Call of Magic
Davilla COM

3 Seasons
30 episodes
Summer 2015 - ?
The past returns so it's time to face it. Let bygones be bygones.

Zendaya as Danielle Solas

Danielle Campbell as Davina Claire
Ricky Whittle as Leon Dominic
Michael B. Jordan as Zachary Demond
Gaspard Ulliel as André Garen
Priyanka Chopra as Maya Lilavati
Jenna Dewan as Cassandra

Douglas Booth as Ancil Roux

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Call of Magic is a miniseries starring Danielle Solas, Davina Claire and Leon Dominic who all were originally from The Originals Fanfiction.

It will follow Danielle and Davina's adventure to Paris and introduce a new stories that involve some of the characters' past and how to it will affect those in the present day. This will even focus on of those whom want a normal life or be in the world of magic.

Follow the story of our characters as they will find their friendships strengthen, their destinies revealed and the futures they have written for themselves.


Magic Arc: Sisterhood & Brotherhood

Meghan Trainor - Kindly Calm Me Down (Audio)

Meghan Trainor - Kindly Calm Me Down (Audio)

Magic Arc's Theme

After their departure from their family and friends as well as their old lives, Danielle and Davina along with Leon begin a new adventure in Paris but will find danger against a new threat from a magic prison. Those with a past that they rather not return to, comes back to haunt them and each of those events connects the characters in a unique way which leads to a strong bond of friendship for our characters.

Journey Arc: Facing The Past Head On


ZΛYDE WØLF feat. RUELLE - Walk Through The Fire

Journey Arc's Theme


Friendship Arc: True Friends Never Fade

Westlife - Us Against the World

Westlife - Us Against the World

Friendship Arc's Theme



Main Cast

Supporting Cast

Major Supporting

Magic Arc

More coming soon...

Journey Arc

  • Rome Flynn as _________
  • Levi Miller as _________
  • Ian McShane as _________

Friendship Arc

Special Supporting Cast

Guest Cast

Magic Arc

Journey Arc

  • Dakota Johnson as ____________

Friendship Arc

  • Gena Rowlands as _________
  • Krischelle Delgado as Diana
  • Kennedi Clements as Dawn
  • Jo Yeon-Ho as _________
  • Park Seo-joon as _________

Special Guest Cast


Magic Arc

Journey Arc

  • Chapter Seventeen
  • Chapter Twenty-One

Friendship Arc

  • Chapter Twenty-Five

(8 episodes)



  • This will start off as a miniseries and could possibly later become a full series.
  • This series will have some traits of the popular t.v. series, Charmed.
  • You can expect this series to feel more light and not as dark as The Originals Fanfiction and Eternal Darkness.
  • This series will take place in Paris.
  • There will be more focus on relationships and magic.
  • Danielle and Davina will be in college but there will not be scenes of that at the start.
  • Danielle's past will come further into play.
  • Danielle and Davina will be almost 20 years old when this series starts.
  • Just like Eternal Darkness, Element Spirits will also be introduced.
  • Leon's past will come into play and play a big role in the series.
  • Davina will get a bigger and major storyline later in the series.
  • Expect to see Marcel, Cecilia and Vincent appear in the series. A visit, flashback or photo. Each will play an important role in the story.

Part 1

  • The episodes will possibly be twice as long.
  • One episode will be written every season.
  • The timeline is set in early 2015.
  • New revelations are made.
  • There will be flashbacks of Cassandra and Danielle's past.
  • The final scene is something that no one saw coming.
  • Leon and Danielle's relationship will further develop and could possibly turn into something more.
  • For the first time ever, a Element Spirit will be introduced.
  • A new type of magic will be introduced.
  • The final scene is something that no one saw coming.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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