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Aurora's love interest.
Aurora's love interest.
===[[Joshua Durden]]===
===[[Joshua Durden]] & [[Ezra Drake]]===
{{Quote|You're quite special, Ms. Delacour.|Joshua to Aurora in ''[[Scarlet Rose]]''}}
{{Quote|You're quite special, Ms. Delacour.|Joshua to Aurora in ''[[Scarlet Rose]]''}}
Aurora has a special friendship with Joshua.
Aurora has a special friendship with Joshua.
===[[Ezra Drake]]===

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Biographical information
  • 1998 (age 17)
  • Alive
  • Rory
  • Beauty (by Riley)
  • Female
Family information
Significant Others
Supernatural information
Played by
  • Crystal Reed
  • Aubrey K. Miller (Young)
First seen
I want to live.
Aurora in __________

Aurora Delacour is a major supporting character of Eternal Darkness. She is Nyla's best friend and a young woman suffering from an unknown illness.

Early LifeEdit


Aurora means "dawn" in Latin. It is also the name of the Roman goddess of the morning.

Delacour means "flower of the court" in French.

Aurora's StoryEdit


Many people see Aurora as an absolute angel. She's a little bit of a goody two-shoes and a great person who looks in the best for everything.

She mostly hides her emotions when it comes to her disease as she doesn't want to break down and holds a great desire for wanting to keep living, not wanting to die.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Aurora 1

Lucky leather jacket

Aurora has pale white skin, chocolate brown eyes, and long curly dark brown curly and a slender body. She always prefers her hair curly and sometimes with a braid.

She has a very feminine style which consists of cute tops (some with basic prints/patterns), cute skirts and dresses, including sweaters. She also always prefers boots in whatever length. Sometimes she wears a black leather jacket which she dubs as her "lucky jacket" given to her by Nyla Zepeda. Her choices in accessories are beaded bracelets.

Later on,

Powers & AbilitiesEdit


Aurora's weakness is an unknown illness.


Nyla ZepedaEdit

Main article: Nyla and Aurora
Aurora Nyla Freshman Year

Aurora's best friend since freshman year of high school. About to enter junior year, the girls received a invitation to enroll in Lunctus Academy leading them to become roommates. During their time at the academy, their friendship continued but with obstacles coming their way. As Nyla became aware of the supernatural world and intrigued by it, Aurora became suspicious of her sudden changes of behavior leading her to Joshua Durden.

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Aurora's ex-girlfriend and first love. Before the events of the series, Aurora had met Edelle



Main article: Aurora and Riley
Rilora 206

Aurora's love interest.

Joshua Durden & Ezra DrakeEdit

"You're quite special, Ms. Delacour."
—Joshua to Aurora in Scarlet Rose

Aurora has a special friendship with Joshua.






  • Aurora is the first character to suffer from a disease.
    • Only her parents and the headmaster know of her disease.
  • She is the first bisexual character in the series.
  • She has two first loves (one being Edelle and the other is currently unknown.)
  • She may have used to have a crush on Alec Sigurd.
  • Just like the Originals, she is able to speak fluently in many different languages.
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