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===[[Leon Dominic]] & [[Zachary Demond]]===
===[[Leon Dominic]] & [[Zachary Demond]]===
{{Main|Leon, Zachary and André}}
{{Main|Leon, Zachary and André}}
{{Quote|You're both my brothers. Then and now, you both have been and always will be my brothers.|Leon to Zachary and André}}
===[[Danielle Solas]]===
===[[Danielle Solas]]===

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André Garen
Biographical information


  • 25 - 27 (Magic Arc)
  • 29 (Journey Arc)
  • 30 (Friendship Arc)
  • Alive
  • Rune Master
  • Andy (by Leon & Danielle)
  • Brother (by Zachary)
  • Male
Family information
Supernatural information
Significant kills
  • Unknown
Played by
  • Gaspard Ulliel
First seen

André Garen is one of the main characters in Call of Magic. He is an old friend of Leon and is someone who has had a troublesome past. He goes by the rules he has created and tries to keep those close to him out of trouble.

Early LifeEdit

André was born in Paris, France to Archard Garen and an unnamed mother. He had a younger sister named Fleur Garen who was born when he was eight. Much of his early life is currently unknown but he has suffered from two tragic events when he was fifteenth and seventeen.

André's StoryEdit


André is a very mature person who tells people the truth to how they are and what they do. He may seem harsh and cold at times but in truth, he cares very much about the people close to him and doesn't want them to get hurt.

Physical AppearanceEdit


Leon Dominic & Zachary DemondEdit

Main article: Leon, Zachary and André
"You're both my brothers. Then and now, you both have been and always will be my brothers."
—Leon to Zachary and André

Danielle SolasEdit

Davina ClaireEdit


Magic ArcEdit

Journey ArcEdit

Friendship ArcEdit



  • André was first seen in an photo with Leon in Live or Die.
  • He will become closely bonded with Danielle and Davina.
  • He has a certain nickname that Leon and the others call him since their childhood.
  • When it comes to his friendship with Danielle, she will mostly be his confidant/like therapist.
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