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Aria and Damon
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Aria and Damon met three years ago. They became best friends. Damon didn't want her to leave because he knew about her life and Klaus. He knew Klaus would turn her down but she refused and left for New Orleans anyway. Damon said she has to call if anything goes wrong.

Season OneEdit

In Rubbed Raw and reeling Aria calls Damon and snaps on him for not telling her about the originals leaving them in a bad place.

Season two Edit

When Aria finds out the death of Damon she reveals......


"But you'll always be my hero even though you lost your mind "

- Aria to Damon's grave

 I'll love you…

Until the last day of my life - Aria in remembering a hero before she tries to kill herself


  • They both love to play pool.
  • Damon is very protective when she is in danger.
  • When Damon first met her he could on smell her human side.
  • He is the only person she told that she is a Dhampir.
  • Caroline shipped them only to get Damon to break up with Elena.
  • Aria songs that make her think of him Perfect by Hedley, A drop in the Ocean by Ron Pope.
  • Somewhere through the series Aria falls for Damon.
  • Mixed feelings for each other they both know they love each other. But think they love Elena or Klaus more.
  • He hates when she talks about Klaus.
  • He doesn't like Sophia but he tries to be nice for Aria.
  • Aria almost shuts off her humanity after finding out of Damon's death.




Damon & Aria You're Not Good For Me

Damon & Aria You're Not Good For Me

Aria & Damon Try

Aria & Damon Try

Damon & aria; i'm not alive if i'm lonely (so please don't leave)-0

Damon & aria; i'm not alive if i'm lonely (so please don't leave)-0

This is the story of how they will be a connected forever.

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