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The Ultimate Game:
September 2012


Best Friends
Like Sisters

Vivi, I love you but...don't ever do that again. Stop risking your life for me because I can't bear to lose my best friend.
Danielle to Davina in Live or Die

The relationship between the powerful witches, Danielle Solas and Davina Claire. This friendship plays a key and essential role within both The Originals Fanfiction and Call of Magic series'.

Upon learning of how Davina got caught up the intense events in the supernatural world and wasn't able to control her magic, Danielle stepped up to the plate to help Davina and a bond is friendship was formed. Davina was able to learn more magic and able to control it thanks to Danielle's help eventually leading them to become best friends. As strange things began to happen to Danielle, it resulted into her death which reawakened Neoma. Davina, devastated by that event, vowed to find a way to bring Danielle back to life. While Danielle was on the Other Side, she managed to communicate with Davina due to the Other Side collapsing. During that time, Danielle mainly watched over Davina and the others. Later on, it was discovered that the Element of Life/Spirit would bring those back to life. Davina did a locator spell to find the witch, Qetsiyah, who could teach the element to Sophia. After defeating Neoma, Danielle was brought back to life, reuniting the best friends. The girls then decided to take a vacation of traveling for the next few months.

Five months later, the best friends returned to New Orleans along with Danielle's bodyguard, Leon Dominic but only to find trouble. Danielle teamed up with her Uncles Klaus and Elijah to go up against Mikael, Esther and Finn but Davina was also caught up in the family fight.

This fan-favorite friendship is known as Davilla.

Their Story

Throughout The Originals Fanfiction

Season One

You're my BFF. So where you go, I go.

Davina to Danielle

Danielle and Davina meet in The Ultimate Game. While Klaus is threatening Davina and Tim, Danielle comes in seeing Davina ready to attack Klaus and Danielle protects him. In this episode, Davina seems to be as strong as Danielle.

Davilla 106

Danielle helps Davina with her magic.

In Fruit of the Poisoned Tree, Danielle volunteers to help Davina with her magic. Proving to Marcel that she is a half witch, he allows to take Danielle to Davina and help her in controlling her magic. Davina has trouble with the spell but after getting encouragement from Danielle, she is able to do the spell.

In The War Begins, Danielle gets back to New Orleans after being on a trip with her mom and saves Davina from nearly being taken by Sophie Deveraux and the other witches.

In At Least With Sorrow, Danielle and Davina are seen hanging out in Davina's room. Later, Danielle and Davina go the Nightlife Party. It is revealed that Danielle's boyfriend was killed by Hayley Marshall and Davina tries to comfort Danielle.

Going into the midseason finale, Davina tries to help Danielle as unexpected things begin to happen to her. When they are attacked by Felix Hackett and his followers, Danielle is too weak to fight and Marcel saves them. He takes them to safety but as Danielle goes up to her room and sits at her makeup table, more black blood falls from her face and suddenly she sees her reflection looking right at her with an evil look on her face. Her reflection eyes begin to turn black and comes right out of the mirror to attack Danielle which causes Danielle to scream. Marcel and Davina hear Danielle screaming and before they can go upstairs to her room, they are suddenly under attack by Felix and his group of witches, vampires, and vampire hunters. Danielle was kidnapped by Felix and later killed by Sophie which reawakened Neoma. Marcel breaks the news to Davina about Danielle's death and Davina falls apart. 


Davina mourning Danielle's death.

Davina mourns Danielle's death in Eclipse of the Heart. Marcel tries to comfort her but Davina wants to be left alone. She runs away to get help from Serena and Cami. Serena leads her to Josh as he will help her walk around the French Quarter without being seen. Danielle while being on the Other Side, watches Davina and Kol comes up with a plan to communicate with her. After several tries, Danielle performs a spell that summons beautiful different color stars all around them. Davina soon realizes that Danielle is there. Danielle hugs Davina which she can feel and tells her they tell one another that they miss each other. Later, Davina reveals that she has been trying to bring Danielle back but nothing works. She then hesitantly takes Danielle's request to bring Kol Mikaelson back to life.

Danielle 113

Danielle watching over Davina.

In Rise from the Grave, Davina tells Sophia of Danielle's presence.

During the Mikaelson Ball in Moonlight Sonata, Davina informs Marcel of a witch that can teach Sophia a new element that will bring Danielle back. After deciding to leave the ball early, Davina goes to check on Monique and Danielle appears. As Danielle touches Davina's shoulder, Davina is able to feel it (another side effect on the Other Side collapsing). Danielle tells Davina to embrace her magic and love it as it is a part of who she is. Davina decides to use one more spell from Ancestral magic just to say goodbye to it. She uses a spell to bring the flowers and herbs back to life. Davina smiles as she hands it one to Monique and she feels Danielle hugging her then hands a rose to Danielle as well.

Danielle and Davina are finally reunited in Fate.

DavinaDanielle photo

Davina and Danielle's first photo together.

In Parting Ways, Danielle and Davina decide to take a trip by doing some traveling for the next few months. Danielle felt that she needed a fresh start with new life as she is no longer a vampire and has returned to being a witch as well as Davina needing a new change of scenery as she was being used as a tool most of her life. However, it will not only be the two of them as Elijah assigns Danielle a bodyguard.

Season Two

Vivi, I love you but...don't ever do that again. Stop risking your life for me because I can't bear to lose my best friend.

Danielle to Davina

Davilla 201

Davina and Danielle spending time together.

The best friends along with Leon Dominic return to New Orleans after a long trip. After they briefly reunite with Marcel and Elijah, the girls choose to go over to the record store. Danielle is still annoyed by Leon's constant presence as she didn't want a bodyguard in the first place. However, Davina believes that Danielle should cut Leon a break. After a friendly chat with Joe, Oliver and the werewolves show up to kill Joe but Danielle stops them in time. Davina tells Joe to get out of there and Danielle demands to know where Oliver and his friends got the moonlight rings. After a little more torture, Oliver reveals that it was Cassie who made them. As the girls begin to leave, Oliver stands up and his werewolf face comes out and he is close to attacking the girls until Leon saves them. During the night, the girls are having dinner at the restaurant. They have a conversation of Danielle returning to a witch and Leon being her bodyguard. Eventually, werewolves with moonlight rings show up, wanting revenge against the girls. Danielle and Davina manage to take them all on until more show up and Leon shows up and helps out. However after they've defeated the werewolves, Danielle gets a unexpected reunion with Mikael who ends up killing Leon. This devastates the girls but Elijah and Marcel arrive in time and Mikael escapes. The girls end up finding out that Leon has vampire blood in his system. Danielle chooses to stay with Leon until he wakes up and Davina wants to stay with her as well but Danielle wants her to go home.

Danielle and Davina appear in a flashback in The Voodoo. While at a club in Paris, Davina's life is threatened by the man revealed to be her uncle, Sophia's older brother. Somehow, Damien is able to compel Danielle and Davina to forget everything that just happened but places Danielle under strict orders do something against Sophia. After the compulsion takes place and Damien leaves, the girls have fun.

Davilla 204

Davina persuades Danielle to talk to Sophia.

In Live or Die,

In Secrets of the Past,

In A Special Reunion,

In Family Forever,

Throughout Call of Magic

Magic Arc

I feel I can never repay for everything that you've done for me. Marcel and you saved my life. Marcel put his life on the line for me while you- You showed me a whole new world. Taught me about magic, that I should accept it and embrace what I am so that I can choose what I want in life. Marcel risked his life for me so that I could have a normal life and I still want that. But I'm grateful that you showed me not to throw my magic away so easily when I never really used it... I just wanted to thank you. I don't think I ever wouldn't have gotten this far without either or you. Especially you.

Davina to Danielle

Davilla 101

Davina smiling at Danielle.

Starting off with a flashback of with our main characters after their arrival in Paris, Davina watches Danielle and Leon jump off the Eiffel Tower, beginning their new story. The first chapter, the girls are at their favorite club Concrete. While Danielle is watches the sights of Paris, she catches Davina smiling at her. When Danielle questions her, Davina tells her that she loves her and is thankful for everything that Marcel and she have done for her. Davina wants to repay someday and after Danielle will let her know when she thinks of something, she returns her love. Their sweet moment is cut short when Danielle goes pale after seeing a woman she seems to know causing Davina to take her home.


The second chapter,

Journey Arc

Friendship Arc

Throughout Eternal Darkness

Season One


Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Call of Magic


  • Davina was the first witch who came equally to Danielle in the strength of her magic.
  • Danielle became Davina's mentor in Fruit of the Poisoned Tree.
  • Danielle and Davina including Leon Dominic were some of the first characters from the The Originals Fanfiction to meet Danielle's mother, Sophia/Cecilia's older brother, Damien, in the present day.
    • This event occurred in a flashback in The Voodoo.
  • In Wait For You, Davina tells Danielle that one day she would have her as her maid of honor.
  • Danielle and Davina will be getting their own series, Call of Magic with Leon also joining them.
  • They both love eating baked goods but their favorite food together is cookies and milk.
    • Sunrise Bakery is the main place they go to for this after moving to Paris.
      • The friendship necklaces they own were inspired by it.
    • The also go to Concrete, their favorite nightclub.
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