Cecilia and Eileen
Cecilia and Eileen
General Information

Cecieen, Eililia

Intimacy Level

Love each other
Sisterly Bond
Care about each other
Eileen is very protective Cecilia

First Met

1st Century B.C.


Childhood Friends
Like Sisters

I'm just so happy to be with you again like this...because I've missed you so much.
Eileen to Cecilia in Paranormal Activity

The special friendship between Cecilia and Eileen Remis. Eileen and Cecilia grew up together during the Ancient Times and have always had a very special bond.


Their StoryEdit

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Season TwoEdit

Eileen 134

Eileen looking at Sophia.

After two-thousand years, Cecilia and Eileen were reunited in The Voodoo. During Brody's class, Eileen volunteered to help him with the lecture of the ancient witch, Cecilia. While speaking, she looks over to Sophia a few times which causes Sophia to have a familiar feeling about her. After class ended, Sophia decides to follow Magdalene but stops when she walks past Eileen whom smiles at her continuing Sophia's familiar feeling about her but not knowing what it is. By the end of the episode, Sophia begins to remember who Eileen really is.

In Welcome to the Party,

Sophia and Eileen spend the day together in Paranormal Activity.

In Friday the 13th,

Eternal DarknessEdit

Describing their FriendshipEdit



  • In The Voodoo, Eileen tells Brody and the class that she is a descendant of one of the people whom was very close to Cecilia when in truth, Eileen is the childhood friend of Cecilia.
  • Eileen was one of the few people to know that Cecilia was a Elemental Witch.
  • Eileen cared for Cecilia's oldest daughter, Malia after she was resurrected.
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