Zepworth First Kiss
Amadeus and Nyla
General Information


Intimacy Level

Nyla dislikes him
Amadeus is protective of her
Attracted to each other

First Met

January 6, 2015 (One of Them)

Started Dating



Romantic Interests

The relationship between Amadeus Bloodworth and Nyla Zepeda. They are one of the main pairings in Eternal Darkness.

Nyla Zepeda is a beautiful student who attends the Day Class and as she tries to figure out what is missing in life, she is thrown into the supernatural world which leads her to meet Amadeus Bloodworth, one of the most handsome figures at Lunctus Academy. She immediately begins to dislike him because of his manipulative personality and violent nature. However, his job as the Night Class President keeps him at the academy and an attraction between the two soon sparks. But certain obstacles will try to keep them from being together.

Their Story

"My deepening craving for your eternal love will stabilize all hope for our future."
Amadeus to Nyla

Iconic Themes/Moments

Nyla's Heartbeat

Don't Let Go

Hugging from Behind

Forehead Kisses


  • Amadeus gives Nyla a rose for the first time in __________.

Bed Scenes

I Missed You


Promotional Images


  • Though being in a supernatural series, they will be written as a realistic couple.
  • The relationship between these two will have some elements from Yuki and Zero from Vampire Knight.
  • Their main love themes throughout the series are:
    • Day and Night by Gummy (Instrumental Verison) - first season.
    • Dangerously in Love by Beyoncé - third season.
    • ? - fourth season.
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