Bonnie Bennett
Biographical information
  • Febuary 15, 1992 (age 20)
  • Alive (Resurrected)
  • High School Student (Formerly/Graduated)
  • Anchor to The Other Side (formerly)
  • College Student (currently)
  • Female
Family information
Significant Others
  • Unnamed Fiancé
  • Abby Bennett-Wilson (mother)
  • Rudy Hopkins (father)
Supernatural information
Significant spells
Significant kills
  • Herself
Cause of death
  • Overuse of Expression, Spirit, and Dark Magic
Killed by
  • Herself
Played by
  • Kat Graham
First seen

Bonnie Shelia Bennett a Bennett witch and a distant cousin of Nicole Bennett. She is a main character and heroine from The Vampire Diaries. She made appearance in TO/TVD Special when helping her ancestor, Cecilia in learning a new element. She also makes few appearances throughout Eternal Darkness when visiting Nicole or helping her with certain tasks.

Bonnie is a member of Qetsiyah's Family.


Throughout The Originals Fanfiction

Season One

Bonnie appears in TO/TVD Special, when she calls Sophia about Katherine, who is dying. After Sophia arrives at the Salvatore Boarding House and sees Katherine, Bonnie is told by Sophia that she wants to meet Qetsiyah. Before Bonnie can reply, Qetsiyah appears behind Bonnie, shocking Katherine and Bonnie because Qetsiyah was dead and passed over to the Other Side but she stands before them alive. Qetsiyah agrees to help Sophia learn the next element and tells her to prepare. She requests Bonnie's help and tells Sophia to get ready. Bonnie questions Qetsiyah on how she returned to the living. She states that she passed through when Bonnie wasn't looking and after getting her wish of being with Silas, stuck on the Other Side, her work was not completed as she had to return to someone very important to her who she refuses to leave again. She says the reason of why she didn't stay when she was still alive months ago is because she had to make Silas suffer as it was his fault that she give up the person most important to her. Now in this time, this person needs her and she will not let them go again. During the night, Qetsiyah with Bonnie's help teach Sophia the life element and she is successful in the process with Katherine's life being saved.

Throughout Eternal Darkness


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The Originals Fanfiction

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