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Sophia BFF...Smart, loyal, and has never given up on me...She is my heart. She gave me a reason to hold onto my humanity which is a vampire's greatest weakness. Even though I'm human now, nothing's changed.
— Katherine to Qetsiyah about Sophia in TO/TVD Special

The relationship between Cecilia Solas and Katherine Pierce. This is one of the most important friendships in the series. These two young woman care deeply about one another and love each other like sisters. They are determined in every way as well as sassy, independent, and sexy. They are two girls who like to party including knowing how to make an entrance. Katherine had always been on her own until Sophia chose to be by her side. Sophia is one of the only people that Katherine can really trust.

After Sophia moved to New Orleans with her family, she tried to persuade Katherine to move there as well but Katherine refuse many times. It was due to the fact that Katherine had returned to being a human and not wanting to be anywhere near Klaus. When Katherine made a surprise visit, she eventually told Sophia the truth to what has really been going on. Sophia was hurt that Katherine would hide the truth from her but vowed to find a way to save her. After finding out that Katherine was running out of time, Sophia soon learned the life/spirit element and was able to save her best friend's life. Due to the unbreakable bond between them, their friendship always upgrades tremendously.

This fan-favorite friendship is known as Katia.

Early HistoryEdit


Katherine and Sophia first met in 1492 while she was still Katerina and had arrived in England. Elijah introduced her to his younger sister and Sophia noticed that Katerina looked exactly like Tatia. As time went by, the two young women became closer and eventually Katerina learned of Sophia's older brother, Niklaus' intentions towards her. He was going to use her as sacrifice to break the the Hybrid Curse placed on him. She escaped with the help of Trevor, who had fallen in love with her and met his friend, Rose. When Rose planned to take her back to Niklaus, Katerina tried to commit suicide by stabbing herself with a knife, saying she would rather die than go back to Niklaus. Rose decided to force Katerina to drink some of her blood. While Rose was confronting Trevor, Katerina killed herself by hanging herself. She later awoke in transition. After Katerina escaped from Trevor and Rose, she was found by Sophia in the woods. Sophia chose to help Katerina escape from Niklaus. Sophia had stayed behind in England to keep Niklaus at bay while Katerine returned to Bulgaria. Months later, finally returned home but only to find her family dead. Sometime during 1498, Sophia and Katerina were reunited. Sophia then chose to help Katerina find her daughter, searching every village and cottage but had no luck in finding her.


During this time, Katerina changed her name to Katherine Pierce so Klaus would have no hopes in finding her. Sophia and Katherine traveled together and grew a strong bond leading them to become best friends. Sophia was really the only one that Katherine could trust.

Throughout The Originals FanfictionEdit

Season OneEdit

Katherine and Sophia 2

Katherine calls Sophia.

In The Ultimate Game, Sophia calls Katherine and tells her that she is waiting for her to come to New Orleans. She refuses to come with Klaus there but the actual reason is that she is human.

Katherine and Sophia were reunited in At Least With Sorrow. Katherine decided to surprise Sophia after she got a phone call from Danielle whom told Katherine of what happened between Sophia and Marcel. Katherine decides to cheer Sophia up by giving her a girls day, just the two of them, and throwing her a party. During the party, Katherine finally meets Marcel and gives him her full support on winning Sophia's heart. She tells him to not let Sophia lose sight of love forever as she spends all her time worrying about everyone else. She also warns him not to hurt Sophia because he will regret it if he does.

SophiaKatherine hug 109

Sophia hugs Katherine before she leaves.

Later, Katherine is caught in the act of her hair has starting turning gray and she's been eating junk food. Sophia finds out that Katherine has returned to being a human and is dying of old age. Sophia is upset that Katherine never told her about this. Katherine did not want to worry Sophia and that she should live her life without her. Katherine begins to cry as Sophia walks out after telling Katherine is she loses her, she is going to fall apart due to losing so many important people in her life. Later, Sophia finds Katherine at the bar and tells her that she is there for her but she still needs her in her life. The next day, Sophia and Elijah help Katherine putting her luggage in her car, ready to get back to Mystic Falls. Sophia lets Katherine know that she is her best friend, her sister, her everything. and is a big part of her life and would hate to lose her and Katherine feels the same way. Sophia vows to find a way to save her best friend and Katherine bids farewell, heading back to Mystic Falls.

The best friends are reunited once again in Moonlight Sonata. Katherine makes another surprise visit, showing up at Sophia's Mansion. She had received a invitation to the Mikaelson Ball from Elijah and that he told her of Danielle's death as well as Sophia no longer being a vampire. She didn't tell Katherine any of it because she's tired of losing people and was afraid to lose her too. Katherine reminds her that she is Katherine Pierce and a survivor. Sophia lets her know that she knows of Nadia and the Travelers due to a call from Stefan. Katherine bickers back of calling Marcel and hearing from him of Sophia kissing him. When Bethany and Jayne butt into the conversation, Sophia runs out of the room. Katherine and the others start to chase after her. During the ball, Katherine is reunited with Aria and finds out that her and Sophia know each other including that Aria had part in Danielle's death. Sophia and Katherine are then grabbed by Klaus and he vamp speeds out of the building after it explodes.


Sophia gives Katherine a beautiful gift.

Katherine's death is soon arriving and Sophia has one last chance to save her in TO/TVD Special. Sophia hears of Katherine's condition from Bonnie and returns to Mystic Falls with her brothers. The arrive at the Salvatore Boarding House and meet Katherine's daughter. Nadia takes Sophia and Elijah to see Katherine but Sophia goes in first. Katherine is shocked to see Sophia has come, wondering how she found about and Sophia informs her that Bonnie called. Katherine does not want her best friend to see her in this state and becomes emotional as she does not want to die. Sophia vows that she will save her and the others who have died. Sophia then meets the witch that Marcel told her about; the one that could teach her a new element to save her loved ones.

Katherine learns about Sophia's true past from Qetsiyah in Parting Ways.

Season TwoEdit

Katherine had moved to New Orleans and spent the summer hanging out with Sophia and Aria. After summer was over, Sophia, Katherine and Aria began their college life. However, Sophia has been having strange dreams of living in Ancient Greece and being attracted to a young man named Aaron. When Katherine hears of this, she is unable to tell Sophia the truth due to the spell that Qetsiyah put on her. After getting to their dorm room, they are invited to a party being thrown by Jay Sykes. Sophia notices Katherine's strange behavior and feels that someone is watching her. Katherine who starts to become covered in ice, eventually collapses and Sophia is helped by Brody and Nathan. Sophia comes to learn that an ice spell was placed on Katherine. With Nathan's help, Sophia uses her fire element to create a small ball of fire that enters Katherine's body. The fire spreads within Katherine's body and eventually finds an ice sphere which melts the ice, returning Katherine to her normal state. After an argument between Nathan and Sophia, Katherine comforts her.

In The Voodoo,

When Katherine discovers that Sophia has been kidnapped, she teams up with Elijah and the others to save her from the clutches of Cascadia. They find out about Cascadia's true motives and go to a party thrown by her. During the party, Katherine learns of Eileen Remis' true identity of being Cecilia's childhood friend. Katherine decides to work with Eileen in saving Sophia and makes the choice to use the Philosopher's Stone on herself, in hopes of being some help. They find a weak and wounded Sophia with Cascadia. As Katherine goes to Sophia's aid and criticizes Cascadia for her actions, she is stabbed in the stomach with a knife that was lunged at her with Cascadia's magic. However, Katherine is unaffected by it and the power of the Philosopher's Stone goes into affect, healing Katherine's wound. Before Sophia can question Katherine, Elijah and the others arrive. After back and forth of fighting and questioning, the girls are back in their dorm and Katherine gives Sophia the grimoire she received from Charles Devin.

In Paranormal Activity,

In Friday the 13th,

In Blood for Blood,

Sophia and Katherine along with Tatia and Hope head to Greece in A Special Reunion.

In Family Forever,

Season ThreeEdit

Throughout Eternal DarknessEdit


Katherine (to Sophia): Did you miss me?
Tumblr mxrv45guNO1qmsw7fo2 250

Katherine tells Sophia the truth.

Katherine: (starts to cry) I'm human...Little Elena shove the cure down my throat and now I'm human...The reason my hair is turning gray is because I'm dying...of old age and vampire blood can't heal me. There's nothing that can be done. I only have a few months left...
(Sophia remains quiet)
Katherine: Soph, please say something.
Sophia: (coldly) You kept this from me for months...When were you going to tell me, huh? After you were dead?
Katherine: I really don't know. To tell you the truth, I thought you were better off not knowing.
Sophia: I thought I was your best friend. You have never lied to me...until now.
Katherine: I'm sorry...Sophia, you are always worrying about me! I didn't want you to worry about me now.
Sophia: Or you just didn't want me to see you like this?
Katherine: (walks closer to Sophia) Live your life...You don't need me anymore.
Sophia: (shedding a few tears) Katherine, I already lost two of my brothers...Now someone is trying to kill my daughter and I don't know who it is...If I lose you too, I'm am going to fall apart.
Katherine: Sophia, you have your family.
Sophia: You're my family too...
Sophia: You're my best friend, my sister, my everything. Katerina, you are a big part of my life and I would hate to lose you.
--At Least With Sorrow

Katherine (to Qetsiyah): Sophia BFF...Smart, loyal, and has never given up on me...She is my heart. She gave me a reason to hold onto my humanity which is a vampire's greatest weakness. Even though I'm human now, nothing's changed.
--TO/TVD Special


Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit


  • Katherine got Sophia a pet dog in At Least With Sorrow.
  • They are both mothers.
  • Aria and Serena are good friends of both of them.
  • Both are currently taking History and French in college.
  • Klaus has stated he won't kill Katherine since she is friends with Sophia.
  • Both Katherine and Sophia are learning magic of sorts: Katherine is learning about Alchemy, and Sophia is learning about the Elements.