Christabella 4
Christabella Marcoux
Biographical information
  • October 3rd, 1237
  • April 17th, 1265
  • Undead
  • Witch (Originally)
  • Vampire (Elijah's bloodline)
  • Female
Family information
Supernatural information
Killed by
  • Brotherhood of the Five (Allegedly)
Played by
  • Isabel Lucas
First seen
For centuries I lived in seclusion, surviving off drops of blood from my powerful witch descendant, my sweet Serah, she kept her aging at bay as long as she could, she kept me cloaked and hidden from Marcel and The Originals, her Expression skills were peerless but every living being must eventually succumb to the will of nature and she died, the spell that protected me and kept me and my mansion hidden faded away, almost instantly the Witches could sense a great disturbance in the flow of magic from the Earth when Serah died on consecrated ground, they will be coming for me, so I arose from my semi-desiccation, put on my daylight ring and stepped into the city that once called me Queen. Now I am nothing but prey, so while there is still a little predator in me, I will regain my strength and I will slaughter the whole town before they send me off to oblivion, better they die than I. I will be Queen once again.
Christabella Marcoux narrating in The Recluse.

Christabella used to live in luxury in a mansion on the fringes of the bayou, after Mikael's slaughter-fest she became the top dog in the French Quarter and was known as The Queen surrounded by her loyal Witch descendants. Marcel returned with an army of Vampires and slaughtered all but one of her Expression wielding descendants, she was placed within The Garden but with her supreme strength she escaped and sought refuge in her mansion, she had her sole remaining descendant Serah conceal her and the mansion from sight and memory, Marcel took the throne and became known as The King of the French Quarter, over the years in seclusion she survived off little drops of blood given by Serah and her once palatial home became dank and dilapidated, she plans to usurp his throne and get vengeance for the death of her family. In many ways, she is more competent than he and disregards his rules when outside the Quarter. She is a serious threat to both the vampires and witches as she is older than most if not all surviving non-original Vampires and in her great age is immune to most magic, and is a particularly formidable adversary for the Mikaelsons and the French Quarter Coven.


She was a gypsy travelling the French countryside when she came across Elijah. Enthralled with the idea of vampirism, she convinced Elijah to turn her. She became his distaff counterpart in almost every way. For example, where Elijah was calm and collected, prone to making deals to achieve his ends, the girl was ruthless and bloodthirsty, but not as psychopathic as Niklaus. After slaughtering an entire village for sport, it was believed she perished at the hands of Brotherwood of the Five in 1341 after Elijah told them of her whereabouts. This betrayal still haunts him.

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5'6", long dark blonde hair, and hazel eyes. Always looks prim and proper.




  • She was the self-described "Queen of the Quarter" during the brief period between Mikael's slaughter and Marcel's climb to power. Marcel exiled her shortly afterward, though she made the best of it.
  • She is the first vampire Elijah ever turned.
  • She considers Rebekah "a nauseatingly entitled stuck-up whore."
  • She has apparently not left her mansion in over 40 years.
  • She somehow knows Sophia's mother.
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