Davina magic 201

Davina uses her magic against the wolves.

Davina and Danielle along with Danielle's bodyguard, Leon Dominic return to New Orleans after their five month travels in Alive and Kicking. After her happy reunion with Marcel, Davina asks Leon if he will escort her and Danielle into the city, adding more to Danielle's annoyance as she didn't want a bodyguard in the first place. They see Elijah and hear of a vampire attack on the werewolves out the bayou. Later, they head to the record shop. Danielle begins to question Leon on how long does he plan to follow them and he states that he's doing his job. Davina cuts in, saying that Leon is just doing job and thanks him. The girls go into the record shop as Leon stays outside. After having a friendly chat with Joe, Danielle heads into the next section of the store and after a while returns to find some of the wolves from the bayou causing trouble. As Oliver orders his guys to kill Joe, Danielle uses her magic to stop them. Davina tells Joe to get out of there and Danielle demands to know where Oliver and his friends got the moonlight rings. Oliver quickly reveals that it was Cassie who made them. Leon saves the girls as Oliver almost attacks them from behind. Leon reveals that he stood aside so that he could give Danielle a break as he already knows how powerful she is but it will be the first and last time that he does it and tells Danielle to let him do his job of protecting her.

During the night, Danielle and Davina's dinner at the restaurant is interrupted when they are attacked by werewolves. They are eventually outnumbered until Leon saves them. However, Mikael eventually shows up and attacks the three of them. Elijah and Marcel show up but Mikael retreats after being tortured by a darker side of Danielle. Davina and Danielle soon learn that Leon will become a vampire as he has Elijah's vampire blood in his system. Marcel then takes Davina home.

Davina along with Danielle and Leon are shown in a flashback during their travels in The Voodoo. While at a party, Davina is talking a cute guy and when she goes back over to the booth, Danielle is being threaten by a vampire named Damien whom turns out to be Sophia's older brother. He threatens to kill Davina and questions his niece about her mother's memories but realizes that his sister hasn't remembered yet. It is revealed that Sophia is the ancient witch, Cecilia. Damien and Cecilia are the children of Agapios and Qetsiyah. Apparently, Damien wants his sister dead, holding a deep hatred for her and as she has something sealed inside of her by the First Elemental Witch. Damien is no ordinary vampire as he is able to compel Danielle and Davina to forget about him and that their conversation never happened but for Danielle to remember to give her mother the blood and his love. The girls are last seen dancing out on the dance floor.

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Davina and Ryan reunited.

Davina is reunited with her boyfriend in Mother and Son. Davina is first seen working on her homework at Sophia's Mansion. When hearing someone knocking, she is reunited with her boyfriend, Ryan, that she met during her travels.


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Klaus carries Davina.

Davina teams up with an friend from her travels in Live or Die.

In Secrets of the Past,

In A Special Reunion,

In Collision,

Davina gets help from Sophia in Family Forever in saving Marcel and his army.

In Trust,

In Lost Souls,

In Dahlia,


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