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Cecilia and Danielle
General Information


Intimacy Level

Love each other dearly
Care about one another
Protective of each other
Sophia/Cecilia always looks out for her

First Met

When Dani was born


Mother & Daughter
Best Friends
Former Mentor/Student

Because I can see that in your eyes, that you're afraid. You're scared to remember the past that you lost even though you want it back. You're scared about what's going to happen after you remember everything. Mom, you're afraid of what will happen with your brother and finding out who you truly are. Now I am doing this for you. I will tell you who you are...You're my mom. The best mom anyone could ever ask for and I am proud to be your daughter. Now...take my hand until you're ready to face your fears. No matter how long it takes to get your memories back and how scary it will be...I'll be by your side.
Danielle to Sophia in Welcome to the Party

The relationship between mother and daughter, Cecilia Solas and Danielle Solas (formerly Sophia and Danielle Mikaelson). They are super close and have a strong desire to protect one another.


The Originals FanfictionEdit

Danielle was conceived around the time Sophia turned 20. They were madly in love and gotten married, wanting to start a new life together, raising their child together. After the birth of Danielle and Henrik's death, the Mikaelson siblings were turned into vampires, Nathan had part in it causing Sophia to become heartbroken. Nathan fell to his death by her adoptive brother, Elijah Mikaelson.

Sophia couldn't bear to part with her child when she became an Original Vampire and Danielle was the only thing controlling her blood lust. When Dani grew up, she made the choice to become a vampire so she could be with her mother forever. She was turned into a vampire and on the note, Sophia got to control the elements and was still an Original, Danielle also got a note which allowed her to keep her witch powers while being a vampire, allowing her to become an Original Hybrid: Half Vampire-Half Witch. 

While raising Dani, Sophia wanted to make sure she had a normal life with her family. She loved her to death, making sure she was never was in danger.

Eternal Darkness/Call of MagicEdit

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The Originals FanfictionEdit

Season OneEdit

"I love you, mom. Just remember that, no matter what happens."
—Danielle to Sophia in At Least With Sorrow

Sophia and Danielle arrive in New Orleans in the season premiere. During this season, Danielle is being sought out by the New Orleans Coven, Macklyn Barthlomew, and Felix whom want to kill her. It is learned that Esther sealed the powerful demon, Neoma into her daughter, Sophia when she was a child. However, sometime when Danielle was growing up, Neoma was somehow transferred into Danielle. Sophia tried to protect her daughter however Danielle was killed by Sophie Deveraux and Neoma was awakened. This event sent Sophia into a dark rage killing everyone who had part in killing her daughter. She also vows to kill Neoma, hoping it will bring her daughter back but is also willing to take the risk if it doesn't bring her back.

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  • Sophia will do anything for her.
  • Dani hates when her mom fights with Klaus.
  • DanielleOriginals
    Sophia has this picture of Danielle in her room.