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Biographical information
  • Early to Late 1890s (age Unknown/102)
  • 1910
  • Undead
  • Dhampir (Half Human-Half Vampire)
  • Female
Family information
  • Unnamed Son
Supernatural information
Played by
  • Lucy Hale
First seen
Revenge. Your brother left me for unknown reasons and as soon as I get a lead on him after a hundred years, I find out he gets a werewolf, Hayley Marshall knocked up. His taste in woman hasn't changed. He seems to like the woman in my family.
— Aria to Elijah in Eclipse of the Heart

Aria is an an major recurring character and antagonist whom seeks revenge against Klaus.

Early History



Aria finds out that Klaus left.

She was a fashion designer in 1910. Not much is known about her past but she met Klaus and Sophia when she was dying. Klaus saved her life, turning her into a vampire. Not knowing why, her human side was kept making her half vampire-half human. She spent time with Sophia and Klaus, learning the ways of being a vampire. Sophia and Aria eventually became best friends and Aria fell in love with Klaus. After a few months, Sophia told Aria she had to leave but Aria was agaisnt the idea then Sophia suddenly compelled Aria to forget about her. Later on, Mikael showed up and Klaus had to escape. Heartbroken, she has never gotten over it and has hunted him down to either reignite the with the lover or kill him.


She had been living in Mystic Falls unknown to the Originals. Staying at the Salvatore boarding house. But she is moved around by Damon trying to protect her from Klaus when Damon.

Throughout The Originals Fanfiction

Season One

Aria first appears unseen in Always and Forever talking to Macklyn about her plan. Telling him to let The Originals do as they please. It's revealed that she has unfinished business with Klaus. Macklyn then knowing that things were going to get busy.

She then appears in Tangled Up In Blue, still unseen. She is talking to Macklyn, telling him the next step in the plan. That they were to get the witches to get rid of Danielle. Sophia mentions Aria to Klaus while they are in a fight.

In Blast From the Past, is the first time you see Aria's face. The truth is revealed to why Klaus left her. Sophia had flashbacks of Aria and wanted to know what really happen, and if she was still alive. We found out that Aria and Sophia were really close. We found out that Aria was bleeding for unknown reasons and Sophia asked Klaus to turn Aria. The next morning Klaus made Aria drink blood, but when Aria walked over to the window she didn't burn without having a daylight ring. Klaus cuts her wrist making sure she was turned. That's they knew Aria was a Dhampir found out by a witch. She was the Original Dhampir. Sophia keeps get visions of Aria with a army of vampires. Sophia then sees a flashback of Aria while she was in Mystic Falls Aria was kept hidden by a unknown person. Aria gets in trouble by the unknown male for not staying the basement. They have a argument about Elena Gilbert. They shoot Aria with vervain and put her in a dress and mask. Davina was drawing a picture of Aria when Marcel walked in and asked her about the woman. Davina told him that she and Aria knew each other ever since Davina was a baby. Aria would return to town ever so often to see Davina. After Davina was put in the attic she no longer saw Aria. She told Marcel how Aria traveled across the world in search of someone. Aria gave Davina a special stone from Florida. Davina has a flashback of Aria a year ago when Davina was practicing magic Aria came and tried to help her. Davina asks her when she finds the person she is looking for will she come back for her.



In Bring It On, Aria appears again unseen talking to Felix and Macklyn, telling them Danielle must be killed today. When Aria's army attacks Sophia Macklyn tells her to go to the house on the hill to see Aria. Not knowing who it was, Sophia listened. Rebekah and Klaus threaten Macklyn if he doesn't tell them who is trying to kill Dani. Macklyn then starts describing Aria to them. Both Originals knowing who it was were shocked. Sophia walks into a room and sees the back of Aria. Once Aria turns around both of them stand frightened. It is then revealed on how Aria forgot who Sophia was. Sophia compelled Aria to NEVER remember her. Once Sophia remembers she compelled Aria she gets upset when she finds out Aria was the one planning to kill Dani. Aria's witches then comes into the room with White Oak Stake's putting all three Originals into a cell. While in the cell they start arguing about Aria and what happened to her. Macklyn then comes in and tells them a part of the plan. Aria then appears standing before her army of vampires and witches. Macklyn asks Aria why did she appear when the red moon is here. Pictures flash of Aria from Always and Forever. Felix comes out with Dani. When the red moon is almost up they bring out the Originals to watch Danielle be killed. When the Originals come out Aria turns and faces Klaus for the first time in over 100 years. Sophia begs Aria not to kill Danielle but Aria ignores her and turns to face Danielle. When Aria asks Sophie does she want to kill Dani, Sophie takes the knife. Revealing that she was on Aria's side the whole time and that Aria was going to help her complete the Harvest. Klaus and Aria then start arguing about what Aria gains from the situation. She then tells the she is going to get help from Nemoa. The red moons is up when Aria tells Sophia it was Sophia's Dark side that wanted her to kill Dani. Dani wakes up and tells her family goodbye before Sophie stabs her in the heart. When Nemoa is awaken, Sophie tries to kill her but Aria pushes her to ground and stabs Felix. Aria reveals that she was lying the whole time. Neoma is going to help her rule all supernatural creatures. When Nemoa gets up the plan starts to began. Aria and Neoma talk to Klaus and Aria reveals she knows about the baby and that Hayley is her descendant.


"People change Klaus... You be surprised what people are capable of."
—Aria to Klaus in Eclipse of the Heart


Aria is a sweet girl who loves style and fashion. She loves to go on adventures. But she does have a temper. She just wants live a happy life with the Originals and be a fashion designer. Later it is discovered that she is planning to help Neoma kill the Originals. Due to Aria having a mental break down after finding out Klaus was in love with someone else.

Aria changes from time to time into a completely different persons. She truthful, nice and rude, and very sweet and hateful at the same time She does whatever she wants whenever she wants. She also uses weaknesses against her targets, such as Klaus' love for her and rivalry​ towards Scott The only people of possibly getting through Aria are Klaus or Sophia.

Physical Appearance

She wear black leather jackets. Sometimes a beanies, lots of hats. Her is hair lightly curled down. Makeup is simple small cat liner with lip gloss. Dresses very sexy but doesn't always wear a lot of heels. Her face is round and soft. She has high cheekbones and a slim nose. Aria wears lots of layers, different textures, and interesting patterns. She favors the dark side; her closet is loaded with black, brown, burgundy, gray, plum and aubergine. Sequin and lace party dresses, Tights, thigh-knee highs, knee socks and ankle socks. She also loves boots. She used to have red streaks in her hair.   




Aria and Klaus

Aria and Klaus first met in the 1900's. While in a bar they both fell in love. But when the bar was under attack. He left without a word. She made it her destiny to find and be with him again. (See Aria and Klaus.)

Sophia Mikaelson

Sophia and Aria were best friends once. But Sophia compelled her to forget her, so she can life a happy life. Sophia never planed on seeing Aria again. But when Aria stops to live in New Orleans, she doesn't remember Sophia. (See Sophia and Aria.)

Damon Salvatore

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Aria and Damon are best friends. They met three years ago. Damon at first took her in as a one night stand. But noticed she he was different. Aria was in love with Klaus so they had to be friends. But their friendship grew stronger. But when Aria had to leave for New Orleans he was upset. He told her to stay but she refused and promised she would continue to be there for him when he needed her. He may appear in crossovers. (See Damon and Aria)


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Aria and Katherine first met in Mystic Falls. During a ball Damon forced Aria to go to. While there Aria helped Katherine try to take out Elena. But when Katherine was put in the tomb. Damon had to start keeping her away from her  so Katherine wouldn't tell her about the originals. They are partners in crime and best friends.

Other Relationships

The Originals

  • Danielle Mikaelson (Former Enemies/Allies)
  • Elijah Mikaelson (Friends)
  • Jay Sykes (love interest in season 2)

The Vampire Diaries

  • Jeremy Gilbert (Like little brother)
  • Elena Gilbert (Former enemy/Best friend/like sister)
  • Stefan Salvatore (Like big brother)


Season One

Season Two

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  • She is a Dhampir.
  • Aria

    Aria after beating Damon at pool.

    Her best friends are Rebekah and Sophia.
  • She is in love with Klaus Michaelson and Scott McCall.
  • Her real name is Arriana. (But tells no one.)
  • She gets her horrible temper from Klaus and Rebekah.
  • While looking for Klaus, Aria stops in mystic falls and becomes best friends with Damon.
  • She has a special happy dance that Damon has ever seen.
  • Aria's style
    She loves styling in different layered clothing.
  • She tries to make sure nobody sees her soft side but her closet friends.
  • After traveling across the world in 2008 she stops in Mystic Falls and lives there till she finds out Klaus is in New Orleans.
  • Damon would make sure she was never seen by the Original family.
  • Her and Katherine used to be friends.
  • Makes friends with a dangerous person.
  • She has a small dog named Sarafina.
  • Aria wants to spend the rest of her life with someone she loves.
  • Aria spends most of her time with The Originals, Marcel, and Jay.
  • Aria has two grandchildern and a unknown son.
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