The Originals(Fan Fiction) TV Series
Season 1, Episode 10
Hayley 5 TO 1x04
Air date Winter 2013
Written by Cori11 and KatherineAndJeremy4eva
Directed by Cori11
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Bring It On is the tenth episode of Season One of The Originals Fanfiction (Series)


SOPHIA VS. AN ARMY--Vanessa Josephine arrives in New Orleans as Sophia and Hayley go to the bayou to learn more of Hayley's family but they also run into an army of vampires and witches. Marcel fights Felix to protect Davina and Danielle. Klaus and Rebekah confront Macklyn. Serena finds herself surrounded by death. Thomas has some disturbing news for Elijah. Strange things begin to happen to Danielle. Finally, someone from Klaus and Sophia's past makes their appearance.


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Davina is trying to find a way to save Danielle but Dani doesn't want her mom to find out. Plus Davina gets put in danger! Hayley and Sophia go to the bayou to find more out about her family. She learns things that she isn't so sure she wants to know. While on their way out they get attacked by a mob of vampires and witches, claiming that Danielle is soon going to die. While in the attic with Davina, Danielle is struggling to find out why everyone wants her dead. Vampires and witches almost kill Danielle before Marcel fights them off. Moments later they are to be found as Felix and his henchmen attack them. Rebekah and Klaus have had enough of the drama and confront Macklyn and threatens to kill him if he doesn't tell them what's going on but he tells them to ask Sophia whom is shocked to find out that it is someone very close to her. Meanwhile, Serena returns to New Orleans to find bodies laying all around her. Thomas then tell Elijah something very important that has something to do with all of them. Vanessa Josephine find makes her appearance and sees chaos all around New Orleans. Very strange things began to happen to Danielle and still afraid to tell her mother, she shrugs them off. Something happens to a Original that could scare one of them for life. When all The Originals are together, someone important dies. Sophia is scared to tell Klaus who is forming the army and has been trying to kill Danielle. It's too late when they walk right in to see Klaus............There will be betrayal..death...and tears will be shed....



  • This is the midseason finale.
  • Bring it On is also the episode name of TVD's Season 4's Episode 16.
  • First appearance of Vanessa Josephine and Neoma
  • Sophia will fight an army by herself.
  • Hayley will have a fight scene.
  • There will be an unexpected death of a main character.
  • Emotional scenes.
  • There will be a lot of death scenes.
  • A Sophia and Aria flashback.
  • Original Family (Klaus, Rebekah, Danielle, Sophia, and Elijah) flashback.
  • There will be a kiss scene.
  • Thomas tells Elijah what he learned back in the third episode (Tangled Up In Blue).
  • Hayley will learn a bit more about her family.
  • Danielle fight scenes.
  • There will be a red moon and Danielle will go through an unexpected transformation.
  • Sophie is upgraded to a series regular.


Danielle: (voiceover) There are many enemies after my family and friends...Macklyn, Felix...And now two new enemies have finally made their appearances. Now is the time for my family to come back together as one but the wedge between them is even torn more now. I watch them from here and see the pain within them...I wonder if they'll be able to find their way back to each other...because they must do so without me. 


(Macklyn is seen talking with the unknown woman from before, earlier in the series.)

???: Danielle must be killed today.

Macklyn: Why today?

???: You'll see. Felix, can I trust you with the job?

Felix: It would be my pleasure.

"What do you want?"Edit

(Sophia is in her room, reading a book and someone knocks on the door.)

Sophia: Come in.

(Marcel comes in and Sophia immediately stands.)

Sophia: Why are you here?

Marcel: I know what you're still mad at me but I know you don't hate me.

Sophia: And?

Marcel: What do feel for me?

Sophia: Nothing.

(Marcel walks to Sophia and stands right in front of her.)

Marcel: Do you feel anything now?

Sophia: (blushes)...N-no...

Marcel: Really? Because I know you're lying.

Sophia: Marcel, I would never choose love over family.

(Marcel leans in and kisses Sophia and she doesn't stop him. The kiss last for about a minute and they both slowly pull back.)

Marcel: All I'm telling you is to think about what you want. Because I want you...All of you. Sophia, I know that you value family more than anything. But you have to give love a chance. I believe that you do have feelings for me otherwise you wouldn't have kissed me back. Give it time and we can fall in love with each other.

Sophia: What if I don't want to love?

Marcel: Love is sometimes scary but its exciting and out of this world.

Sophia: Did you feel that way about my sister?

Marcel: I did love Rebekah once...but whatever we had is gone. (softly touches Sophia's cheek) I'm still going to be your friend no matter what you think of me. I'm not giving up on you. (smirks) I promised Katherine that I wouldn't.

(Marcel leaves the room and Sophia lightly touches her lips and has a small smile on her face.)

Your going to help me?Edit

(Danielle was sitting in the attic deep in thought.)

Davina: Are you going to tell your mom?

Danielle: NO! My mom has enough drama going on already. I can get through this.

(Davina gives her a small smile.)

Davina: I can help you, you know that right?

Danielle: But that's it! I don't know what type of magic this is. It's like someone is trying to warn me. But then its like someone is trying to grab me?

Davina: Wow! That's.....

Danielle:Yeah not good.

Davina: I'm not going to let you go through this alone.

(Danielle looks up)

Danielle: You're really going to help me?

Hayley and Sophia in the bayouEdit

(Awkward silence)

Hayley: How has Dani been?

Sophia: Fine.

Hayley: Look-

Sophia: No! Let's just do what we came here for. For to find out whatever you want. Just keep my family out of it!

(Hayley nods her head and looks down.)

Sophia: Did you hear that?

Hayley: Hear what?

(Eve walks up to Hayley.)

Hayley: Eve!

Eve: I must tell you this quickly someone is coming. Your baby is going to continue the bloodline.... maybe even start a new one.

Hayley: Wait!

(Eve vanishes, Sophia grabs Hayley's arm)

Sophia: Come on we have to go.

(Three vampires jump in front of them.)

Vampire: I'm sorry but you're not going anywhere. I have my orders and that's not to let you get away.

(More and more vampires appear as well as witches. There seems to be over hundereds and hundreds coming towards them.)

Hayley: Oh my god.

Sophia: Hayley, get out of here.

Hayley: What?! I can't leave you!

Sophia: Just go! Get out of here!

(Hayley runs in the opposite direction while Sophia prepares to fight an army on her own...)

Vampire: You're willing to die for that werewolf?

Sophia: Maybe. But you're not getting anywhere near her.

Witch: This will be an interesting fight.

(Sophia begins to form a fireball.)

Sophia: Bring it.

Mikaleson MansionEdit

(Elijah is sitting in the living room and is reading a book when Thomas walks in.)

Elijah: Thomas, what are you doing here?

Thomas: Is Hayley here?

Elijah: No, she's out with Sophia.

Thomas: Good, because there is something I need to tell you.

Elijah: What is it? You sound very serious.

Thomas: Elijah...This is about the baby. Something I found out earlier and I should have told you sooner.

Death surrounds her...Edit

(Serena arrives in New Orleans and when she gets out of her car, she sees dead bodies lying on the streets of New Orleans...Then she begins to scream.)

"Stay away from them" - MarcelEdit

(Danielle is sitting at Davina's makeup table in the attic. As she is looking at herself in the mirror, something strange begins to happen. Black blood falls from her eyes...)

Dani: What the--?!

Davina: What's wrong?!

(Davina sees the black blood on Dani's face and tries to help her)

Dani: What's happening to me?

(They hear strange noises coming from the window.)

Davina: Do you hear that?

Dani: Duh! I'm standing right next to you!

(The window shatters, while a ringing noise fills Dani's head.)

Dani: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Davina: What's happening.

(Felix and unknown vampires walk in.)

Felix: Hello "Dani".

Davina: What do you want?

(Felix cocks his head to the side and does a evil grin.)

Felix: Her dead now!

(Witches from the bayou walk in.)

Davina: NO!

(They all charge after Danielle. Marcel snaps unknown vampire neck, and kills three witches.)

Marcel: Stay away from them!

Felix: I'm going to finish this one way or another.

(They vanish.)

Marcel: Come here Dani.

(He picks her up and nods for Davina to come too.)

Davina: Where are we going?

Marcel: We have to get you guys out of here.

Dani: Why do they want me dead so badly? What did I do wrong?

Marcel: Shhh, you didn't do a thing.

Klaus - "That's it I'm going to find out who is trying to kill my niece.Edit

(Marcel walks in with Dani and sets her down on the coach.)

Klaus: What happened?

Dani: Uncle Klaus...

(Klaus rubs Dani's head, while Davina sits down.)

Davina: Someone attacked her.

Marcel: But I have a feeling someone else is behind this.

(Rebekah walks in looking angry.)

Dani: Uncle Klaus, I'm sorry.

(Tears roll down Danielle's face.)

Klaus: Don't you dare cry you've done nothing wrong!

Rebekah: Whoever this twisted bitch is, they are nowhere finished with Dani.

(Klaus balls his fist up.)

Klaus: That's it, I'm going to find out who is trying to kill my my niece.

Rebekah: I'm coming with you!

(Klaus nods his head as they head out the door. After they leave, Danielle goes up to her room. She sits at her makeup table, more black blood falls from her face and suddenly she sees her reflection looking right at her with an evil look on her face. Her reflection eyes begin to turn black and comes right out of the mirror to attack Danielle which causes Danielle to scream. Marcel and Davina hear Danielle screaming and before they can go upstairs to her room, they are suddenly under attack by Felix and his group of witches, vampires, and vampire hunters.)

Felix: Hello again.

Davina: Marcel...

Marcel: I know. This isn't going to be easy.

Hayley trying to escapeEdit

(Hayley running in the bayou and as she stops when she hears noise. She quickly hides behind a tree and sees a few vampires standing in the opposite direction whom seem to be looking for her. As she looks in front of her, a vampire is there and he grabs her but she kicks him gut and knocks him to the ground. The other vampires hear and head straight for her. Hayley kicks a vampire and snaps his neck. Then she is pushed to the ground by the other vampire. Her eyes flash werewolf-gold.

Vampire: You're coming with me.

(Before she can react, his heart is suddenly ripped out by a young woman...)

???: What kind of man attacks a pregnant woman? (looks at Hayley) You okay?

Hayley: Yeah, thanks...Who are you?

(The young woman helps Hayley up.)

???: Vanessa Josephine.

Serena and DeathEdit

(Serena hurries into her apartment completely frightened. She takes off her jacket as she begins to sweat and picks up the phone to call Elijah. She gets no answer and tries to call Sophia but still gets no answer. She throws the phone agaisnt the wall and behind her a black hooded figure covered in black smoke appears, she screams and runs to her room, locking the door.)

Serena: Why is this happening?

(Serena runs to her closet and hides also grabbing the baseball bat for protection. She hears noise coming from her room. Footsteps are heard near the closet and she keeps quiet.)

The War is Beginning - "Someone you should see..."Edit

(Sophia is still fighting the army of vampires and witches but more keep coming...Sophia feels she can't keep this up as there are too many. Vampires charge out her but she breaks two vampire's necks and rips one vampire's heart out. Before witches can use their magic on her, she uses her powers of wind to blow them away. She then creates a wall of fire around some of the vampires, leaving them trapped. Before she can continue to fight...)

Macklyn: Enough!

Sophia: Macklyn. What is this?! I'm sick of your games, if you want to kill me then get it over with!

Macklyn: Why haven't you realized it yet?

Sophia: What are you talking about?

Macklyn: There's someone that you should see.

Sophia: Someone I should see?

Macklyn: Yes...You're finally going to get to meet the person who has been leading us...and who wants your daughter dead. She's in the house up on that hill. Go see.

Sophia: Why are you telling me this?

Macklyn: So that you're prepared for what's to come.

(Sophia begins to hesitate but heads to the house up on the hill.)

"We Want Answers!"Edit

(Rebekah and Klaus pull up to the Quarter and get out of the car.)

Klaus: Where is he?

Rebekah: I don't know, he hides out here talking to a woman.

Klaus: Great!

(He frowns when he sees Macklyn. He walks over and pins his neck to a wall.)

Klaus: Who is trying to kill Danielle?

Macklyn: I have no idea who you are talking about.

(Klaus grabs his heart inches away from pulling it out.)

Macklyn: Fine, I'll tell you! You have to let me go!

Rebekah: Nik, put him down NOW!

(Klaus rudely drops him.)

Rebekah: Now speak!

Macklyn: You both know her.

(Klaus and Rebekah give each other confused looks.) (Macklyn, narrating while Sophia goes back to the house.)

Macklyn: It was 1910...a girl with dark brown.

(Sophia walks upstairs when she hears a noise.)

Macklyn: She was very close with the Originals.

(Sophia sees a girl looking through her stuff..The girl turns and arounds...)

Klaus and Rebekah: Aria!

Sophia and AriaEdit

(Flashback of Aria and Sophia at a party.)

Sophia: Aria, we need to talk.

(Sophia gives her a sad look.)

Aria: What's wrong?

Sophia: You know your my best friend right?

Aria: Of course!

Sophia: This is so hard to do.

Aria: Tell me.

Sophia: I'm leaving, Aria.

(Tears fall from both their eyes.)

Aria: You can't leave Soph, I need you!

Sophia: I'm sorry.

(She gets up to leave but Aria grabs her arm.)

Aria: You're not leaving!

(Sophia then grabs her shoulders and compels her.)

Sophia: You will forget me and anything that we did together...Never remember me. You came to a party looking for Klaus.

(Aria blinks and Sophia is gone.)

Present Day

Sophia: Aria?

Aria: How the hell do you know my name?

(Sophia remembers the night she compelled her.)

Sophia: No, oh my god.

Aria: Those stupid witches, why the hell can't the follow orders?!

Sophia: Orders.... it's you isn't it? Your the one who is behind all of this?

Aria: You have no idea what's going on here.

Sophia: What you try to kill your best friend and her daughter?

Aria: Listen to me when I tell you that-

(They hear Klaus and Rebekah come up. Sophia turns toward the door.)

Klaus: Sophia!

(When she turns back around Aria is gone.)

Sophia:...This can't be happening...

(Three witches come up behind them and they are shown to holding white oak stakes in their hands.)

Witches: Come with us and we won't kill you.

The Truth Comes OutEdit

(Elijah and Thomas are in Thomas' room at the inn)

Elijah: Why didn't you saying anything before?

Thomas: I didn't know what to say! What does it mean exactly?

Elijah: "It will destroy everything." Thomas, it will take me some time to figure out what it means but until then do not say anything to my family and Hayley.

(Thomas nods.)

Elijah: Now is there anything else?

Thomas: Yes. It involves your family, yourself included.

Elijah: What is it?

Thomas: Elijah, its about the demon, Neoma...

(Everything goes silent and Elijah eyes widen as he is shocked by what Thomas tells him)

Blood and TearsEdit

(Sophia, Klaus and Rebekah were slowly walking.)

??? (Unknown witch): Get in NOW!!

(Sophia tears are rolling down her face. They walked into a cell.)

Rebekah: It can't be true.

(Sophia doesn't make a sound.)

Klaus: Sweet little Aria, it can't be her?

(Sophia gets angry.)

Sophia: This is all your fault!

(Klaus glares at her.)

Klaus: Explain yourself please?

Sophia: If you would have taken her with you none of this would have happened!

Macklyn: ENOUGH!!!!

(They turn their heads, Macklyn smirks.)

Macklyn: Sophia, did you like the little surprise?

Sophia: What did you do to her?

Macklyn: I've did nothing she made me a offer.... I couldn't refuse.

Rebekah: What kind of offer.

Macklyn: She has witches on her side and they know Danielle is going to die.

(Sophia's eyes widen.)

Macklyn: But if we don't kill her something evil is going to come. That's all I'm telling you all....I mean Aria doesn't want you to know too much now.

(He walks out.)

Mikaelson MansionEdit

(Davina comes out from under the table and sees Marcel lying on the ground, badly hurt and bloody)

Davina: Marcel! (hurries over to him and helps him up)

Marcel:...Davina, I'll be okay...Go find Danielle.

(Davina runs upstairs and goes into Dani's room. She sees the mirror completely shattered and black blood on the floor...But Danielle is missing.)

Davina: Marcel!! She's gone, they've taken her!!

Almost TimeEdit

(It is almost night time. Aria is standing before her army of hundreds of vampires and witches in the bayou. Macklyn approaches her.)

Aria: Its almost time.

Macklyn: You mean for the red moon to come up.

Aria: Yes.

Macklyn: Before you said were waiting to make your appearance when the time was right...(an image of Aria appears from the episode Always and Forever) But why now? Why the red moon?

Aria: You'll see soon enough.

(Felix and his henchmen appear. Felix is shown to be holding Danielle whom is unconscious.)

Aria: You brought her. Good work, Felix.

Felix: What should I do with her?

Aria: Place her over on the stone monument. Macklyn, go get the Originals, I want them to watch this...Because Danielle is about to die.

Hell has come to New OrleansEdit

(Sophia sits with her hands in her head. When Felix comes in the room.) Rebekah: What the bloody hell do you want?

(Felix and unknown witches walk in and take the Originals.)

Sophia: Why are you doing this?

Felix: Shut up!

(When they get outside, Aria turns around and looks at them.)

Klaus: Aria...

Aria: Oh, you remembered my name!

(Rebekah and Sophia look at him with disappointment.)

Klaus: You weren't here when I came back.

Sophia: Aria, please don't kill my daughter. You're nothing like this.

Aria: I have to do this...No I want to do this.

Sophia: What are you talking about?

(Aria ignores her and turns around. She walks to the stone monument where Danielle lies and is chained up.)

Rebekah: Dani! Don't hurt her.

Aria: I'm not going to hurt her. I'm going to kill her...Or would you like to have the pleasure in killing her, Sophie?

(Sophie Deveraux comes forward from the shadows.)

Klaus: You!

Aria: Tell them why you joined my side.

Sophie: I'm on this side to bring my niece back to life. You remember that, don't you? If Danielle dies, all supernatural creatures will be spared. Aria will help me complete the Harvest as long as I help her.

Klaus: And what do you gain from all this, Aria?

Aria: A powerful ally...One who wants in helping destroying you and your family.

Sophia:...What...? You can't mean...

Aria: Oh but I do...Neoma is no longer inside you Sophia but in your daughter, Danielle Asia Mikaleson.

(The Originals start to look pale after hearing what Aria has just revealed.)

Aria: Come on! I'm surprised you didn't realize it sooner! She's been having nightmares of the red moon, blood everywhere, dead bodies, and didn't she tell you that Neoma attacked her? Including, look at the black blood coming out of her.

(It is fully night and the red moon is starting to come up...)

Sophie: Aria, the red moon.

Aria: Good. Don't worry, I'll reveal the rest of my plan when Neoma is awakened.

(Danielle is starting to wake up.)

Aria: Looks like someone is starting to wake up.


Sophia: Dani!

Where is my family?Edit

(Elijah returns home and sees Marcel all bloody with Davina helping him.)

Elijah: What happened?

Davina: Felix and his friends attacked us. I think they took Danielle.

Elijah: Where are my siblings then?

Marcel: Klaus and Rebekah went to go get answers from Macklyn. I haven't seen Sophia since this morning.

Elijah: And Hayley?

Marcel: Don't know, haven't seen her.

Davina: And none of them are answering their cell phones.

Elijah: I need to find them.

Davina: Elijah, wait! In Danielle's room, there's black blood everywhere.

Elijah: Its happening then...I have to go now.

(Elijah quickly leaves. His cell phone starts to ring when he leaves the mansion and sees that its Serena calling.)

Elijah: Serena, I'm sorry but I can't talk right now--

Serena: Elijah, help me!

Elijah: What's wrong?

(Serena starts to scream and the line gets cut)

Elijah: Serena? Serena?!

(Elijah gets and car and quickly drives away to help Serena)

Darkness WithinEdit

(Sophia, Klaus, and Rebekah are brought down to their knees with magic by the witches. Aria walks towards Danielle whom cannot move.)

Sophia: Aria, please don't do this!

Aria: Actually, I want to. Besides, you want me to do it. You are the one who told me to kill Danielle. Actually your dark side did.

(Aria gives Sophie the white oak stake)

Klaus: Aria!

Aria: What? Don't kill her? Its too late, Klaus.

(The red moon hangs in the sky and the sky turns red...)

Aria: It's time.

Rebekah: (crying) Stop it!

(Sophie walks to the stone monument to where Danielle lies and stands before her.)

Klaus: NO!!!

Sophie: The sacrifice must be made. (raising the white oak stake to Danielle's heart)

Sophia: (crying) No, no, no! Please!

Danielle: (looking at her family, sheds a tear)...I love you all...

(Sophie stabs Danielle in the heart with the white oak stake...Danielle's eyes slowly close as she takes her last breath...Klaus gasps, Rebekah continues to cry, and Sophia screams.)

Sophia: NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(A black and red aura flows around Danielle's body...Her eyes suddenly open and turn black.)

Sophie: Its time to kill Neoma!

(Sophie is suddenly pushed back into the ground by Aria)

Aria: No its not.

Macklyn: What are you doing?! You said she would bring death to all supernatural creatures!

Aria: I lied. She will bring death to the Originals. She will rule all supernatural creatures.

Felix: Get out of the way, I'll kill her.

(Aria throws a stake into Felix's arm which becomes stuck in the tree as he screams out in pain.)

Aria: No one is killing Neoma.

Sophie: Why are you doing this?!

Aria: Because she wants revenge just like I do. You see, Neoma contacted me in a dream. She knew of my history with the Originals so she thought it would be a good idea for us to work together. Now lets watch her awaken.

(Danielle's black eyes suddenly change to a light brown and her skin becomes a bit pale. She looks at everyone around her. When she sees the Originals, she gives them a smug smirk. She gets off the stone monument and walks towards Aria.)

Aria: Neoma?

Neoma:...The one and only. (turns to the Originals)

Klaus: No...

Neoma: Its been a long time...Well this is the first time we've met. I've been watching over all of you since I was sealed inside of Sophia.

Klaus: How did get out of Sophia and into Danielle?

Neoma: I don't know anything about that but going into Danielle has given me more strength than ever.

Klaus: I'm going to kill you.

Neoma: Are you forgetting that I'm over 5,000 years old? That I'm stronger than you? And if you want to be angry at someone, be angry at your mother. She is the one who sealed me inside of Sophia when she was a child...Excuse me for a minute.

(Suddenly, Neoma disappears and some of the witches throats are split and vampires hearts are ripped out. Blood begins to surrounded the whole area...Neoma reappears with blood all over her. Everyone around her except Aria looks frightened.)

Neoma: I've missed that feeling.

Sophie: What are you...?

Neoma: Weren't you listening? I'm a 5,000 year old demon looking for revenge. Since Esther is already dead, I'll just have the settle for the Original siblings. That might not include you Sophia since you took care of me all these years. It was an awful thing for you Esther did to you. (looks to Aria) Do you have him?

Aria: Yes...Bring the prisoner!

(The vampires bring forth Brody)

Neoma: Tell her. Tell Sophia the truth.

Brody: Screw you!

(Neoma plunges her hand into Brody's chest to which he screams out in pain.)

Neoma: Tell her or I will rip out your heart and you will never see your friend again.

Brody: Okay, okay!

(Neoma removes her hand)

Brody: I was told to protect Danielle in order for Neoma not to be awakened.

Rebekah: You knew and you didn't say anything?!

Neoma: He was told not to say anything. He doesn't want to come out yet. And Rebekah...You know exactly what I'm about to say don't you?


Klaus: What is she talking about?

Neoma: Rebekah already knew I was inside Danielle. Little Dani told her not to say anything but if I was in your position, Bex, I would have told Sophia, Klaus, and Elijah right away.

(Sophia and Klaus look at Rebekah in disbelief)

Neoma: You can add that to the list of your family drama. Also, Brody can see the past, present, and future. He foresaw this event and so desperately tried to stop it. That's why he's been so protective of your daughter, Sophia.

(Something begins to go wrong. Suddenly, vampires are lit up on fire, witches are coughing out water, the ground beneath them begin to shake, then Sophia suddenly rises in the air...)

Sophie: What is she doing?!

Neoma: (smirks) Her powers have finally gone out of control. Losing her daughter and finding out her own sister betrayed her again caused that gentle side of her to snap.

Klaus: SOPHIA!!!

Rebekah: Sophia stop it or you'll destroy us all including New Orleans!

Neoma: She can't hear you! She's filled with rage and despair. Allow her heart to fill with darkness.

Aria: So that Dark Sophia can come out to play?

Neoma: Exactly.

(Sophia's screams begin to fill the area. Some of the vampires and witches have already escaped while others have died. The barrier is destroyed due to Sophia's extraordinary powers.

The Other SideEdit

(Vanessa and Hayley are standing in the woods.)

Hayley: We need to go help her!

Vanessa: Well we can't go any further because a barrier has been put up. Someone doesn't want us coming in. We have to wait until the barrier is lifted.

???: Vanessa?

(Vanessa turns around to see Danielle standing before her.)

Vanessa: (smiles) Dani? Its been a long time, I've missed you, squirt.

Hayley: Danielle? Where?

Vanessa: She's standing right there.

Hayley: I don't see her...


Danielle: Vanessa...I'm dead.

The Darkness ReturnsEdit

(Elijah arrives at Serena's apartment and breaks down the door. He is shocked by what he sees...Serena who is unconscious, lying on the floor and standing before her is the dark hooded figure.)

Elijah:...It can't be...

???: Its been a long time, Elijah Mikaelson.

Elijah: No. Not Serena!

???: I only came to let you know that I was coming and it is her time. But for now, you should worry about your family. Go to the bayou.

(The dark hooded figure makes a small laugh and disappears. Elijah hurries over the Serena.)

Elijah: Serena!

(Elijah hears Serena mumbling the word, reaper...Hayley shows up.)

Hayley: Elijah, what happened?

Elijah: Hayley, take care of Serena. I need to go to the bayou.

Hayley: Elijah, be careful....and be strong.

Elijah: What do you mean by that?

Hayley: Its best you hear it from your siblings.

Evil WithinEdit

(Vanessa hurries along to see the chaos beyond her.)

Vanessa: Sophia!

Rebekah: Vanessa, don't come any closer!

(Marcel also appears. Klaus quickly climbs one of the trees and jumps toward Sophia, grabbing her and them both falling to the ground. He holds onto her as he tries to calm her down.)


Klaus: Sophia, stop it! Sophia!

Sophia: LET ME GO! LET ME GO! I can't take this!

(Klaus begins to shed a tear and he breaks Sophia's neck then kisses her forehead. Marcel is shocked by seeing everything that has happened.)

Marcel: What the hell is going on here?!

Klaus: Marcel, get Sophia out of here.

Marcel: But--

Klaus: NOW!

(Marcel takes Sophia out of Klaus' arms and carries her. He then uses vamp speed to leave. Vanessa helps Rebekah up. Klaus stands before Neoma and Aria. Vanessa helps Rebekah up.)

Klaus: I have had enough of this. My niece is dead, I had to break my sister's neck to stop her from going out of control, what's next Aria?

(Neoma and Aria smirk.)

Klaus: Aria, what happened to you? Why are you doing this?

Aria: I know about the baby.

Klaus: Is this why you're doing this?

Aria: If you only knew what I've been through, Klaus...

Klaus: I broke your heart...I know that but Aria--(cut off by Aria)

Aria: It just isn't about my heart. Being on the side of evil...feels very good.

Neoma: Aria, we should go. We have to decide our next course of action.

Aria: Oh and by the way, Hayley is my descendant. If she wants know anything, tell her to come find me.

(Aria smirks smugly at Klaus and leaves with Neoma. Klaus looks at Rebekah briefly then leaves. Macklyn removes the stake from Felix's arm and looks at Rebekah.)

Macklyn: Rebekah...

Rebekah: Don't! My niece is dead because of your actions against my family!

Macklyn: I was trying to protect you! I did all this for you!

Rebekah: No, you didn't. You did this because you hate Klaus! Now your next course of action will be against Marcel!

(Macklyn looks at Rebekah sadly and leaves with his vamp speed.)

Vanessa: Danielle told me what happened.

Rebekah: So you see her...

Vanessa: She's standing right next to you.

(Danielle is seen standing next to Rebekah)

Rebekah: (crying) Danielle, I am so sorry. If I knew this would happen, I've would have done everything I could to protect you.

(Vanessa starts to repeat what Danielle is saying)

Danielle/Vanessa: Its okay. I'm the one who told you not to saying anything. Believe me when I say that I will find a way back to the living but for now, promise me that you won't let Neoma get her way.

Times have changed for the worseEdit

(Hayley, Marcel and Davina all sitting down.)

Hayley: What happened to them?

Marcel: They found out who was trying to kill Dani. Sophia went out of control and Klaus stopped her. I brought her back here.

Davina: What about Danielle?

Hayley: She's...

Marcel: They killed her.

Davina:....What...? She can't be dead. You're lying.

Marcel: Davina, I'm so sorry.

Davina: But she's my friend! She helped me with my magic, she was there for me! How can she be dead?!

Marcel: Davina...

Hayley: Marcel, go check on Sophia. She should be waking up soon.

"She's gone, Elijah."Edit

(Elijah is in the bayou and sees Rebekah)

Elijah: Rebekah, what happened?

Rebekah:...She's gone, Elijah...

Elijah: What are you talking about?

Rebekah: (crying) Neoma has been awakened...Danielle is dead. She's gone...

(Elijah's eyes begin to glisten with tears and walks towards Rebekah to hug her.)

Losing itEdit

(Marcel walks in and sees Sophia sitting down on her bed.)

Marcel: Soph?

Sophia: What's happening to me?

Marcel: You lost it when you found out......

(Marcel not wanting to finish looks into Sophia's eyes and she remembers what happened and breaks down.)

Sophia: She can't be dead!

(Marcel walks over and hugs her.)

Sophia: Please bring her back. I need her make her come back.

Marcel: It's all going to be fine.

(Sophia once again gets angry.)

Sophia: Stop lying to me!

(She uses her wind magic and throws him up against the wall. Her eyes once again black.)

Marcel: Sophia, stop!

(She snaps out of it and sees Marcel on the floor and falls to her knees and starts crying.)

Disagreements and Disgrace Edit

(Rebekah in the woods and hears Klaus.)

Rebekah: I'm so so sorry Nik, please you don't under-

Klaus: Enough! Rebekah, no need to explain yourself. She is dead because of your actions!

Rebekah: Nik, I would have told someone if I known this would have happened!

Klaus: But you didn't! Your a disgrace to this family, Rebekah. How many more ways can you mess up?

(Klaus walks away, leaving a teary eyed Rebekah)



(It is the late 18th century in London. Danielle, Sophia, and Rebekah whom are wearing silk mantua gowns, are walking outside, Sophia is playing with some children with Danielle and Rebekah following from behind.)

Older Child: Sophia, follow me!

Younger Child: Sophia, play with me!

Sophia: Hold on. One at a time little ones!

Danielle: How is she so good with children? As soon as she walked into the room, its like they instantly fall for her.

Rebekah: A mother's touch. Sophia has the gentle love that many people long for or what draws them to her. When she was pregnant with you and felt you moving inside of her, it made Sophia feel overjoyed. Its what made her heart grew more and more. After your birth and we were turned into vampires, Sophia felt she was given a purpose in life. To reunite her family to the way it once was. She wanted to give us love and a new home no matter how long it takes. But every time, something keeps coming between us. Trying to tear us apart. She still doesn't give up though. Danielle, your birth was a blessing. You're her heart.

Danielle: I never knew that...I thought I knew everything about mom.

Rebekah: Not everything...Some things you're better off not knowing. But I wanted to let you know at least that much about how much your mother loves you. She's lucky to have such a beautiful and wonderful daughter.

Danielle: Did you ever wanted children, Aunt Bex?

Rebekah: Yes I did. I wanted to fall in love, get married, and have a family of my own. But as a vampire, I will never have that. I can never go back to being human.

Danielle: I'm sorry, Aunt Bex.

Rebekah: Its okay. Having you around is one the best things I could ever ask for.

(Danielle hugs her Aunt Rebekah until Sophia and the children begin to call them)


Macklyn's Agenda Edit

(A angry Felix points a stake to Macklyn's heart.)

Felix: Everything was a lie! We were used! I am going to get rid of every supernatural creature in the world and I think I'll start with you!

Macklyn: I wouldn't do that.

Felix: And why the hell not?!

Macklyn: Because I believe that Rebekah will be coming up with a plan soon...So we'll just have to wait to see what she comes up with.

Neoma's Plans Edit

(Neoma and Aria are standing on top of a cliff, looking down upon the French Quarter.)

Aria: So what's the plan?

Neoma: I'm not ready to kill the Originals yet but I want to make them suffer. How about we go resurrect the witches from the New Orleans Coven?

(Aria smirks as Neoma jumps off the cliff, ready to take action.)

Red Moon Edit

(Sophia is walking in the bayou which is filled with blood and dead bodies. She stops when she sees Brody.)

Brody: Why are you here? Do you want to kill me for what happened to Danielle?

Sophia: No...No I'm not going to kill you.

Brody: Why not?

Sophia: Because you are going to help me get my daughter back.

(Sophia then looks up at the red moon and in the look in her eyes, its like she is completely a different person. She is like a person who is ready to kill.)

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