putting her first and wanting the best for her so that one day she can escape her fate and have a normal life.

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Danielle Mikaelson/Danielle Solas

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DavinaDanielle photo

Danielle is Davina's best friend and sister for life.

During The Originals Fanfiction, Danielle helps Davina of learning new spells and how to have better control of her magic. While having Danielle as her teacher, Davina feels more stronger and is able to believe in herself. After spending more time together, they become best friends. When strange things begin to happen to Danielle, Davina tries to find a way to help her but Danielle is eventually kidnapped by Felix and dies by the hands of Sophie resulting in the awaking of Neoma. Marcel informs Davina of Danielle's death which devastates her. As she mourns her death, she becomes determined to find a way to bring Danielle back to the living. As a ghost, Danielle continued to watch over her best friend and help her out through the tough times. After Davina and Marcel's efforts, Sophia was able to bring Danielle back to life through a new element she learned. The best friends were reunited and decided to do some traveling for the next few months. After returning to New Orleans, they became roommates with Davina moving into Sophia's Mansion.


In Call of Magic, their friendship had upgraded tremendously after all the events they went through in the previous series.

Leon Dominic

Main article: Leon and Davina

Davina and Leon have a true friendship and would do anything to protect each other. Leon looks out for Davina as he becomes fond of her, seeing her as a younger sister. During The Originals Fanfiction, they became close friends while...

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Main article: Davina and Troy
Travina 201

Davina's main love interest during Call of Magic.


Main article: Davina and Ryan

Davina's main love interest and boyfriend during The Originals Fanfiction.

Klaus Mikaelson

Klavina 203

Davina had a very antagonistic relationship with Klaus during the first season because of his inference in her life and threats against her friends. Things began to change in the second season after he saved her from Mikael.

Ancil Roux


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  • Like Rebekah Mikaelson, Davina wants to live a normal life.
  • Davina Claire and the actress who plays her - Danielle Campbell - share the same initials DC.
  • Davina had a love interest, Tim whom she had known since they were younger.
  • Davina is powerful enough to fight an Original with her telekinesis, as well as being able to erase memories from Sophia on where she lives.
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