Biographical information
  • 1st Century B.C. (age unknown/2000+)
  • 1st Century B.C.
  • Undead
  • Creater of Purebloods & Turnbloods
  • Our Father
  • The Immortal One
  • Male
Family information
Significant Others
  • Unnamed Lover †
Supernatural information
Significant spells
  • N/A
Significant sires
  • Unknown
Significant kills
  • Agapios
  • Andra
  • Himself
Cause of death
  • Unknown
Killed by
  • Himself
Played by
  • Elliot Knight
First seen
Just to let you know, I'm not your ordinary type of vampire, I'm a different breed that started a stronger generation of vampires and I'm sure not talking about an Original.
Damien to Danielle and Davina in The Voodoo

Damien is the older brother of Cecilia and is one of the most deadly characters that should be watched out for. He is also the creator of Purebloods and Turnbloods.

Damien is a member of Qetsiyah's Family.


Unknown to what his real name it, Damien was born to parents, Agapios and Qetsiyah. After two years, his sister, Cecilia, was born and he came to love and protect her.

When he was three years old, he killed his father. After this mother's death, he was taken in by Andra. During his childhood, he tried to kill his younger sister but she was saved by the First Elemental Witch and Damien was sent to a sent to a kind of supernatural prison.After this, Andra took away Cecilia's memories of Damien. Six years later when he was sixteen, he got out and he tried to kill his sister again. However, she was saved by someone or something. After that, his whereabouts were unknown.

Many years later during a battle between the witches and dark elves, Damien killed Andra. As he stands in the darkness so that Cecilia is unable to see his face, she angrily demands to know why he killed Andra. He stated that he didn't have a choice.

Damien is the person who started the generation of Purebloods and Turnbloods.

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Season TwoEdit

Damien made his first appearance in a flashback in The Voodoo. While in Paris, he comes up to Danielle and Leon Dominic at their table. Knowing Leon is on vervain, he was able break through it and compel Leon to go have some drinks and mingle then when he returns, won't remember him or what just happened. Leon leaves and Damien takes a seat. Danielle tries using her magic but Damien is immune to it. He tells her of him being her uncle and about her mother's heritage. He also threatens to kill Davina and questions his niece about her mother's memories but realizes that his sister hasn't remembered yet. Damien reveals to Danielle that him and his sister are the children of Agapios and Qetsiyah. Apparently, Damien wants his sister dead, holding a deep hatred for her and as she has something sealed inside of her by the First Elemental Witch. Somehow he is also able to compel witches, using the power to order Danielle to take a vial that contains his blood and force her mother to drink it, his reasons to why are unknown. Before leaving, he compels Danielle and Davina to forget about him and that their conversation never happened but for Danielle to remember to give her mother the blood and his love. He is also shown another flashback concerning Andra's death.

Damien is first mentioned by Agapios and Cascadia in Welcome to the Party. While knowing full well that Damien has tried to kill Cecilia, Agapios tells Cascadia that he still has hope for his son, to change from his evil ways and do the right thing. It is revealed by Cascadia that he had compelled Nathan to agree to Esther and Mikael's terms into turning the Mikaelson Family into vampires and made him be the one to kill Sophia. Later, Danielle attacks her mother and almost forces her to drink Damien's blood and Malia ends up shooting Sophia. They find out that they were compelled by Damien to commit these acts. After drinking her brother's blood, Sophia has a short talk with him and learns she will regain her memories of what he did to her before she Andra took her memories of him away. Sophia then refuses to give up on her brother as she still senses a bit of light in him.

In Paranormal Activity,

In Going Back into the Past, it is revealed that Damien is a close friend of Klaus.

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  • Damien is a rare type of vampire, different from any other vampire that exists.
    • He created the new species of vampire and has turned others, starting a new generation which will be introduced in Eternal Darkness.
  • He was the youngest character to ever kill someone.
  • When Damien meets with his sister in the present day, the question will be; "Will Cecilia/Sophia be able to kill her older brother knowing that maybe he could still hold the brotherly love that he once had for her?"
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