The Originals(Fan Fiction) TV Series
Season 1, Episode 09
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Air date Winter 2013
Written by Cori11 & Vampires1001
Directed by Cori11
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At Least With Sorrow is the ninth episode of Season One of The Originals Fanfiction (Series).


HEARTBROKEN--After cutting her ties with Marcel, Sophia gets a suprising visit from an old friend that shows up to comfort her. Elijah reveals a dark secret to Serena about her family. Rebekah gets a suprising connection from someone from the past and makes a heartbreaking confession to Danielle, Klaus opens up to Marcel. Thomas and Hayley grow closer as she learns something of her family. Cami breaks down when she continues to try to break Klaus' complusion. Rebekah speaks to Father Kieran after betraying her brother and sister. And Davina finds herself in danger.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

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  • First appearance of Regina Krystal, Finna, and ...
  • The next episode will be the midseason finale
  • TVD Crossover
  • There will be a kiss scene
  • There will be a very emotional moment involving Sophia
  • Radmin will be mentioned
  • Flashbacks of Sophia and Katherine
  • Klaus and Cami scene
  • Sophia and Katherine throw a party in the French Quarter
  • Sophia finds out a surprising secret of Katherine
  • Rebekah makes a new friend
  • Sophia adopts a dog
  • Elijah and Katherine scene
  • Arguement between Danielle and Hayley, The Originals and the viewers will learn why Dani hates Hayley so much



Katherine (to Sophia): Did you miss me?

Sophia (to Katherine): You're my best friend, my sister, my everything. Katerina, you are a big part of my life and I would hate to lose you.

Danielle (to Sophia): I love you, mom. Just remember that, no matter what happens.





(Sophia stands with her phone in her hand, she looks quite cold, Sophia looks left to right. She looks at her contacts. She clicks onto Katherine's id and presses call then She puts her phone to her ear.)

Sophia: Katherine, i know you can't come to New Orleans but please answer my call, i'm worried. Katherine please pick up. (cries)

??? (Woman's voice): Now who could this be?

(Sophia turns around and.........Katherine stands holding her phone, she looks up and smiles.)

Sophia (surprised and stunned): Katherine! (smiles)

Katherine: Did miss me? (grins)


[Back to the Bus stop]

(Sophia runs to Katherine and hugs her.They release each others arms.)

Sophia: How are you here? (smiles)

Katherine: Let's just say, I'm outrunned. Do you have anywhere I can stay?

Sophia: Well there's the Quarter. An apartment room maybe. WOW, it's amazing you're here Kat. How are you?

Katherine: (sarcastically) Well, I've gave birth to a baby girl who was taken from me and five centuries of running from an immortal hybrid.


(Katherine and Sophia walk together, looking into shop windows.)

Sophia: So why are you here?

Katherine: Second time, no answer.

Sophia: Why come on Kathy, we're close enough.

Katherine: Sorry Sophia, secrets are secrets.

Sophia: And friends are friends. No wait, we're best friends.

Katherine: Something you don't know Sophia. Secrets are things that no one knows and there's one I don't want to tell you. (smiles)

(Sophia stays quiet for a moment then realizes something.)

Sophia: Dani called you, didn't she?

Katherine:...Yeah. She told me what happened with Marcel. You know how I get when a man breaks your heart.

Sophia: I'm fine Katherine, really.

Katherine: Soph, I know you well enough by now. 500 years remember? I know you're hurting. And one of the reasons why I came out here was to be here for you, cheer you up, and meet this Marcel.

Sophia: (smiles) I can't stand you sometimes.

Katherine: (smiles) Yeah, I love you too. Now where's this Marcel?

Sophia: I'm not introducing you to Marcel.

Katherine: Fine but I will meet him eventually.


(A dinner table is set up in the yard and Marcel's closest people are gathered around it. Klaus is calling for attention to hold a speech by tapping his cup with a fork.)

Klaus: Let us begin with a toast to our shared gift: immortality. After a thousand years, one might expect life to be less keenly felt. For its beauties and its sorrows to diminuish with time. But as vampires, we feel more deeply than humans could possibly imagine.

(Klaus is raising his hand, calling a group of waiters and waitresses to join them at the table, one for each guest.)

Klaus: Insatiable need, exquisite pain...

(The servants slit their wrists with knives, filling the cups with blood for the vampires.) MARCEL'S MEMORY

Klaus: Our victories and our defeats. (Klaus looks at Marcel.)

Rebekah: You can't afford your wounded pride. With Klaus in control of your empire, you need to give him what he craves most: loyalty. Or at least, the illusion of it.

Marcel: I ambushed him, tried to bury him alive. He's not gonna trust me.

Rebekah: He will, because he wants your allegiance. Speaking from my experience I know that if you play the part all is forgiven, but if you give him any reason to doubt you, he will strike back. Make me a promise, Marcel. You will do whatever it takes to stay alive...If you ever want to have another chance with Sophia.  PRESENT TIME, BACK AT THE DINNER

Klaus: ...To my city, my home again. May the blood never cease to flow...

Marcel: ...and the party never end! DIEGO'S MEMORY

Diego: I just don't get it, man. We would've stayed with you to the end.

Marcel: Letting you do that would have been letting you die, and you're still my people. Now just follow my lead. Trust me, it ain't over yet.


Diego: (Raises his glass.) To New Orleans.

Klaus: To New Orleans!

Everyone: New Orleans.

(They drink.)

Klaus: I understand that some of you may have questions regarding the recent change in leadership, and I invited you here tonight to assure you that you are not defeated, no, my intentions moving forward are to celebrate what we have. What Marcel, in fact, took - and built to this true community of vampires.

Diego: What about her? (He points at Hayley.) The wolf.

Klaus: Had you'd let me finish, Diego, you would know that there is of course one further matter I would like to address. (He walks to the opposite end of the table where Hayley sits.) As many of you know, the girl is carrying my child. Consequently, I trust you will all pay her the appropriate respect. However, I understand that some of you are concerned by this vicious rumor that I intend to use the blood of our child to create hybrids. I assure you I do not.

Hayley: Father of the year.

Mikaelson Mansion

(A blue truck is parked outside the plantation house. Movers are packing up what appears to be a big painting into the truck)

Rebekah (to the worker): Absolutely not, I paid for that!

Elijah: Please, you never paid for anything in your life.

Rebekah (to Elijah): I hardly see how that's relevant. Nik's just punishing us.

Elijah: Well, we've hurt him. Deeply, it would appear. But not just him, Sophia and Danielle as well.

Rebekah: We believed the worst about him, the one time in a million when the worst wasn't actually the truth.

(Elijah starts to walk away)

Rebekah: Where do you think you're going?

Elijah: To make sure Hayley doesn't suffer for our mistakes. Niklaus is feeling vindicative, we cannot trust that she is safe.

Rebekah: Are you forgetting that she has Dani, Pipi, and her favorite werewolf, Thomas?

Elijah: No I did not forget Rebekah. I just want to check and make sure.

(Elijah leaves the house, leaving Rebekah alone)

The Abattoir, Klaus' Room

(Klaus is with Cami, who continues to transcribe his memoirs)

Klaus: And so then I bit Elijah, and left him in the bayou with my hybrid venom in his veins. Serves him right, for making such vile accusations against me. And then... (He turns to see that Cami has stopped typing) Are you taking this down?

Cami: To be clear: if the Quarter is yours now, you still need me why?

Klaus: My memoirs. A thousand years of history isn't going to write itself.

(Sophia walks into the room)

Klaus: Baby sister, where have you been? We missed you last night at the banquet.

Sophia: Sorry big brother. Something came up.

Klaus: Something or someone? I know that Katherine is here in New Orleans...Don't worry, I won't kill her, she is your best friend.

Sophia: Katherine, come in here!

(Katherine comes into the room)


Klaus: I promise, you have my word.

(Sophia smiles and hugs Klaus)

Katherine: Well, well. Klaus since when are you the compassionate one?

Cami: See? Sophia cares about you.

Sophia: By the way, why are you here, Cami?

Cami: Just typing some memoirs for your brother.

(Marcel joins them in Klaus' room)

Marcel:...Sophia, hey.

Sophia: Marcel.

Katherine: So this is Marcel, huh?

Marcel: And who would you be?

Katherine: Katherine Pierce. We can get to know each other more later. You all should come to a party that I'm throwing for Sophia tonight. It'll be fun.

(Marcel thinks for a moment the looks at Sophia)

Marcel: I'll be there.

Klaus: As will I.

Katherine: Great. And you?

Cami: Camille. And I don't think you'll see me there.

Katherine: Okay but you may change your mind. Lets go Soph. (grabs Sophia's hand)

(Sophia and Katherine walk out of the room to have there all girls day.)

Marcel: Cami. What are you doing here?

Cami (to Klaus): My question exactly.

Klaus: Oh, it's quite alright. She knows.

Marcel: She does?

Cami: That you're vampires? Don't worry, he's compelled me to forget everything as soon as I leave. That way, I'm too busy agonizing over whether or not I'm losing my damn mind to realize I'm playing spy for an immortal egomaniac. You think you're so clever, don't you? Compelling the poor naive bartender. Look what I found: real me, not your compelled therapist. (She shows Klaus the old photo she found of him and Marcel from 1919)

Klaus: Actually I prefer "devoted stenographer...'

Cami: You think this is funny, messing with my mind? My sanity is not a joke!

Klaus: No, love. I don't believe it is. (he compels Cami) You never found this. You will remember nothing of our life as vampires when you leave here, do you understand? (Cami nods) I think that just about does it for the day. You may go.

(Cami takes her things and leaves)

"Are You Alright?"

(Hayley is seen in the backyard of the Abbatoir, Elijah appears in front of her)

Hayley: Elijah! (hugging him)

Elijah: Are you alright?

Hayley: Yes, I'm fine. Why are you here?

Elijah: Just wanted to check on you.

Hayley:...You want to see them, don't you? 

Elijah:...It seems I have let Danielle, Sophia, and Klaus down. Sophia, like me, has been trying to keep this family together but then I accused Niklaus of something that he never had planned.

Hayley: That was my fault.

Elijah: Hayley...

(Sophia and Katherine walk in as they were just about to leave.)

Elijah: Katerina?

(Katherine looks stunned to see Elijah whereas he has a small smile on his face. Hayley walks towards her.)

Hayley: What the hell are you doing here?!

(Sophia steps in front of Katherine.)

Sophia: Little wolf, let me make myself clear again. I am the wrong person to mess with when it comes to the people I care about. Remember that? Because you should.

Elijah: Sophia, please calm down.

Sophia: What are you doing here, Elijah?

Elijah: I just came to check on Hayley...but I wanted to see my baby sister as well.

Sophia: Well as you can see, I'm fine.

(Sophia looks away from Elijah and he begins to talk to Katherine.)

Elijah: How have you been?

Katherine: Fine. Just came to New Orleans to check up on Sophia.

Elijah: Good. If it is alright, I would like to talk to you later.

Katherine:...Sure. Let's go, Soph.

(Sophia and Katherine leave. Elijah watches as they walk away and Hayley seems a bit jealous.)

Hayley: Is there something going on between you two?

Elijah: I fell in love with her 500 years ago...

Revealing Secrets

(Klaus and Marcel are sitting down opposite to each other in the courtyard)

Marcel: The humans have called a meeting. They're not exactly thrilled with the new status quo.

Klaus: How unfortunate for them.

Marcel: Look, it's your show now. But you wanna know how I built what I built? Politics. A little diplomacy goes a long way, especially with the human faction.

Klaus: Duly noted. (He looks at the photo that Cami found) I haven't thought about this night in ages. 1919, the opera house, just before it burned. This was the end of an era. Now, in the interest of new beginnings, I feel that there are some things I should probably confess to you. But... (He grabs a glass of alcohol) Where to begin? Thierry was never disloyal to you, I set him up in an attempt to locate my brother. He's your friend, and consequently, he can return to the compound at your discretion. Cami's part, you just learned. And then, there's young Joshua. I've been compelling him from the beginning, although I suspect you already knew that, as he was the one who led me into your trap.

Marcel: I may have fed the kid some misinformation.

Klaus: And then there's Davina. She's a powerful weapon. At this point, I'd like to keep her close at hand. I think we should have her move in to the compound here with us.

Marcel: She can't leave the attic. I already tried to move her once.

Klaus: Yes, about that... Turns out, your little witch is quite the actress. She made a deal with Elijah while he was in captivity, tricked you into letting her stay put in exchange for some spells from our mother's grimoire.

Marcel: (nods bitterly) Good to know. Is that all?

Klaus: I do believe it is.

Marcel: I appreciate the honesty.

(Klaus drinks from his glass, approving)

Marcel: Meeting's in an hour.

(Marcel leaves)

New Friends

(Rebekah is seen at the bar, having a drink to drown her sorrows. She sees some men ganging up a young woman as she rejects him. Rebekah goes over to help her.)

Rebekah: Excuse me, I believe she doesn't want anything to do with you.

Man: How about you stay out of this?!

???: Get your hands off of me!! (slaps the man)

(Before the man can hit the young woman, Rebekah knocks the man out by punching him.)

???: Thank you but I could have handle it.

Rebekah: I know. I see some of myself in you. What is it with men today? Don't know know how to treat a lady properly? No need to thank me.

???: Seems like you're having a rough day, you look tired.

Rebekah: Yes, well if you knew what I was going through...

Regina: Regina Krystal.

Rebekah: Rebekah Mikaelson.

Regina: So what is it? Family drama? Boyfriend problems? Don't know what you want in life?

Rebekah: Pretty much all of it. 

Regina: Let me buy you a drink and you can tell me all about it.


(Katherine and Sophia are seen walking around the shops of New Orleans. Katherine notices Sophia has a sad look on her face)

Katherine: You okay?

Sophia: Yeah...Just seeing Elijah and Marcel...

Katherine:...How about this? What is it that you want?

Sophia: Huh?

Katherine: Pick anything. It's on me. Whatever you want.

Sophia: (smiles) Well...

(Sophia pulls Katherine into the pet store)

Owner: Hello you lovely ladies. Anything I can help you with?

Katherine: You want a pet?

Sophia: Oh come on! You said anything! You know you love pets too, Kat!

(A small dog is seen coming out and as it looks as Sophia, it goes over to her.)

Pet Owner: I'm sorry, he must have gotten out somehow.

Sophia: No, wait...(picks up the dog and he licks her cheek)

Katherine: He seems friendly.

Pet Owner: He's taking a liking to you.

Sophia: Does he have a name?

Pet Owner: Yes, his name is Finna.

Sophia: Hi Finna, would you like to come home with me?

(Finna barks happily)

Sophia: (laughs) I'll take that as a yes. I'll take him.

(Katherine looks at Sophia with a small smile on her face. The scene goes back to Rebekah and Regina who are sitting outside in the French Quarter.)

Regina: Wait, so your ex-boyfriend has been plotting against your family, you betrayed your brother by siding with your other ex-boyfriend, and your sister no longer trusts you?

Rebekah: Yes, if you want to put it like that.

Regina:...Its a good thing that you met me because it sounds like you need a friend. Come on.

Rebekah: Where are we going?

Regina: The church.

(After a few minutes, Regina and Rebekah arrive at the church. Regina tell Rebekah to go in while she waits outside. Rebekah goes inside the church and takes a seat.)

Rebekah: I should never have come back here. This is the town where I fell in love - and where love failed us. I assume you know who I'm talking about?

Father Kieran: You should know Marcel and I are not on the best of terms right now.

Rebekah: But you are an active priest, are you not? Ready and able to hear my confession?

Father Kieran: Usually the word "willing" falls somewhere in that sentence. Are you even Catholic?

Rebekah: I've been on this Earth for a thousand years. I can't say for certain that I believe in anything like a God, but I need absolution. From someone. Anyone. So will you hear my confession or not?

(Father Kieran nods.)

Rebekah: Bless me Father, for I have sinned. I am a liar, a betrayer. I have conspired against my own blood and I doubt even your God could save me.

(After a while, Rebekah walks out and church and sits next to Regina outside.)

Regina: So how did it go?

Rebekah: Regina, why did you bring me here?

Regina: Sometimes it helps to give your confessions.

Rebekah: Have you?

Regina: No. My younger brother has. He's been through a lot and I would always take him to the church to help him get what he needs off his chest. He's always felt that he should give up but I won't let him.

Rebekah: Why not? The terrible things that he's done why do you keep helping him?

Regina:...He's my brother. I would never give up on him. I believe that his soul is worth saving. He just needs to find it in himself to fight the darkness that's clouding him.


(Danielle and Davina are hanging out in Davina's room.)

Danielle: Your turn. Ask me anything.

Davina: Hmm...Ooh! Do you have a boyfriend?

Danielle:...I did, actually.

(Klaus and Marcel arrive. He notices Davina's paintings and goes to take a closer look at them)

Klaus: I see you're an artist. Wonderful! I look forward to witnessing your many talents!

Davina (to Marcel): What are you doing here?

Klaus: You're being moved. I understand you're devoted to Marcel, but Marcel is devoted to me. I assume you'll want what's best for all of us. Now Danielle, what do you mean you did? What happened to Julian?

Danielle:...Why don't you ask Hayley?

Klaus: Why?

Danielle: She should be the one to tell all of you. You can finally learn the reason, why I hate her so much.

Klaus: (He walks over to Marcel) We have a meeting to attend downstairs.

(Marcel nods and Klaus leaves)

Marcel: I'll get someone to pick up your things. We'll get you settled in right. Trust me. You're gonna love it at the compound. I already got the best room in the place picked out....Davina, I know about your deal with Elijah. We can't be lying to each other. I'm trying to protect you. With the witches still looking to kill you for the Harvest, believe me, you're safest with us.

(Marcel goes to join Klaus at the meeting downstairs, leaving a very sad Davina left behind)

Danielle: Davina, you're going to be okay. I'm not going to let anything happen to you.

Davina: Thanks, Danielle. But you know that I'm a fighter, right?

Danielle: I know. Kinda reminds me of my Uncle Klaus and Marcel.

Davina: can you just accept him?

Danielle: He's my family. I'll still love him despise all the awful things that he's done.

Meeting Family

(Hayley is sitting in the backyard and she sees Thomas with a woman coming towards her)

Hayley: Thomas, what are you doing here? You can't be here!

Thomas: There's someone that you should meet.

Woman: Hello, Andrea Labonair.

Hayley: That's my real name...Who are you?

Woman: My name is Eve. I am a member of the Labonair Family.

Hayley: You're my family?

Eve: Yes...we're distant relatives.

Hayley: Wait, I saw you a few days ago back in the bayou. Why did you run?

Eve: Because we can't be seen.

Hayley: Why? 

Eve: Because you brought an Original to a werewolf country which is pretty much the same reason why everybody else skedaddled.

Hayley: Then what...(takes the book out of her bag)...about the people in this book?

Eve: If you wanna know what happened to the people in that family tree, I summon it up nice and quick: Marcel happened. He killed most of them. Later, the descendants of the ones who dodged death, he strong-armed a witch into putting a curse on them.

Hayley: What kind of curse?

Eve: Swap nature around, inside out. Made it so their natural stay as wolves. They only turn back human on the full moon. We're hunted by the marks we carry. That crescent moon birthmark - that's why I got rid of mine. I didn't wanna get found up.

Thomas: We should get going.

Eve: Keep that mark covered up.

Hayley: I'll see you soon?

Eve: Yeah, see you soon.

Cami's Apartment

Cami finds a post-it note on her mirror that says:

Believe nothing Klaus tells you.

She sees another note attached to a book:

Your bag

Inside pocket

Cami grabs the bag and finds a mobile phone with a recording of Klaus' voice:

"And so then I bit Elijah and left him in the bayou with my hybrid venom in his veins. Serves him right for making such vile accusations against me."

Cami looks terrified.

Under Attack

(Klaus joins Marcel at a table. He has brought a bottle of whiskey)

Klaus: I think it goes far more gracious than they deserved.

(Marcel stares at Klaus, who now pours their drinks)

Klaus: You're disappointed by my lack of diplomacy. You out of all people should need no reminder of the human capacity for cruelty.

(Marcel continues to remain quiet. Klaus' phone buzzes. He rises from the chair to answer it)

Klaus: Hello?

The Sheriff: Mr. Mikaelson. I just wanted to let you know that the faction's considered your terms. We've reached a decision.

Klaus: Have you?

(An explosion is heard from outside, and large amounts of automatic gunfire pierces through the walls and windows of the Abbatoir compound, scattering broken glass all over the bar room. Some vampires are hurt by the gunfire, and some nightwalkers even catch fire and burn to dead. Someone screams. Marcel hurries to save one of the burning vampires but both himself and Klaus are hit by machine gun shots. Marcel collapses and falls onto the floor in pain, Klaus hurries over to him and helps him.)

Trying to break the complusion

(Cami rushes to the door when she hears a knock)

Cami: (sees its her uncle) I called you hours ago!

Father Kieran: I came as fast as I could. What's going on? Your voicemail sounded... (he is interrupted by Cami)

Cami: What!? Paranoid? Unhinged?

Father Kieran: (hesitates) Upset.

Cami: That picture I found. The one that was.. I don't know, a hundred years old. You said it was just a coincidence. But...

(She grabs the phone with recordings of Klaus' and her earlier meeting. She presses 'play,' and Father Kieran hears Cami's and Klaus' voices: 'My sanity is not a joke.' - 'No, love, I don't believe it is.' Cami's eyes fill with tears)

Cami: ...that's my voice! But I don't remember it. I think it's... It think it's some kind of mind-control, he's erasing my memory!

(Father Kieran's phone rings)

Father Kieran (on the phone): Yes? They what? (He looks concerned and dodges the call) We will talk about this later. (He leaves Cami's apartment in a hurry)

Cami: Come on, what is it that I'm forgetting?

(Suddenly images that Cami hasn't seen before, start appearing in her head.)

Cami: Was that a memory?

"Let's kill them all!"

(Klaus and Marcel are alone in the compound's bar after the explosion. The room is now empty and the furniture's disarranged. A burned skeleton lays near them)

Marcel: Dammit, dammit, dammit! *He flips a table, enraged) This is on you! (points at Klaus])Now that you're in charge, these are your guys laying dead. Your guys. You're gonna run this city, that better mean something to you, otherwise no one worth a damn is gonna follow you. No one!

(Klaus smiles when Marcel turns away)

Klaus: I was beginning to worry about you. I don't think I could've taken any more of this differential nonsense. I mean clearly I underestimated the faction, that won't happen again. But, tell me: Now that we've arrived to this point, now that they have come into our home, visited this upon our people... How would you counsel me to respond?

Marcel: Let's go kill them all.

Message From An Old Friend

(Rebekah is asleep in her room and we see that she is dreaming. In her dreams, she is in Scotland.)

Rebekah: What the bloody hell am I doing here? I wanted to be in Paris.

???: Really, Rebekah? After all this time, you don't want to see an old friend?

(Rebekah turns around to see Alice Throne standing before her.)

Rebekah: Alice?! Are you--(cut off by Alice)

Alice: Alive? I can't tell you that yet.

Rebekah: But why are you here? Why am I here?

Alice: Because I brought you here. There is something you need to know...No...Actually something you need to remember.

Rebekah: And what would that be?

Alice: Do you remember back in the in the 1300s, when that story of how a all powerful witch protected her people and the lands from a evil demon and managed to overcome its strength, defeating it once and for all?

Rebekah: You mean how my mother defeated Neoma? Well that was a lie. My mother sealed that cursed demon inside my sister! And why are you telling me this?

Alice:...Neoma is coming soon...and Danielle will be the cause of it.

Rebekah: How is Danielle going to be the cause of Neoma returning?

Alice: Think Rebekah, don't you remember? The story of how a young girl will the chaos to the world by awaking the evil demon from its sleep?

Rebekah: I don't understand...

Alice: Rebekah, you have to remember...

(Alice slowly begins to disappear...Rebekah wakes up)

Rebekah: (rubbing her head) ...Girl will bring chaos to the world? Demon awakes from its sleep...?

(Rebekah finally realizes what Alice means....)

Rebekah: Oh my god...!

"Shall we?"

(Father Kieran arrives to a city council meeting)

Father Kieran: Why wasn't I consulted on this?

The Mayor: You've been gone for over eight months, Kieran. We got used to doing things on our own.

The Sheriff: This Klaus Mikaelson, I don't care who he is or what the rumors say. He needed to be taught a lesson.

Father Kieran: You are gonna start a war!

The Sheriff: I'd like to see them try. Oh, and Kieran, this is the last time you call a meeting. Next time you wanna criticize our leadership, send a damn email.

Father Kieran: I thought you called this meeting...?

The Sheriff: The hell we did.

(Klaus enters the room)

Klaus: Actually, I called it. It appears I made a grave error during our earlier conference. My friend Marcel offered me wise counsel, and I failed to heed it.

The Sheriff: I'm glad to hear you've learned your lesson.

Klaus: Oh, I won't be making that mistake again. (calls out) Marcel!

(Marcel vamp-speeds to the Sheriff and stabs his neck. Marcel grins, content, as the Sheriff bleeds and people scream. Klaus approaches him, smiling)

Klaus: Shall we...?

Marcel: After you!

(After a while, Klaus drinks the last drops of blood from a seemingly dead woman. He's alone with Father Kieran, Marcel occupied with his own body on the floor out of sight, and there are a bunch dead bodies on the floor)

Klaus: There he is. Our lone survivor. Such a sad day for our city. (He pats Father Kieran on the shoulder) Some of its best and brightest killed in a tragic boating accident on the Mississippi. Rather nasty explosion, I heard. (He looks Kieran in the eyes) What am I going to do with you?

Marcel: (stands up) Okay, hold up. I've know Kieran for a long time. He's smart and he's fair. I think he can do us more good alive than dead. Not to mention he's Cami's uncle. (Klaus looks at him questioningly) Don't see you care about things much-- it's kinda hard not to notice when you do.

Klaus: Very well. Use this reprieve to remake your human faction.

Father Kieran: And how do you expect me to remake the Mayor?

Klaus: Well surely there's a deputee Mayor. Choose new leaders. Then we'll re-open negotiations. (Klaus and Marcel take their leave)

Klaus: Let's get to that party, shall we? It should be starting soon.

Party Time

Nightlife Party

(The party has begun in the French Quarter of New Orleans and everyone is having the time of their lives. Katherine is seen dancing with some cute guys but stops when she sees Sophia sitting by herself. Katherine quickly goes over to her.)

Katherine: Hey, the party's over here.

Sophia: I know...

Katherine:...(smiles) Thinking about Marcel?

Sophia: (blushes) N-no!

Katherine: Got you! Sophia, you make it so easy.

Sophia: I'm not lying!

Katherine: You are because when you're lying, you start blushing.

Sophia: What do you want me to say?

Katherine: Sophia, what do you feel for Marcel?

Sophia: I don't know what I feel...Everytime I with him, I feel an instant connection with him. There are these sparks...

Katherine: So Sarcel or Mophia?

Sophia: What?

Katherine: I'm combining your names together so I can be ready for what to call you two when you do become a couple! Sophia, give Marcel a chance! When was the last time you fell in love? Let me think...It wasn't Little Gilbert, you loved him but you weren't in love with him. I believe it was 500 years ago? You've only been in love twice!

Sophia: One broke my heart and I lost the other. Maybe you can understand why I'm so afraid to fall in love again...Besides I'm not in love with Marcel.

Katherine: Not yet but you will be. And when that happens, I want you to call me right away because I want to see the action for myself.

Sophia: (laughs) What am I going to do with you?

Katherine: Hug me and tell me that I'm your favorite person in the world.

(Sophia hugs Katherine)

Sophia: You're my favorite person in the world.

Katherine: Good. Let's not tell Dani about this.

(Both of them laugh and Sophia grabs Katherine's hand.)

Sophia: Come on, lets go have some fun!

(Sophia and Katherine hurry over to dance floor and are joined by some cute guys. Later, Elijah and Matthias arrive at the party.)

Matthias: Big party. Did Katherine invite the whole French Quarter.

Elijah: It seems so. Katherine threw this party for Sophia. (smiles) She is the person to go to if you want to have fun.

Matthias: So Katherine suddenly does nice things for people?

Elijah: Sophia has had a big impact on Katherine's life. She was there for her when she needed someone.

Matthias: So Katherine would only show a softer side only when Sophia is around?

Elijah: Yes...I guess to Katherine, Sophia is her humanity.

(Marcel and Klaus arrive at the party.)

Klaus: Well, well...Katherine managed to throw one hell of a party.

(Klaus notices Marcel looking around.)

Klaus: Looking for someone?

Marcel: No...Just deciding who should be my next victim to feed off of.

(Katherine walks up to the men)

Katherine: You made it. Marcel, I would like to talk to you for a moment. Klaus, enjoy the party. There's food, drinks, and dancing.

Klaus: Of course but where's Sophia?

Katherine: Over there dancing with some very hot guys.

(They look over to see Sophia having fun and dancing with some guys. Katherine notices Marcel looking jealous and tells him to follow her. Klaus starts to smile when looking at his sister. Serena then stands next to him.)

Klaus: Hello Serena.

Serena: Hey. Looks like Sophia is having a good time.

Klaus: I haven't seen her look that happy in a long time. How long have you been here?

Serena: Just got here a few minutes ago. I got a text from someone named Katherine?

Klaus: That would be Sophia's best friend, Katherine Pierce.

Serena: Huh...must be a special occasion for throwing this party.

Klaus: Marcel hurt Sophia so she's not going to forgive him for it.

Serena: Hurt Sophia? What are you talking about?

Klaus: I decided to make my move to reclaim New Orleans and everyone who stood against me, attacked me and tied me up in chains which Sophia and Danielle just happened to see. Sophia hates Marcel now and I'm happy.

Serena: You planned for that to happen. Klaus, you can't just go around and mess with your sister's love life!

Klaus: I'm not messing with her love life. I am preventing her from getting hurt.

Serena: I'm pretty sure that Sophia can take care of herself.

Klaus: I know that she can. My concerns are that its the wrong man.

Serena: How would you know that?

Klaus: Because I am the one that raised him. She doesn't need anything more like that in her life. She already spends most of her time trying to find my redemption believing that she can save me no matter how long it takes. I will not allow her to go through another burden.

Serena: Marcel might be like you but he hasn't gone off the edge. So far from what I've seen; the difference between him and you is that the people are loyal to him. He's earned their loyalty. He allows everyone to make their own choices. You haven't allowed that at all.

Klaus: Serena, you speak your mind very openly.

Serena: I'm just speaking from how I see things. And Klaus...If you really think that you're a burden to Sophia, you're wrong. She loves you and deep down, I believe you know that.

(Serena walks away from Klaus and he has a look of doubt on his face when looking at Sophia whom is still dancing. When she sees him, she smiles at him and waves. He gives her a small smile and waves back, continuing to think about what Serena said. The next scene goes to Katherine and Marcel sitting at the bar, having drinks and talking.)

Marcel: So you're the elusive Katherine Pierce?

Katherine: Correct word to describe to me.

Marcel: What do you want to talk about?

Katherine: I heard about what had happened recently. I don't take to kindly of when anyone, especially a man, who hurts Sophia. Marcel, you shouldn't fear Klaus' wrath. You should fear my wrath.

Marcel: You don't let off to easy.

Katherine: No, I don't...But I'm going to let you off the hook since I'm rooting for you.

Marcel: What are you talking about?

Katherine: Marcel. I believe that you're the one that can get Sophia fall in love again. I'm not going into the details but just know that she does have feelings for you. She just doesn't want to accept them.

Marcel: Why are you telling me this?

Katherine: Because I want her to experience that love again. She's always wanted to be in love and be with the man that she loves for the rest of her life. You're the one for her, I can see that. From what I've heard about you from Dani, you are the perfect man for her.

Marcel: You really think that its me?

Katherine: Oh, I know its you. Just don't let her lose sight of love forever. She spends all her time worrying about everyone else. She needs to let someone else to take care of her for a change. Besides when was the last time you were in love?

Marcel:...Over a hundred years.

Katherine: (pats Marcel's shoulder) You two belong together. Besides you need some lovin'.

(Marcel laughs and smiles at her. The next scene goes to Danielle and Davina standing around in the crowd.)

Davina: Should I really be here?

Danielle: Like I said before, I won't let anything happen to you.

Davina: And like I said before, I can take care of myself.

(Davina notices some cute guys staring at her and Danielle)

Davina: Look.

(Danielle also sees the cute guys)

Danielle: No thanks.

Davina: Why not?

Katherine: (appears behind Danielle) Because she has a boyfriend.

(Danielle hugs Katherine)

Katherine: Hey squirt. Who's your friend?

Danielle: Kat, this is Davina and Davina this is Katherine Pierce.

Davina: Nice to meet you, Katherine.

Katherine: Same here. Now Davina, I can introduce to those cute boys over there but as for you Dani, where is that boyfriend of yours? I haven't seen him in a year.

Danielle: Lets not talk about him.

Katherine: Oh no, you two broke up didn't you?

Danielle: Can we just drop it, please?

Katherine: Dani, come on. What aren't you telling me?

(Klaus, Elijah, and Matthias come over.)

Klaus: This is some party!

Elijah: Danielle, what's wrong?

Danielle: Nothing.

Katherine: I'm trying to find out what happened to that boyfriend of hers. I've only met him once, what was his name?

Elijah: Julian. Where is he, Danielle?

Danielle: (crying) He's dead, okay?!

(Danielle runs off with Matthias and Davina going after her)

Elijah:...He's dead?

Katherine: Oh my god...I shouldn't have asked.

Elijah: Its not your fault, Katherine.

(Sophia comes over)

Sophia: Hey what's going on?

Katherine: Its Danielle, she--

Sophia: What the--?

(Sophia touches a gray streak in Katherine's hair.)

Sophia: Why is your hair turning gray?

Katherine: No...(runs off)

Sophia: Katherine! What's going on?

Elijah: Sophia, we'll take care of Danielle. Go after Katherine.

(They go their separate ways.)

"What is she talking about?"

(Hayley and Thomas are at the Abbatoir, hanging out.)

Hayley: So most of my family are cursed, staying in only in their werewolf form.

Thomas: Yeah. They can only go back to being human on the night of a full moon.

Hayley: I just need to find some way to break the curse.

Thomas: There's something else you need to know.

Hayley: What is it?

Thomas: A werewolf named Jackson. He comes from the same werewolf clan as you and...

Hayley: And?

Thomas: And he's your betrothed, I guess. You two were suppose to be married.

Hayley: What?

Thomas: Have you seen a wolf that's been watching you?

Hayley: Yeah...Wait, is that wolf, Jackson?

Thomas: Yes. He's been protecting you this whole time. I don't have all the details.

Hayley: I was suppose to be married him yet I don't even know him.

Thomas: How do you feel about it?

Hayley: Weird...

Thomas: I think he will be a good match for you.

Hayley: Thomas...

(Thomas begins to stand up but Hayley grabs his hand. She stands up as well and the two look at each other longingly with a look of intimacy. They are almost about to kiss until Danielle, Elijah, Klaus, Matthias, and Davina come barging in.)

Elijah: Danielle, wait. We need to talk about this.

Danielle: I don't want to talk!

Klaus: Well we have to! Dani, why didn't you tell us about this?

Danielle: Because it hurt too much. I just wanted to forget that it ever happened! Forget all the love that I had for him!

Davina: How did he die?


(Klaus briefly looks at Hayley)

Klaus: Danielle, does this have something to do with Hayley?

(Hayley has a shocked look on her face.)

Elijah: What are you talking about?

Klaus: Dani, you told me this morning to ask Hayley about Julian. Why is that, Hayley?

Hayley: I don't know what you're talking about.

Klaus: I think that you do. Otherwise, you wouldn't look so surprised.

Elijah: Hayley, did you have something to do with Julian's death?

Hayley: No.

Klaus: You're lying.

Thomas: She said she doesn't know anything.

(Klaus grabs Thomas by his throat)

Klaus: Wolf, I suggest that out stay out of this or I will rip out you organs.

Hayley: Let go of him! I'll tell you what you want to know!

(Klaus drops Thomas to the ground and Hayley helps him)

Hayley: I killed Julian.


Hayley: I was trying to get information about my family...He told me that he didn't know anything.

Klaus: And you killed him for that?

Danielle: That's why I will NEVER forgive her and I will always hate her.

(Danielle vamp speeds to her room and Mathias vamp speeds after her)

Hayley: You would have done the same thing, Klaus.

Klaus: Actually...I know I have done some horrible things during the thousand years I have lived. But killing someone who knew nothing about your family, is really low. Julian didn't know anything about your werewolf clan and considering the fact that they have been living in the outskirts of New Orleans. Julian was human, he didn't know much of the supernatural world.

Hayley: I'm sorry...

Elijah: Why are you apologizing to us? Danielle is the one who is heartbroken. You killed her one true love. But like Danielle said, she will never forgive you and will always hate you. Hayley, I have also killed people but that's anyone who would hurt my family.

Klaus: You're on a lower level than I am, Hayley.

Elijah: Davina, you should get some sleep.

Davina: But what about Dani?

Elijah: Matthias is with her. You can see her tomorrow.

(Danielle and Matthias are sitting on her bed in her room)

Matthias: Dani...

Danielle: Why do I have to live under the same roof with her? I hate her.

Matthias: I know that you do. What can I do to make you feel better?

Danielle: Can you bring back Julian?

Matthias: Danielle, you know that I can't.

Danielle: Its all my fault that he's dead. He shouldn't had been introduced to the supernatural world.

Matthias: There's nothing wrong with being friends with human or falling in love with them. It helps to keep our humanity. No matter how much you fight it, it finds its way back in.

Danielle: You almost sound like a certain someone...

Matthias: Who?

Danielle: (small smile) Katherine.

Matthias: Oh no...

(They both begin to laugh and Matthias hugs her)

Matthias: I thought I could get you to laugh...How about this? I'll talk to your mom about finding a new place to live. You know that she'll be able to find something, she has good taste.

Danielle: I think I like that idea.

Matthias: Good...And as for Julian, just remember that he loved you and I'm sure that he still does. Love is what makes us stronger.

Danielle: (crying) Thank you, Matthias.

(Matthias continues to hold Danielle as she cries.)


(Katherine and Sophia are in Katherine's apartment room and are arguring.)

Katherine: I don't know what you are talking about, Sophia.

Sophia: You are way too smart to play dumb.

Katherine: I know I am so can we just drop it?!

Sophia: Katherine, you're eating junk food which you hate and your hair is turning gray!

Katherine: Its nothing, Sophia!

Sophia: Nothing? Are you serious right now?!

Katherine: It was a mistake to come out here.

Sophia: So I'm a mistake?

Katherine: No! I...

Sophia: Tell me the truth! You have never lied to me before, don't start now!

Katherine: Stop it...Just stop it...

Sophia: Katerina Petrova, you had better tell me right now or I'l--(Katherine cuts her off)

Katherine: I'm human!

(Sophia looks at Katherine with disbelief)


Katherine: (starts to cry) I'm human...Little Elena shove the cure down my throat and now I'm human...The reason my hair is turning gray is because I'm dying...of old age and vampire blood can't heal me. There's nothing that can be done. I only have a few months left...

(Sophia remains quiet)

Katherine: Soph, please say something.

Sophia: (coldly) You kept this from me for months...When were you going to tell me, huh? After you were dead?

Katherine: I really don't know. To tell you the truth, I thought you were better off not knowing.

Sophia: I thought I was your best friend. You have never lied to me...until now.

Katherine: I'm sorry...Sophia, you are always worrying about me! I didn't want you to worry about me now.

Sophia: Or you just didn't want me to see you like this?

Katherine: (walks closer to Sophia) Live your life...You don't need me anymore.

Sophia: (shedding a few tears) Katherine, I already lost two of my brothers...Now someone is trying to kill my daughter and I don't know who it is...If I lose you too, I'm am going to fall apart.

Katherine: Sophia, you have your family.

Sophia: You're my family too...

(Katherine has a surprised look on her face)

Sophia:...I can't believe you kept something like that from me this whole time...You must really want to die if you didn't want me to know about this.

Katherine: Please...


(Sophia walks out and Katherine watches her leave, then begins to cry even more. The next scene fades into Marcel and Klaus sitting outside in French Quarter.)

Klaus: (drinks from a flask) To our united front! This act of yours, the imitation of friendship. Don't get me wrong, you played the part well enough, I should know, having played it myself. There was a time when the affinity between us was quite real.

Marcel: Sure. And then you got it in your head to take what I created. When I picked up that coin I swore loyalty, Klaus, not friendship. I'm holding up my end, the other one has to be earned.

Klaus: Fair enough. Then, you should probably know the whole story. My decision was not entirely my own. If I didn't agree to usurp your power, the witches swore to kill my unborn child. But, at first, the promise of an offspring meant little to me. Then I recalled my father; how he held me in contempt from the moment I was born. As yours did with you. I will not do to my child what was done to me. To us. (he drinks deeply)

Marcel: All this - the spying, the manipulation - that's just something you were forced into. Is that it? And what now? You feel kinda bad... "Hey buddy, it's nothing personal." Is that it?

Klaus: I admit. I was jealous. I saw the empire you had created on your own, without me. I saw it - and I wanted it.

Marcel: You're wrong, you know. I didn't do it on my own. I stood in the shadow of my father my entire human life, and I never would've gotten out from under it, if not for you. You're the one who taught me that a man can't be defined by anyone but himself. (pauses awkwardly, then continues) So, what now?

Klaus: This community that you've built - you have their respect. Their love. I could rule them but I cannot win them, not without you. So rule with me. Side by side as equals. Friends. Brothers. (Klaus raises the bottle. After a while Marcel drinks from it. Klaus smiles cheerfully then his face becomes a bit serious.)

Klaus: Marcel...I haven't been fair to Sophia and you. Its just...

Marcel: Just what?

Klaus: There's something you should know...Well two things. First she's possibly not my sister. Not blood. The same goes for Danielle. Sophia is taking it pretty hard but I really don't care because to me...she is my sister. The memories we share, the time we spent together, Sophia never gave up on me.

Marcel: Have you told her that?

Klaus: No...I believe Elijah and Rebekah feel the same way.

Marcel: You should tell her that. It'll make her feel better.

Klaus: Probably...The second thing is should be with Sophia.

Marcel: What? I thought--(Klaus cuts him off)

Klaus: I know. But seeing the two of you together...Seeing how much you care for her and that you would do anything for her. I believe you are the man she is meant to be with. Marcel, Sophia hasn't been in love for 500 years. Her last love, Jeremy Gilbert, from months ago. He killed our brother, Kol, and something inside Sophia just broke. She realized she loved Jeremy but she was never in love with him. She swore if she ever saw Jeremy again that she would kill him.

Marcel: That's tough. So what happened to the one from 500 years ago?

Klaus: He was killed by Mikael.

Marcel: And Danielle's father?

Klaus:...We haven't spoke of him for a thousand years...Nathan had part in turning Sophia and the rest of us into vampires...The Original Vampires...She never forgave him for it.

Marcel: What happened to him?

Klaus: Elijah beat me to it and he was the one to kill Nathan. For betraying Sophia and her family. Also breaking her heart...Marcel, don't give up on Sophia. Fight for her because I believe you can win her heart.

Marcel: Why?

Klaus: She needs this. She needs to fall in love again and not always worry about her family so much. I owe her this. Besides...she always wanted to settle down, find love, and get married one day.

Marcel: And if I can't?

Klaus: You can. If something happens to any of us, you make sure she doesn't fall off the edge.

(Elijah finds Serena sitting outside the party and sits next to her.)

Elijah: I was wondering where you were.

Serena: Out here. That's some party.

Elijah: Well, Katherine does love to go all out. She hasn't changed.

Serena: You must really know her well.

Elijah: 500 years I have known her. But when I met her, she was Katerina Petrova. She was exiled from Bulgaria due to having a child out of wedlock. She was a caring and polite person whom always believed in love. But things had changed.

Serena: What happened?

Elijah: My brother was planning to use her in a ritual that would cause her death. She managed to escape that fate by becoming a vampire. When my brother realized that he failed, he killed Katerina's entire family back in Bulgaria. She was devastated by the loss and felt alone. There were always times when Sophia would travel with her and she felt some happiness from that.

Serena: Sophia can even heal the darkness inside one's heart. What about you, Elijah? Have you ever had darkness within yourself.

Elijah:..Yes, I have...Its even inside you, Serena. Since the moment you were born.

Serena: What are you talking about?

Elijah:...Serena, there's something I need to tell you about your parents. I can take you to your mother but your father, you won't be able to find him.

Serena: Why not? Elijah what are you hiding from me? You've known this whole time where my parents are? Tell me every-

Elijah: Serena! Both of your parents are dead. I'm sorry...

Serena: (disbelief)...What?

Elijah: Please, just let me take you to your mother.

(Later, they arrive at the New Orleans cemetery. They walk to a gravestone that saids: "A loving wife and mother, a great friend, a free spirit. Britney Vivian.")

Serena: Mom?

Elijah: I'm sorry that you had to find out like this.

Serena:...How long has she been dead?

Elijah: Serena...

Serena: How long?!

Elijah: Its been nine years.

Serena: Oh my...My mother has been dead for nine years...? Well what about my dad?

Elijah: Almost ten years...

Serena: How? How did they die?!

Elijah: Serena, I can't tell you.

Serena: I have a right to know!

(Elijah slowly places his hand on Serena's cheek.)

Elijah: Serena, I know that you deserve a right to know. But you are better off not knowing what had happened to them because the reason is that death has always surrounded your family. I can't tell you and if you were to ever find out, you would fall even deeper into this dark world and you would never be able to escape it.

Not Giving Up

Cami: It's like I being made to forget all of this that someone is messing with my mind.

Keiran: Cami, are you sure you just not imagining things?

Cami: Uncle, I know what I'm talking about! Lately, I feel like I've been losing my mind, that someone is using me! Like I'm being controlled! I need to go see a friend.

(Cami quickly leaves and Keiran continues to call her name to tell her to come back. Sophia is lying on the floor in her room crying after learning the truth from Katherine. Finna licks her face, trying to make her feel better. There's a knock on her door and Klaus walks in)

Klaus: Sophia? What's wrong?

Sophia: Its Katherine. I found out something that she's been hiding from me for months.

Klaus: What is it?

Sophia:..Klaus, remember that cure that everyone was fighting over back in Mystic Falls? Well, Elena Gilbert had shoved the cure down Katherine's throat and she's back to being human.

Klaus: So little Katherine Pierce is back to being a human?

Sophia:...She is dying...Katherine is dying of old age and only has a few months left. And the reason of why she didn't say anything is because I'm always worrying about her and she didn't want me trying to help her with it.

Klaus: Sophia, are respecting her wishes? 

(Sophia gets off the floor and stands in front of Klaus)

Sophia: What am I suppose to do? I can't do anything to help her anyway! There is no spell or cure to get her out of this! Not even my elements would work.

Klaus: So that's it? You're just going to give up?

Sophia: What can I do, huh?! If I could save her, I would but I can't! There is nothing that can be done, Niklaus!

(Sophia begins to cry and Klaus gently places his hands on Sophia's cheeks and slowly kisses her forehead)

Klaus: Sophia, my loving sister...Throughout the thousand years I have lived, you are one the amazing people I have known. When you want to help someone, you always find a way...You are a strong woman who has never given up. Go see Katherine, I'm sure that she would be back at the party.


(The next scene fades into Sophia walking into the crowd at the party trying to find Katherine. She bumps into Marcel but he catches her when she almost falls.)

Marcel: Careful there.

Sophia: Gee, thanks.

(As Sophia tries to walk away, Marcel grabs her hand)

Marcel: Sophia, wait.

Sophia: Let go of me.

Marcel: You can't keep pushing me away.

Sophia: Oh, yes I can.

Marcel: Sophia, I know that you hate me right now but I just want to let you know that I'm not going to give up on you. At some point, you will let me back in. I will win your heart, no matter how long it takes.

(Marcel gently caresses her hand and walks away leaving Sophia stunned. The scene fades to Davina lying on her bed, almost falling asleep until someone knocks on her door. She gets up to open it and sees its Cami standing there.)

Davina: Cami?

Cami: I need your help. (walks in)

Davina: What's wrong?

Cami: I feel like I'm losing my mind here! There are things that I'm seeing yet I don't remember them! Its like someone is playing with my mind here!

Davina: You've been compelled.

Cami: Compelled?

Davina: Don't worry, I can help is really going to hurt.

(Davina holds out her hand towards Cami and magically begins to undo the compulsion. Cami screams in pain. After a while, Danielle runs into the room.)

Danielle: Davina, what are you doing?!

Davina: She's been compelled.

Danielle: By who...Uncle Klaus.

Davina: Klaus did this?

(Camille screams in agony on the floor. Davina is working her magic, removing the compulsion from her mind as Danielle stands next to Davina)

Cami: Oh god, it hurts!

(Davina knees down in front of her)

Davina: I'm sorry, Cami. It's the only way to break Klaus' compulsion.

Danielle: Cami, I know it hurts but its the only way you are going to remember everything.

Cami: I don't understand what's happening to me, I don't understand any of this--

Davina: But you will. I will unlock every stolen memory, undo every piece of mind control that any vampire has ever done to you. When I'm done, you will understand all of it, and you'll be free. I can stop, if you want me to.

Cami: No, don't stop. I want to remember everything. I am not giving up. Klaus is going to pay for making me a tool in his game!

(Sophia finds Katherine having a few drinks at the bar.)

Sophia: Katherine, I think you've had enough drinks.

Katherine:...You still mad at me?

Sophia: No...I mean I am a little disappointed that you didn't tell me. Katherine, don't you understand that I'm here for you?

Katherine: I know that but you have so much going on in your life especially with Klaus. I didn't want to add to that. You still have your family, Sophia.

Sophia: Yeah but I still need you too. Remember, you get the party started.

Katherine: That I do...

Sophia: Have about we have a few more drinks and then go have some more fun with those cute guys from earlier?

(Katherine almost looks like she's about to cry and places her hands on Sophia's shoulders)

Sophia: Katherine, are you crying?

Katherine: It's just that....The student becomes the master.

Sophia: (laughs) Yeah, well I learned from the best.

Katherine: I'm going back to Mystic Falls tomorrow so lets get everything done here.


(Rebekah comes into Davina's room)

Rebekah: What's with all the bloody screaming?

Danielle: Aunt Rebekah, shh! Cami has been compelled several times by Uncle Klaus so we're trying to undo it.

Rebekah: Could she try to keep it down before Niklaus comes back?

Davina: No, she can't. Scream as much as you want, Cami.

Rebekah: Danielle, can I talk to you?

(Danielle and Rebekah leave Davina's room and Danielle notices her aunt's nervousness.)

Danielle: What's wrong?

Rebekah: Danielle, there is something I just found out and its important.

Danielle: What is it?

Rebekah: You need to stay alive. No matter what happens, you can't die.

Danielle: What are you talking about?

Rebekah: Someone reminded me of the past. If you were to die, Neoma will awaken from her sleep.

Danielle: What? Aunt Rebekah, what are you trying to say?

"See you soon"

(The next morning, Sophia and Elijah are helping Katherine put her luggage into the car.)

Sophia: I'm going to miss you.

Katherine: Aww, I'll miss you too, Soph!

Sophia: (hugging Katherine) You're my best friend, my sister, my everything. Katerina, you are a big part of my life and I would hate to lose you.

Katherine:...(smiles) Same here...And by the way, when you eventually have sex with Marcel, let me know how good he is in bed. (smirks)

Sophia: Katherine!

(After their hug, Katherine goes to hug Elijah which he happily accepts.)

Elijah: What was that for?

Katherine: Thank you me a chance. Out of five hundred years I have lived, I have done some terrible things besides Sophia, gave me a chance.

Elijah: You're welcome...I was hoping that we could get another chance.

Katherine: Yeah, I don't think that's a good idea.

Elijah: Why not?

Katherine: Because you left me, Elijah. You were the love of my life and as always, you chose to stand by Klaus. I mean every time I try to prove myself to you...You go back into your brother's direction. I can't take it anymore. No matter what I do, its not good enough and I can't keep doing this. Elijah, I will always love you but I'm not ready to give you another chance. If the time is ever right for us to be together, then it will happen.

(Elijah slowly leans in and passionately kisses Katherine. He then kisses her forehead and caresses her cheek.)

Elijah: I will always wait for you.

(Katherine gives Elijah a tearful smile and walks toward Sophia giving her one more hug before getting into her car and driving away.)

Elijah: Sophia?

Sophia: Things aren't fine between us, Elijah so don't get any ideas. I haven't forgotten what you did.

(Sophia walks away and Elijah looks back to the direction Katherine left from then goes into deep thought.)


(Hayley sees Danielle in the courtyard and sits next to her.)


Danielle: What do you want? You know that I hate you, right?

Hayley: I know but I want to apologize. I'm sorry for killing your boyfriend but I want to give you the full honest truth of why it happened. I was still a newbie werewolf. I was trying to figure out who and what I was. I needed to know where I came from and I was told that Julian had information about my family. When he was saying he didn't know what I was talking about, I thought he was lying. I got really mad and still wasn't able to control it...That's the truth. Its okay if you never forgive me, I just wanted you to know why it happened.

(Hayley walks away and Danielle begins to shed a few tears.)

Final Scene - Dreams

(Sophia is in her room asleep. The scene fades into her dream where she is in a small village which was once the Originals Family's home. Sophia walks around and stops when she finally finds what she's looking for.)

Sophia: Its been a long time, Esther.

Esther: Shouldn't you call me mother?

Sophia: You're not really my mother, are you?

Esther: So that's why you wanted to see me.

Sophia: Are you my mother or not?

Esther:...No, I am not.

Sophia: (a tear rolls down her cheek) So you lied to me all those years.

Esther: I had to keep it from you. You don't remember what you're capable of. You're more powerful than me.

Sophia: Is that why you sealed Neoma inside of me when I was a child? Its really too bad that I didn't get to have a say in that.

Esther: I'm sorry, I really didn't have a choice.

Sophia: You did have a choice but you chose wrong. Now tell me who my real parents are.

Esther: All I can say is that your power is nearly on the same level as your mother.

Sophia: That's it? No names?

Esther: I'm sorry but that's all I can give you.

Sophia: You owe me Esther! Need I remind you that you tried to kill all of your children?!

Esther:...Okay...Sophia, your biological mother is still alive.


Esther:...Yes. I'm sure you will meet her at some point...And also learn the truth to who you really are, what you really are, and where you come from.

Sophia: What I really am? What are you talking about?

Esther:...Sophia, save Danielle before its too late. Goodbye.

(Sophia stands there trying to figure out what all of this means...)

The Originals