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Caroline Mikaelson
Biographical information
  • October 10, 1992 (age 17, physically)
    • 19 (S1)
    • 21 (S3)
    • 26 - 27 (S4)
  • By Damon Salvatore's blood in 2010
  • Undead
  • College Student (Currently)
  • TBA
  • Care
  • Sweetheart and Love (by Klaus)
  • Female
Family information
Significant Others
  • Liz Forbes (Mother)
  • Bill Forbes (Father)
  • Mikael (Father-in-Law)
  • Esther (Mother-in-Law)
Supernatural information
Significant kills
  • Several Humans
  • 12 Unnamed Witches
Cause of death
  • Suffocation
Killed by
Played by
  • Candice Accola
First seen
Last seen
  • My Legacy

Caroline Elizabeth Mikaelson (née Forbes) was one of the main characters from The Vampire Diaries, a special guest during the first season and third season and a main character in the fourth season of The Originals Fanfiction. She is Bonnie Bennett's best friend and the wife of Stefan Salvatore.

Caroline was a seventeen year old girl whom got caught up in the supernatural world by getting turned into a vampire by the hands of Katherine Pierce. Growing to learn and control her vampire nature, she became a better person and one of the strongest vampires ever known to exist. Originally meant to be used as a sacrifice to lift Klaus' curse, she became klaus friend. Countless times he would pursue her because unlike other women, she wasn't seduced by him. Over time he came to care for her and eventually fell in love with her. But upon learning of his unborn child while in New Orleans, they were separated for some time. After his return to Mystic Falls, the two reconnected and Caroline admitted her feelings to Klaus but waited until their situations were better to officially start their relationship.

Caroline later returned to the series to help Klaus as a mentor, teaching him the best way to better himself as a father.



hello Throughout the Series

Season One

Caroline 1x17
Caroline made her appearance when Klaus returned to Mystic Falls along with his siblings, Sophia and Elijah.

Season Three


Season Four


Caroline has a very bubbly personality. Caroline is very outgoing and cares deeply about her friends and her family. Even becoming a vampire didn't stop her from being a straight A student and living a human-like life.

Physical Appearance

Caroline is a very beautiful young woman. She has medium length blonde hair, a beautiful heart-shaped face, and mesmerizing sky blue eyes.


Niklaus Mikaelson

Main article: Klaus and Caroline

This is the relationship between the original hybrid Niklaus (Klaus) Mikaelson and the vampire Caroline Mikaelson (Forbes). In the beginning Klaus didn't really like Caroline, same thing for Caroline. Later on Klaus relized that he loved and cared about Caroline, but Caroline just thought of him as a friend. Soon Caroline returned the romantic feelings for Klaus, but then Klaus left to go to New Orleans and they didn't see each other for awhile. When Klaus returned Caroline admitted her feelings to him and they reconnected, but they decided that right then wasn't the best time to start a romantic relationship, so they decided to still just be close friends. She later returned to him be ready to help him become a father.

Hope Mikaelson

Serena Vivian


Season One

Season Three

Season Four



  • Caroline is the first TVD character to be mentioned in the series.
  • She is by Sophia mentioned in Tangled Up In Blue. Caroline was one of the reasons of Klaus being able to show his humanity.
  • When learning that Klaus had been using Camille by the means of compulsion in Fruit of the Poisoned Tree, Sophia told Klaus that he doesn't connect with people because he doesn't try to understand them quoting Caroline Forbes.
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