The Originals(Fan Fiction) TV Series
Season 1, Episode 07
Aria 107
Air date Fall 2013
Written by KathrineAndJeremt4eva & OldOneX
Directed by Cori11
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Fruit of the Poisoned Tree
The War Begins

Blast From the Past is the seventh episode of Season One of The Originals Fanfiction (Series)..


REMEMBERING THE PAST--Everyone has flashbacks of the good and bad times. The war continues as Marcel and Klaus are at odds at one another. Rebekah and Danielle ask Brody of his history with Macklyn and Felix. Elijah and Sophia reflect back on their past with Klaus. Also Klaus gets an unexpected visitor. FInally, Hayley asks Thomas for an unexpected favor.



  • Written by KathrineAndJeremy4eva & OldOneX
  • Directed by Cori11

Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

Special Guest

  • Micheal Trevino as Tyler Lockwood


  • Klaus warns Marcel to stay away from Sophia
  • Many flashbacks
  • Marcel makes Rebekah a surprising offer
  • Rebekah and Macklyn scene
  • The name of Danielle's father will be revealed
  • Sophia learns that Elijah accused Klaus of making more hybrids using the baby's blood
  • Cami and Marcel scene
  • Katherine is mentioned
  • TVD Crossover
  • Hayley's pregnancy starts to get difficult
  • Elijah reveals his past to Serena about her family as he was the last to see them



The war continues Klaus and Marcel are at odds with each other. Sophia and the rest of the family are having flashbacks that they wish they can keep and forget. Meanwhile Danielle and Rebekah are doing some bonding but are trying to figure why Macklyn and Felix are trying to kill her, so they ask Brody.But the past  is just to much to hide from Klaus so Elijah and Sophia confront him about the past while Hayley is asking Thomas for some help.


Stay away from her? Klaus and Marcel

(Marcel walks into the quarter with Klaus waiting.)

Marcel: What are you doing here?

Klaus: Giving a warning.(jumps up.) Stay away from Sophia.

Marcel: We're just frien-

(Klaus cuts him off.)

Klaus:I see the way you look at her. The same way you looked at Rebekah.


Klaus: Im telling you once stay away from Sophia.

Sophia's Flashbacks

(Sophia walking back to the house. Stops and sees a women dressed just like one of her friends.)

(Flashback to 1910.)

(Klaus and Sophia are walking around yelling at each other. They stop and see a woman laying on the ground bleeding.)

Sophia: Klaus we have to help her!

Klaus: She can be of good use to me.

(Gives him a dark look. Klaus picks her  up and carries her to the house.)

Sophia: What's your name?

Aria: Aria

(Klaus sets her down and feeds her blood.)

Klaus: This is going to hurt a little bit.

(Snaps her neck. Sophia gasps.)

Sophia: Klaus you could have done that so much better.

Klaus: You asked me to turn her, so I'll do it my way.

(They waited for her to wake up.)

(Wakes up gasping for air. She sees the blood all over her clothes.)

Aria: What happened to me?

Klaus: You were dying, I saved you by turning you into a vampire.

Aria: A WHAT?

Sophia: We'll explain it later. Klaus?

(He brings in a human girl bits her and gives her to Aria.)

Klaus: Drink.

(She first looks at the girl but them bites deep into her. While Klaus rubs her hair.)

Klaus: Sophia you picked a good one.

Sophia: We have to make sure she's not going  to end up like YOU.

(Aria slowly gets up and walks to the window.)


Aria: What? I can't look out the window?

Klaus: She isn't burning in the sun. Let me see your hand Aria.

(Gives him her wrist, he cuts it and it heels.)

Sophia: I think she's not a complete vampire?

(Sophia back to present day.)

Sophia: Aria! 

(Sophia started walking up to the woman but a bus got in her way. The woman turned around it wasn't Aria.

Why are they trying to kill a child? Rebekah and Dani bonding.

(Dani trying to figure out a way  to get rid of the nightmares.)

Rebekah: Wake up child we are going to find out why they are trying to kill you.

Dani: Im already late for school.

Rebekah: We can compel them to let you off the hook.

(Dani blows breath.)

Rebekah: Now get dressed little one.

Dani: Okay,Okay! (puts on outfit.)

Rebekah: Hold on to my hand.

(grabs hand.)

Dani: What are you doing.

Rebekah: About to figure things out a whole lot faster.

(Runs vamp-speed with Dani to the quarter.)

Dani: Hey we could have just walked.

Rebekah: You could be dead right now. People are trying to hunt you down and you want to take your sweet time?

The past is bringing bad things back Elijah , Sophia, and Klaus

(Sophia walks in on Klaus and Elijah.)

Klaus: Hello little sister.

(Sophia seeing flashbacks Aria, people being killed and vampires. She gets lightheaded.)

Sophia: Klaus, help me......

(Elijah sits her in a chair.)

Elijah: What is wrong?

Sophia: I keep seeing flashbacks from my past. But one person keeps popping in my head. 

Elijah: Who is it?

Sophia: I have to show you.

(She touches Elijah's head.)

Flashback 1913 Klaus, Sophia and Aria

(Klaus sits waiting room waiting on Aria and Sophia.)

Aria: Klaus can you throw me my other dress?

Klaus: Why don't you come out and get it?

Aria: I dont have anything on!

Sophia: Klaus would you give her the dress!

(Gives her the dress.)

Klaus: Well ladies it would be nice if you hurried up Im getting board.

(Aria comes  out with in a dress.)

Aria: How do I look?

Klaus: Stunning as always.

(Aria smiles.)

Sophia: Okay are we ready.

Present day

Elijah: You loved her Sophia.

Sophia: She was my best friend. Im not sure if she's dead or not but its like she's haunting me.

Klaus: She isnt dead.

(Elijah and Sophia turn heads.)

Sophia: What?

Klaus: I spent my last night with her.

Flashback 1913

(Klaus narrating.)

We were in a bar sitting down having a couple of drinks and a dance. 

Klaus: You know your the first woman I'd ever keep alive besides my family?

Aria: Is that good or bad?

Klaus: What do you want it to be?

(Leans in to kiss her. But feels Mikael is here.)

Klaus: I have to leave. I'll return for you.

Aria: Where are you going?

Klaus: I'll come back.

Prensent day

Sophia: But you never did? She has to be dead Mikael would have killed her!

Klaus: But she didn't , I know she didn't because I kept my word and returned. But she wasn't there. Someone told me she set off to look for me.

Elijah: You fell for the girl.

(Klaus did a smirk.)

Klaus: She's still looking for me.

Sophia: Then why do I keep having flashbacks of people dieing and her?

Klaus:Because you feel guilty for leaving her. I mean I do too, I'm just waiting. You know I'm not one to run now that Mikael is dead.

Sophia I need time to understand  all of this.

(Goes in her room and have flashback of vampires being killed.)

Marcel's Flashback - Blood Stained Brass - 1943 - Richmond, Virginia

(Marcel is seen walking down a street in Richmond, Virginia)

(He smells the air, the smell of blood flows on the wind and it fills Marcel with a thirst and his eyes become red and veiny and his fangs protrude in response)

(The sirens and lights of ambulances are blurring past him)

(He comes up to a hospital, that is overflowing with patients, some are even outside, being left untreated and unaccompanied.)

(The sounds of their agony resounded throughout the area)

MARCEL: Dinner is served.

(Marcel swooped onto a dying man and drained him dry, the man didn't even get chance to scream)

(Marcel wipes his mouth but he still has blood stained across his face)

(He looks over towards a man, he had a big gaping hole in his abdomen, he had been hit by shrapnel and it had imbedded itself into his torso and abdomen, he was bleeding profusely.)

(The man was clutching a brass trumpet, it had become encrusted with the blood of this man's war wounds, Marcel could barely make out the faint shine from the brass underneath.)

(Marcel walks towards him)

MARCEL: They got you pretty good, huh? What is your name son?

???: (Gurgles) T...

MARCEL: Can you speak?

???: V...anchure, sir. Thierry Vanchure.

MARCEL: Sir!? No please Marcel will do just fine.

THIERRY: Please to meet you Marcel.

MARCEL: What if I said I could give you a choice, I could leave you here to die orrrrr I could kill you orrrr I could take all your pains away and you would be young, strapping and handsome forever.

THIERRY: Are you going to kill me? (Afraid)

MARCEL: Yes I am but you get the choice of whether you stay dead or not.

THIERRY: I don't understand.

(Marcel reveals his Vampire face and fangs)

MARCEL: You can be like me, strong and immortal with a side of kick-ass.

(Marcel smiled)

(Thierry screamed)

(Marcel rushed to him and fed from the neck)

MARCEL: You have a choice.

(Marcel bites his own wrist and offers Thierry his blood)

(Thierry grabs onto Marcel's wrist and drinks deep, the scars and wounds begin to heal and soon he gets up and feels strength again before Marcel pulled away.)

THIERRY: Thank you. What happens now?

MARCEL: You're welcome.

(Marcel rushes him and quickly breaks his neck)

MARCEL: (Whispered in Thierry's ear) Now you die, my friend and when you awake you will know powers and pleasures you have only ever dreamt of.

(Marcel picks up Thierry's body and slumps him over his shoulder)

(He picks up Thierry's belongings)

(He begins to walk away)

MARCEL: I hope you can play that trumpet.

...coming soon.

This ends now she will not find us we have to find her!

(Sophia sees a woman walking with Aria. She kills Aria.) (Sophia runs vamp-speed to Nik and Elijah.)

Elijah: Bad dream?

Sophia: It's more than a dream. I think Aria is dead.

Klaus: For the last time she is not dead! I-

(Sophia cuts him off)

Sophia: And how do you know that? Did you secretly see her. She has to be somewhere.

Klaus: Use your powers or whatever to see her.

(Sophia gives him a dirty look and does what he says.)

(Flashback of Aria in 2011.)

Aria: Are going to help me or not.

???: What part of stay here dont you understand.

(Sophia cant see the other person. She can't put her finger on the voice.)

Aria: But you can't keep me in here forever.

???: Im not look there's a ball thingy or whatever tonight and we are taking you.

Aria: We! You know "WE" aren't on speaking terms. I dont wanna go.

???: Sorry I have to do this.

(The stranger shoots her with a knockout pill.) (Sophia looks in horror.)

(The stranger dresses Aria in a red and black ball dance with a mask.)

Present Day

Klaus: What did you find?

Sophia: I think someone kidnapped her!

(Klaus laughs.)

Klaus: Who was Dani's father and why isn't he here?


(Klaus does a evil smirk.)

Klaus: Someone is touchy.

Rebekah looks for answers

Dani: Aunt Bekah!

Rebekah: SHH!

(Listens to conversation.)

Felix: I know.... What are we going to do. Well it would be nice to know who this woman is!

Dani: What do you hear?

Rebekah: A woman is involved.

Dani: Okay let's go before we get caught.

(Rebekah turns to her with a confused look.)

Rebekah: Child are you afraid of them?

Dani: They are trying to kill me! I would be just a little.

Elijah "My past is more hurtful then the others.

(Hayley sits on the couch flipping through Elijah's journal. Elijah walks in.)

Elijah: See you still look at that?

Hayley: Sorry kind of a habit.

Elijah: No need to apologize.

Hayley: Why is everyone freaking out on their past?

Elijah: Well we've done a lot of bad things that we regret.

(Hayley looks at him shocked.)

Hayley: What do you mean by WE?

Elijah: My past is more hurtful then the others.

Davina in the Attic "I miss her so much"

(Marcel walks in on Davina drawing a unknown woman.)

Marcel: Who is this?

Davina: Oh, I didn't know you were here.

(Marcel gives her a look.)

Davina: She's one of the most important people in my life.

Marcel: Tell me about her.

Davina: She has black hair. Sometimes she puts pink streaks in.

(Davina starts laughing.)

Davina: She would travel across the world looking for someone. But she would always come back to visit me.

Marcel: What did you guys do.

Davina: Everything really, she'd tell me about the places she went. Oh!

(Davina walks over to her bed and grabs a object.)

Davina: She'd always bring me something back. This was the last one since witches.

(Davina shows Marcel a heart shaped stone.)

Marcel: A rock?

Davina: No it's a stone and it's from Florida.

Marcel: When do you think she's going to come back?

Davina: That's the thing she can leave for a year and show up. I miss her so much.

(Marcel stands up.)

Marcel: When she comes your going to see her.

Davina: Really!

(Marcel nods his head and leaves the room.)

Davina has a Flashback.

(One year ago in the woods. Davina was trying to do a spell.)

Davina: Why do I keep messing up?

???: Maybe you need to have a little faith.

(Davina turns around shocked to see who it is.)

Davina: Your here!

(She runs over and gives her a hug)

???: Hey butterbug!

Davina: You have no idea how much I missed you.

???: Is this a challenge?

(Davina starts laughing.)

(Three Hours later. Davina and ??? were laying in the grass watching the sun go down.)

(The woman sits up and hands Davina a stone.)

Davina: Is this my present?

???: Yep it's a heart shaped stone that shines in the moonlight. I got it in Flordia.

Davina: I hope when you find whoever your looking for and come back so we can travel together,

???: I'll try.

Present day

Davina: I miss you.

Let's put Klaus to rest

(Rebekah stands in the street waiting for Marcel)

Marcel: You came?

Rebekah: You said you had a offer I couldn't refuse.

Marcel: What if I told you there was a way we could but Klaus to rest.

Rebekah: How the bloody hell to you expect to do that.

(Marcel pulls out a dagger.)

Marcel: It wont be easy. So what do you say?

(Rebekah smirks.)

Rebekah: Let's put Klaus to rest.

One way or another I'm taking my home back Klaus

(Klaus sitting down drinking.)

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