Amadeus Bloodworth
Biographical information
  • 1350 (age 665)
  • Alive
  • Bloodworth Prince
  • Night Class President (currently)
  • Member of the Vampire Council (currently)
  • The Pureblood Prince
  • Bloody Sadist
  • Amy (by Jacelyn)
  • Male
Family information
Significant Others
Supernatural information
Significant sires
Played by
  • Ben Barnes
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Amadeus Bloodworth, is a major supporting character in Eternal Darkness and the potential love interest of Nyla Zepeda. He plays a key role in the vampire story especially when it come to the vampire council as he is sick of the way that things are being run. Several things happened to Amadeus that turned him into the cold-hearted person he is now.

Amadeus is a member and the Prince of the Bloodworth Family.



Amadeus means love of God.

Bloodworth is of Old English from given name Blīþa combined with worð meaning "enclosure".

Amadeus' Story


Very dark and mysterious, Amadeus wants power and he will do anything to get it. He is cocky and arrogant, and really ambitious. No one can really seem to understand him completely, as he could act one way, one minute and the next minute he would be acting completely different. Amadeus is also a master manipulator, he can do it all, have others wrapped round his finger, etc. This guy just gains pleasure from watching anyone suffer. In many ways, he is kind of like the male version of Katherine.

Physical Appearance

Black hair and brown eyes. Leather jackets are a must and he's always sporting just the right amount of facial hair. His hairstyle is kept to look effortless; like he just woke up that way without having to do anything to it. He is also extremely handsome as all the females put it.

Powers & Ablities

Main article: Pureblood

Amadeus is known to be one of the most powerful Purebloods and completely skilled in sword fighting. His special ability allows him to manipulate technology.


Venus Bloodworth

Main article: Amadeus and Venus

Amadeus' younger sister. He has always had a strong bond with Venus since her birth, bearing a very protective nature over her.

Joshua Durden

Main article: Amadeus and Joshua

Amadeus' best friend and confidante.

Nyla Zepeda

Main article: Amadeus and Nyla
Nyla Amadeus Rose

Amadeus' love interest. Upon their first meeting, Amadeus develops a protective nature over the young woman but his reason were unknown at first. After the first few times of saving her, they begin spending time together.

Lord Bloodworth & Lady Bloodworth

Amadeus has much love for his parents but has a very complicated relationship for an unknown reason.





Season 1

Season 2


  • Throughout this series, Amadeus may show a bit of a combined mix of Zero Kiryu and Kaname Kuran, mostly from the scenes he shares from with Nyla.
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