The Originals(Fan Fiction) TV Series
Season 2, Episode 01 (Part 2)
Danielle fighting
Air date Fall 2014
Written by User:Cori11
Directed by User:Cori11
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Alive and Kicking is the Part Two of Starting Over. It is the beginning of the Werewolf vs Witches Arc. 


AN OLD FOE APPEARS--After giving up her daughter, Hayley teams up with Vanessa to find out who is attacking the werewolves out in the bayou. Klaus finds himself in a difficult situation, having to deal with the witch creating moonlight rings. Christabella teams up with the wolves whom are plotting against Klaus. As Marcel brings in new troops, he reminds Elijah of their past. Meanwhile, Danielle tries to adjust to having a bodyguard but find herself in dangerous situation when unexpected visitors show up and crash her and Davina's dinner.


Main CastEdit

Recurring CastEdit

Guest CastEdit

  • Steven Krueger as Josh Rosza (flashback)
  • Natalie Dreyfuss as Esther Mikaelson/Cassie
  • Chase Coleman as Oliver
  • Yohance Myles as Joe

Special Guest StarEdit


  • This is the first episode of the Werewolf Arc.
  • Leon makes a surprising choice that affects Danielle



Sudden AttackEdit

(A few werewolves walk around in the bayou...someone in the darkness is watching them. The wolves stop when they hear something. In a sudden rush, the air is filled with screams...)


(Hayley sits by the riverbank nearby her family's encampments. Jackson sees her sitting by herself and looks sadly at her. She is holding a baby doll that she brought for Hope a while back...She silently begins to cry.)

Welcome BackEdit

(Marcel sits in the living room of Sophia's Mansion, having a drink and the doors burst open.)

Davina & Danielle: SURPRISE!

(Marcel laughs at the girls by their big entrance.)

Davina: Did you miss us?

Marcel: Of course I did. (holds out his arms) Come here!

(Marcel and Davina hug for a long moment then he goes to hug Danielle. He sees workers bringing in a lot of luggage)

Marcel: You two sure brought a lot of stuff.

Danielle: Oh, yeah...We mostly brought gifts for everyone back home. We got a some things for ourselves as well.

Marcel: So little D, what place did you love the most.

Davina: I think I would have to say Paris.

Danielle: You only loved the place because all of the cute French guys there.

Marcel: Davina!

Davina: What? (laughs) I can't help it!

Danielle: Our vacation would have been a lot more if I didn't have a bodyguard.

Marcel: He giving you a hard time?

Davina: No, he's not. I think Danielle is just denying her attraction to him.

Danielle: What attraction?!

(Danielle's bodyguard walks into the mansion and Marcel approaches him.)

Marcel: Hey, Leon. Thanks for watching the girls.

Leon: No problem, just doing my job.

Davina: Hey, Leon. Will you escort me and Danielle into the city? We need to go to the record shop and see a few people.

Danielle: Hey, I'm not agreeing to that!

Davina: Yes, you are. Leon?

Leon: Of course. Whenever you're ready.

Davina: Thank you. Danielle, come on.

(Davina grabs Danielle's hand and they both run upstairs.)

Marcel: Leon, nothing happened on the trip, did it?

Leon: If you're thinking something is going on between Danielle and me, you're wrong. I'm her bodyguard, nothing more.

Marcel: Right...Make sure it stays that way...But did anything weird happen?

Leon: Is something going on?

Marcel: It's just...For a while, I've had bad feelings that something is coming...Never mind, its probably nothing. Just watch the girls especially Danielle.

Leon: Got it.

A Vampire AttackEdit

(While Vanessa observes the dead, Hayley and Jackson try to calm everyone down.)

Vanessa: Hayley, I'm trying to concentrate. Please get everyone to shut up.

Hayley: Vanessa, I am doing the best I can!

Werewolf 1: Why isn't anything being done about this?!

Hayley: We are working on it, you have to let us handle this.

Werewolf 2: Screw that! You expect us to sit and not do anything?!

Jackson: That's not what we're saying. But until we find these vampires, you all need to calm down.

Werewolf: Calm down? Vampires killed our people!

Vanessa:...It wasn't vampires, it was just one vampire.

Hayley: What? Only one?

Jackson: Are you sure? couldn't be....

Hayley: What is it?

Vanessa:...I'm still not entirely sure yet but give me more time. For now, I can tell you this. This attack was sent out as a message and until I'm completely sure that I'm right about it, the wolves need to stay alert 24/7. This vampire is still out there and if I'm right, he will kill anyone who gets in his way.

Uncle and Niece Reunited/Unforgettable MemoryEdit

(Elijah is sitting on a bench in the French Quarter. He is on his cell phone talking to Vanessa.)

Elijah: So you believe that the vampire that attacked werewolves is actually sending out a message?...I see. I'll see what I can find out as well. Let me know if you find out anything else.

(Elijah hangs up and hears a familiar singing voice. He smiles and turns around to see his beloved niece smiling brightly at him. Davina and Leon are also with her.)

Elijah: Danielle!

Danielle: Uncle Elijah!

(Elijah picks Danielle up and hugs her, spinning them around. He then sets her down.)

Elijah: Have you gotten taller?

Danielle: Actually I have, I'm happy that you noticed. Now what's this matter of a vampire attacking the werewolves?

Elijah: Don't worry about that, Vanessa is looking into it. How was your trip?

Davina: It was amazing.

Danielle: Would have been a lot better if you didn't assign me a bodyguard.

Elijah: Thank you, Leon. (shakes Leon's hand) I'm glad to see you all have returned in one piece.

Leon: Of course.

Elijah: Danielle, your voice is as beautiful as ever.

Danielle: Yeah, yeah. Now start talking. What happened?

Elijah: You get straight to the point...A few of the werewolves out in the bayou were attacked by a vampire. We still haven't found out anything but we're working on it.

Danielle: What can I do?

Elijah: Nothing.

Danielle: Huh? But I'm Queen--

Elijah: I know that you are Queen but you just got back. I want you to relax, go visit your friends, take a walk around the city. Just be a teenage girl and not be a Queen today. Vanessa and Hayley are looking into the situation so you go have fun with Davina and Leon today, okay?

Danielle:...Fine...But call me if something goes wrong!

Elijah: I will. (kisses her cheek) I love you.

Danielle: Love you too, Uncle Elijah.

Elijah: By the way, Danielle...I never understood why you won't become a singer.

Danielle: Because I was a vampire, remember? Now that I'm no longer that, I don't know what I want to do right now for a career. I still have time, I just want to mainly focus on school. And another thing, I wanted to be like you and mom.

(Danielle leaves with Davina and Leon as Elijah remembers the past.)


(Elijah stands by a piano and watches as Marcel tries to work his way through a song.)

Young Marcel: (sighs) I can't do it!

Elijah: Now, you once said the same thing of your reading, and now you devour everything from sonnets to scriptures. So, devote yourself to your music, and soon you shall be Johann Sebastian Bach.

Young Marcel: But I want to play like you.

(Elijah smiles at him proudly, which Marcel returns before they hear the sound of clapping from the doorway.)

Klaus: Well, isn't this nice? My older brother and my ward, getting along like two peas in a pod.

Elijah: Marcellus, we shall continue at another time. Why don't you resume your Hamlet? Act one, scene three today. Off you go!

(Klaus waves at Marcel and stumbles drunkenly as he joins Elijah in the room.)

Elijah: Congratulations, you've been drinking.

Klaus: Only to remedy the lifeless monotony that has overcome this household. You know, Rebekah's still pouting over the Governor's son.

Elijah: When you threw him to his death, did you imagine a different outcome?

Klaus: You monopolize young Marcellus with schooling. (pours himself a drink and sighs) He and I used to have such fun. If only there wassomeone with whom I could share a bit of roguery. (Elijah leaves the room, so Klaus calls out after him) Oh, yes! That's right. (he pulls out a white-oak-ash dagger) There is!

Elijah: (stunned) You didn't!

Klaus: (laughs maniacally) But I did!

(Elijah runs to the courtyard and Klaus follows him. Kol has just finished viciously feeding on all of the servants.)

Kol: Bravo! That was delectable. But, make no mistake, Nik-- I'm still cross that you daggered me. But, as far as apologies go, it's a start.

Elijah: So, Niklaus. This is your idea of fun?!

Klaus: Well, you and Marcellus have grown thick as thieves...why should I be alone?


Work With MeEdit

(Chase and some other werewolves are talking to Christabella. The wolves are not happy to have a vampire on their property.)

Christabella: Why can't you all pick one place to live? You keep going back and forth between the bayou. I have to say that between this swamp and the bayou...the bayou is more pleasant than this swamp.

Chase: What we do is none of your business. Now, what do you want?

Christabella: Get right to it, don't you? I like it. What I want reclaim the French Quarter.

Chase: What does that have to do with us?

Christabella: I want for all of us to work together. We can take the city and have it under our control.

Chase: What makes you think we would work with you?

Christabella: Because I'm an ally that you need. I'm a vampire that's immune to any kind of magic making me one of their most formidable foes ever.

Chase: You really want to take the thrones from the Kings and Queen of New Orleans? Danielle Mikaelson gave us moonlight rings.

Christabella: That's good for you that you like her. She's a splendid ruler but Marcel and Elijah...those two really need to go. Marcel stole my throne and Elijah left me for dead.

Chase: Oh, so this is more of a revenge plot for you?

Christabella: Honestly?...Yes. Marcel caused the death of my family and I will kill him.

Chase: I don't think his girlfriend will like that.

Christabella: Sophia is not going to like what I have to tell her about her boyfriend's past. Besides, Sophia's powers are not going to work on me. And hasn't Klaus been coming to see you all a few times? From what I've heard, you all have been plotting against him.

Chase: We have our reasons.

Christabella: Come on! Work together with me! Together we can take down Klaus, Elijah, and Marcel, including any of those who stand in our way. Don't you want a better life than this? Reclaim what was taken from your family.

I Am Your QueenEdit

(Danielle and Davina walk towards the record shop until Danielle stops and turns toward her bodyguard.)

Danielle: How much longer are you going to keep following us around, Leon?

Leon: Until you are done for the day.

Danielle: I don't need a babysitter! I am a grown woman who can take care of herself!

Leon: I'm not your babysitter. I'm your bodyguard.

Danielle: Well, I feel like I'm being babied.

Davina: Dani, cut him a break. Leon is just making sure that you're safe. Thank you, Leon.

(Leon nods his head and Davina takes Danielle into the record shop.)

Joe: Hey, there's my favorite customers!

Davina: Hey, Joe.

Joe: I see your bodyguard standing outside again, Danielle.

Danielle: He traveled with me and Davina while we were on our vacation! And still follows me around ever since we got back! He always so serious and reserved! He's a pain.

Joe: You sure it's not something else?

(Davina laughs as Danielle glares at Joe.)

Danielle: Oh, shut up Joe!

Joe: (laughs) I'm just saying, Danielle! He might be a good match for you. By the way Davina, I got you that ancient Icelandic folk music. Now sometime you're gonna have to give me the low-down on why you're so hooked on that stuff!

Davina: (laughs) Well, listening to Danielle's stories, you would understand why.

Joe: Sometimes, I forget how old you really are little one.

Danielle: I don't blame you. Look at me, I'm beautiful, young, fashionable, and I got it all.

Joe: Except that bodyguard of yours.

Danielle: Seriously?

Davina: (laughs) Danielle, you have to admit that he is hot.

(Annoyed, Danielle heads to into the next section of the store while Davina continues to talk to Joe. Some young men enter and looking at their fingers, they are wearing moonlight rings, showing that they are werewolves. Among them is Olver.)

Oliver: (looks at Davina) Hey there, cutie.

Davina: Don't call me that.

Oliver: So, I heard that you ditched your coven. That's too bad. That other Harvest girl, Cassie? She has been super helpful to all us wolves.

Davina: Cassie? She's making you moonlight rings?

Oliver: Yeah. You could have been the one to help us but you chose to spend all your time with an Original.

Davina: That Original happens to be my best friend and we always have each other's backs. Its because of her and her mom that I don't have to follow the Coven anymore.

Oliver: Well, you can call it whatever you want. As long as we don't have to turn on the full moon anymore, it works for me. (He leans in closer and whispers) Look, I'd take off if I were you. Things are about to get a little ugly in here. (He turns and raises voice to shout at the rest of the store's patrons) Hey y'all, store's closed. Get out, now!

Joe: What are you doing?

Oliver; It's Joe Dalton, right? You see, earlier this morning, we found that a few of our people were bit by vampires. Vampires attacked our people! We werewolves decided that we aren't going to work with vampires anymore so...we going to kill you all.

(Joe vamp-speeds toward the door, but he's blocked in by two more werewolves, all with moonlight rings.)

Oliver: Kill him.

(Before the men can even touch Joe, they fall to the ground, screaming in intense pain. Davina sees Danielle behind her using her magic.)

Davina: Joe, get out of here!

(Joe flees.)

Danielle: Mind telling me just what is going on here? And what are you all doing with moonlight rings?

Oliver: None of your damn business!

Danielle: Do you know who I am? I am not just an Original, I am not just a Mikaelson, I am your Queen. So show me some respect. You all know what the rules are and I highly suggest you follow them. Now this matter of vampires attacking the werewolves, I believe that a friend of mine is looking into that matter. And if I see you hear about you trying to kill vampires, you will regret that you ever met me. Do you understand?

Oliver: Yes! Just stop!

Danielle: I will when you tell me where you all got those moonlight rings from.

Oliver: Cassie!

(Danielle stops the spell and calms down.)

Davina: Whoa, Danielle. I have never seen you mad before.

Danielle: I have my reasons to why I try not to get mad. Now, I need to tell my Uncle Klaus of this matter.

(As the girls begin to leave, Oliver stands up and his werewolf face comes out and he is close to attacking the girls until Leon stops him and holds him in a neckhold.)

Leon: Get out of here before I kill you.

(Oliver and his men quickly leave the store.)

Davina: Why were you just standing out there? Aren't you suppose to be protecting Dani?

Leon: I know...I just wanted to give her a break besides I already know what she can do. But don't get to attached to the idea though. It was the first and last time I will be doing it. From now on, let me do my damn job.

(Danielle looks surprised as Leon puts on his sunglasses and opens the door for the girls to walk out.)

A New ArmyEdit

FLASHBACK (1 week ago ago)

(Outside, Marcel stands in before a group of humans. Josh is with him.)

Marcel:  know you're all wondering how you got here. Don't worry about that for now. Instead, I want you to think about your lives. (He approaches a young man and compels him) Don't be afraid. (He continues speaking to the crowd) Remember when you were a kid, and you felt like anything was possible? Then, you grew up, things didn't turn out like you planned. But still, there was that part inside of you that would dream. Maybe you wanted strength. Maybe you wanted to be a part of something, something bigger than yourselves. (He looks at a young, tough-looking girl) Maybe you wanted to be a fighter. Have something worth fighting for. Maybe some of you even wanted to live forever. Well, you can have it! All of it. Because that's what being a vampire is all about. What do you have to fear, when you can do this?

(Marcel picks up a man and throws him hundreds of feet into the air, where he is caught by Josh.)

Josh: I know! Pretty cool, right?

Marcel: When you leave here, you'll forget this. But somewhere, deep down, you'll know the offer still exists to join me. Be like me. And, only then, will you find your way back here. Because you want it. Because you need it.


(Marcel and his army are in the Abattoir. Elijah approaches Marcel)

Elijah: Are you going to tell me the purpose of why you are gathering so many new allies?

Marcel: The Quarter's has become a dangerous place. You haven't gotten any weird feelings lately? Like something bad is coming? It doesn't hurt to be prepared.

Elijah: Well, I need to know something. Vampires attacked a few werewolves out in the bayou. They couldn't see who it was.

Marcel: Got any ideas of who could have done it?

Elijah: Vanessa called me and told me that she believes it was some kind of message. You just said that you felt that something bad was coming. What if its already here? Have you met anyone suspicious over these past few months?

Marcel: Other than Nathan? No.

Elijah: Nathan didn't do it, he's not that stupid.

Marcel: Well, who could have done it?

Elijah: I'm going to find out....By the way, why didn't you tell me before about adding new members to our vampire army?

Marcel: I didn't think it would be a big deal.

Elijah: And why is that? We are Co-Kings of this city, Marcel.

Marcel: That was Klaus' choice to make you Co-King. You know I have a hard time working with you.

Elijah: And why is that?

Marcel: Have you forgotten?

(Marcel walks away, leaving Elijah to his thoughts.)


(Elijah returns to his room to finish dressing and finds Marcel reading Hamlet in a chair.)

Young Marcel: (excited) Elijah! I did it! I memorized the whole passage. I could perform it for you?

Elijah: (sarcastic) Could you, now? Marcellus, have you ever considered you might not be the center of the given universe? Niklaus!

Young Marcel: (hurt and confused) Are you angry with me?

Elijah: Bored would be a more accurate description. Niklaus, please!

(Klaus finally arrives in the bedroom.)

Klaus: What? What is it?

Elijah: (sighs) Remove him. You brought him here. He's your burden to bear, if, indeed, we are to accommodate this little scavenger.

(Klaus looks at Elijah in confusion before turning to Marcel and giving him a sympathetic look.)

Klaus: Come now, little warrior. Let's have another go at The Bard, shall we?

(Klaus leads Marcel out of the room and Elijah looks sadden by how he treated young Marcellus.)


Culprit RevealedEdit

(After finishing up observing the bodies and having enough evidence, Vanessa talks to Hayley and Jackson about the situation.)

Hayley: So you've figured out who did this?

Vanessa: Yeah, I have. I'm completely sure the culprit.

Jackson: Who?

Vanessa:...Someone who died by the hands of their own son. He's known as the vampire who hunts vampires.

Hayley: Wait...Vanessa, that's impossible!

Vanessa: Is it? Because Danielle, Brody, Bethany, and others were brought back to life with Sophia's element of life. He could have easily slipped through somehow.

Jackson: Wait, Sophia's powers are what brought him back?

Vanessa: If that was the cause, she can't be blamed for it. Besides he was continually bugging Danielle while she was over there on the other side with him! And when the other side was on the verge of being destroyed, he was possibly protecting her. If I am right about this, then all of us are in deep trouble!

Hayley: I need to call Elijah.

Moonlight Rings Edit

(Klaus is listening to Mozart's Requiem in D Minor K 626-3 on a record player while he furiously tries to stretch a canvas over a wooden frame for a painting. When he tears through the canvas, he angrily throws the canvas across the room, just as Danielle walks in.)

Danielle: You seem to be very moody, Uncle Klaus.

Klaus:...Dani...(rushes over to her and hugs her tightly) I've missed you, little one.

Danielle: (smiles brightly) Missed you too, Uncle Klaus...Hey! I'm not little, I got taller during my vacation!

(Klaus lets go of Dani and steps back to look at her.)

Klaus: My goodness....You have gotten taller...and more beautiful.

Danielle: (blushing) Uncle Klaus, stop that.

Klaus: (chuckles) It's the truth. How was your vacation, by the way?

Danielle: Amazing. It was great to start traveling again...Now judging from you throwing the canvas across the room, you are not having it easy. (picks up the canvas) Huh...Can I say "white period"?

Klaus: Actually, I'm missing something for it and I know what I want for it...Blood.

Danielle: Well, I recommend a Venetian red, with a dash of rust but...there is someone's blood you could get.

Klaus: Who?

Danielle: I hate to come to you for this after everything that has happened but...a group of werewolves tried to kill Joe and nearly attacked Davina and me.

Klaus: What?! Are you alright?!

Danielle: I'm fine, I handle it. Look, I think there's an alliance with some of the wolves and witches.

Klaus: Why would you think that?

Danielle: Because they were wearing moonlight rings.

Klaus: What?


Klaus: Before I go...Did you handle it or was it Leon?

Danielle: I-I...He helped me out, okay?...He saved Davina and me when Oliver was about to attack us from behind. But I had it under control before!

(Klaus remains quiet while giving his niece a small smirk.)

Danielle: Uncle Klaus, don't give me that face.

Klaus:...Okay...(walking away) If you feel the least bit attracted to him, it's alright!

Danielle: What are you talking about?! There's no attraction between him and me!

Klaus: Really? Because from what Davina told me, she feels there's definitely some sexual tension between Leon and you!

Danielle: What the....?

(After Klaus leaves, Danielle falls onto the couch.)

Danielle: Sexual tension? Sexual tension my butt....I am sooo going to kill Davina.

My Reason for Letting Him GoEdit


(Kol is hanging out with Marcel in the courtyard of the compound, and has organized a compelled group of men to act out Shakespeare for him. Marcel's lips are coated in blood.)

Elijah: (voiceover) I saw a change in Niklaus.  For the first time in centuries, he acted solely for the benefit of another. I had believed that young Marcellus, with whom he could identify and even nurture, held the key to my brother's troubled soul...

Young Marcel: Please, let me go! Mr. Kol, I don't-I don't like this.

Kol: Don't be absurd! Shakespeare should be experienced in the flesh! In truth, these aren't the finest actors, but we are in the colonies. Now, where we?

Actor 1: In venom to thy work!

(The actor takes a sword and runs another actor through with it. Marcel gasps in shock as the man falls dead to the floor.)

Actor 2: Exchange forgiveness with me, noble harlot--

Kol: No! How many times must I tell you? It's Hamlet, not harlot.

(Kol kills the man by snapping his neck.

(Elijah rushes into the courtyard, breathless.)

Elijah: What have you done?

Kol: I was just introducing Marcellus to the theater. I thought you'd be pleased?

(Klaus walks into the courtyard and hurries over to Marcel, helping him.)

Elijah: Is there no limit to your violent imagination, brother?

Kol: If the lad is going to be a vampire, he'll have to learn somehow, won't he? Come, I've already fed him my blood. All you have to do is snuff him, and voila. One of us. Well, that's what you want, isn't it?

(Elijah grabs Kol in a choke-hold and shoves him backwards, where Klaus grabs Kol's arms.)

Klaus: Let him go, Elijah.

(Elijah reluctantly lets Kol go.) 

Kol: Thank you, Nik. At least someone knows the meaning of family.

Klaus: I told you before, Kol...Marcellus is family.

(Klaus daggers Kol once again while Elijah holds him down.)


Mother & Son ReunitedEdit

(Klaus arrives at the Lafayette Cemetery to confront the werewolves who are working with Cassie.)

Klaus: What happened to decorum? Does no one greet their guests anymore?

(Klaus walks around the cemetery and the werewolves come out of hiding and surround him.)

Klaus: Well, that's more like it. Although, I am rather disappointed at how many of my once-formidable brethren have been neutered by a 16-year-old girl. Where is she? Where is this witch who dares craft moonlight rings without my permission?

(Cassie appears from the crowd.)

Cassie: Niklaus... I've been expecting you.

(They move inside one of the crypts. Klaus sits at one of the tables and Cassie sets a cup of tea in front of him before pouring one for herself.)

Cassie: I must offer my condolences on the tragic loss of your child.

Klaus: She's in a better place...Is that tea your idea of a peace offering?

Cassie: Chamomile has lots of healing properties. Did you know that it is also a flowering plant?

Klaus: I did. The plants grew wild near my boyhood home. But, neither the tea, nor your botanical musings explain the reason why you've taken it upon yourself to forge new moonlight rings.

Cassie: I assumed that was obvious. An alliance between the wolves and the witches would restore balance to our home. And I really didn't find it fair that some the werewolves didn't moonlight rings.

Klaus: Werewolves nearly attacked by niece and her friend. I'm not happy about that. My niece and her friend can only make an certain amount of moonlight rings at a time, they should have time to rest.

Cassie: I'm sorry about that, I'll straighten the wolves out. It is also understandable why they need to rest which is why I came to help.

Klaus: Alliances shouldn't be made as you should know the new rules that have been set. You should be following the rules for the witches that were written by Queen Danielle.

Cassie: Her rules are...a little bit boring.

Klaus: Really? Because I've read them myself and I'm exceptionally proud of her, knowing I made a good choice by having her become Queen of New Orleans.

Cassie: You must love your niece very much, Niklaus.

Klaus: You use my full name, as though we are familiars. I find it insulting.

Cassie: Well, what if we are familiars? What if I was able to speak to your mother? I know exactly what she would say. She would tell you to go to your room for being so rude.

(Klaus loses his temper and slams his hand over Cassie's, and stares Cassie in the eye. He seems to have made a revelation, but before he can say anything, a group of werewolves come in and surround Cassie threateningly.)

Cassie: It's okay. Niklaus was just leaving.

Klaus: You know that I will kill them.

Cassie: Then, you will have murdered members of the very pack you still hope to someday lead. Besides, there's no need for bloodshed. We can always resume this discussion another day. Goodnight, Niklaus. We will speak again soon.

There's Trouble/A Father ReturnsEdit

(Danielle is seated at a table in Rousseau's, Davina is sat on the other side of the table fiddling around with her coffee cup)

Danielle: What's wrong Davina? You look worried.

Davina: I've just got a lot on my mind...(Davina puts her cup of coffee on the table) First off how are you doing with being a witch? I know it can be alot all at once at times.

Danielle: I'm fine, Davina. Honestly there is no need to stress over me. I like being a witch, I love being in tune with nature again.

Davina: So do you trust Leon will be able to keep you safe? I mean do you trust him? (Davina flashes a smile at Danielle)

(Danielle smiles back at Davina but before she gets a chance to reply a large group of people enter the restaurant and head for Davina and Danielle.)

Davina: Hey who are those guys? (Davina sultry points to the large group)

(Danielle automatically noticed all the people in the group have moonlight rings on their fingers and in an instant she grabs Davina's hand and hurried for the exit but before they could get there, the group steps in front of them blocking their path)

Werewolf: Where are you off to sweetheart? The party was just about to get started (showing his golden eyes and his werewolf fangs)


(Danielle links hands with Davina and both of them used there magic to drop several werewolves.)

Davina: Danielle, there are too many of them.

(A figure bursts through the doors of the restaurant. He is dressed in black and carrys a machete in his right hand. Danielle instantly knew who it was....Leon charges the group of werewolves and began cutting his way through them one by one, blood shot everywhere with each kill he made staining the once clean restaurant and finally beheads the last werewolf.)

Danielle: LEON! (Danielle ran up to him and hugged him) Thank you.

Davina: Yes, thanks for the help. You have impeccable timing.

Leon: (flashing a wolfish smile at both girls) I was just doing my job.

Davina: Now Danielle, did you just hug Leon? Looks like you're warming up to him.

Danielle: Don't get your hopes up.

(Leon takes both girls hands in his and turned around ready to escort them out of the restaurant when he saw a figure blocking his path.)

Mikael: Well, you have certainly made a mess of this lot and more importantly you have spoiled my chance for a decent fight. Yet I think you have proven yourself a fine warrior so much so that I may have to keep your head as a trophy of my victory like the great knights of old used to.

Danielle: Oh my god...

Davina: Do you know him?

Danielle:...Mikael...How are you--

Mikael: Its been a while, Danielle.

Leon: (whispered voice) Stay back you two, you here me? Don't get involved and keep each other safe.

Danielle: You can't fight him!

(Leon charges Mikael aiming to strike him with his machete but Mikael used his superior quickness and manges to dodge the oncoming shot. He then proceeds to punch Leon in the chest causing him to stagger back. Advancing on Leon, Mikael seized him by the neck and tossed him across the room and into all the bottles stood up on the bar.)

Mikael: Well, this has certainly been fun.

Danielle: Leave him alone!

(Before Danielle and Davina can use their magic, Mikael vamps speed and knocks both into some glass bottles. Mikael then jumps over the bar and picks up Leon who was still lying on the floor, his face is a bloody mess.)

Leon: (coughing up blood) Danielle, get out of here! He is too strong! Take Davina and go!

Mikael: How sweet you still try and protect them with no regard for your own life. I knew you were a warrior and its only fair to give you a warrior's death.

Danielle: (weakly) Leon...!

(Mikael then seized Leon by the neck and in one quick motion snapped it like a twig...Leon's body falls to the floor. Tears are swimming down Danielle's face.)

Mikael: (smiling) So where did we leave off, ladies?

Davina: (weakly)...Get away...from us!

(Mikael shoves Davina against the bar and turns her head so he can bite her in the neck. Before he can do so, Elijah arrives and shoves Mikael off of her.)

Elijah: (shocked) So it was true...

Mikael: Hello, son. I'd hoped to see your brother first, but we have some unfinished business as well.

Elijah: You were the one who attacked the werewolves in the bayou.

Mikael: Correct. I did it just to get a rise out of Klaus before I made my move...(takes out the indestructible white oak stake) Recognize this? Klaus might have mentioned that it was missing. I snuck in and stole it.

(Elijah attacks his father, and the two begin to fight. Mikael pulls the white oak stake out of the waistband of his pants and aims it for Elijah's heart while Elijah desperately tries to push his arms away. Meanwhile, Marcel arrives and immediately rushes to check on Davina.)

Marcel: We're getting out of here. Where's Leon?

Davina:(tearfully)...He's behind the bar but....he's dead...

(Elijah continues to struggle with Mikael. Mikael gets the upper-hand and impales the tip of the stake in Elijah's chest.)

Elijah: (screams) AAAH!

(Before Mikael can continue, a sudden anger unleashes from Danielle...)

Danielle: (thrusts both hands in front of her) DIE!!!!

(Her magic causes glass to shatter everywhere, tables and chairs to knock into the wall, as well as Mikael getting knocked backwards, away from Elijah. Danielle slowly walks towards Mikael.)

Danielle: I don't care how you came back to the living because you will be dying again but this will be by my hand.

(Danielle uses her magic and Mikael screams out in pain. He then begins to cough up blood and his eyes seem to go inside out. He falls to the floor.)

Mikael: What...what are you...doing

Danielle: Making you suffer. How does it feel? Do you the agony of those you've killed? Listen to their screams! I am showing you those who have been obliterated from the Other Side, the ones that you've killed, those who were never able to find peace! Every single life that you killed, they finally get to have their revenge on you!

(Mikael continues to suffer as Danielle laughs. Elijah sees the change in her behavior and vamp speeds over to her.)

Elijah: Danielle, enough! DANIELLE!

(Danielle stops as she looks at her Uncle Elijah. She suddenly realizes what happened as she looks at Mikael.)

Danielle: It happened again, didn't it?

Elijah:...Danielle...(hugs her) Everything will be alright...

Danielle: But Leon...He...He's dead...

Elijah: Danielle...He will be fine.

(Danielle pulls back from Elijah.)

Danielle: How is he going to be fine when...You gave him vampire blood, didn't you?

Elijah:...Yes. He will wake up soon.

Davina: Wait, you turned him into a vampire?! Why?!

Marcel: You'll both know when he wakes up...Where's Mikael?

(Elijah and Davina also look to where Mikael was and see that he is gone.)

Elijah: He got away. I need to warn Klaus.

(Elijah turns back to Danielle who is upset and looks like she's about to cry.)

Danielle: I can't believe you....You knew why I didn't want a bodyguard in the first place, didn't you?

Elijah: Of course I did. But Danielle, you can't blame yourself.

Danielle: Oh, yes I can...Thanks to you.

(Danielle walks away from him to go over to Leon. Elijah looks back at her sympathetically and leaves.)

Danielle: Marcel, take Davina home. I need to talk to Leon alone when he wakes up.

Davina: But Dani!

Marcel: Danielle, what if he attacks you when he wakes up?

Danielle: I'll be fine. Just take her home, please?

(Marcel hesitantly nods and leaves with Davina.)

Choosing Life or DeathEdit

(Several of the werewolves have gathered and are causing a commotion. Hayley runs over to Jackson.)

Hayley: Jackson! What's going on?

Jackson: One of the guys listened in on our conversation and has informed our people that Mikael is back. Some of these wolves want to go after him in order to avenge the ones that he killed.

Hayley: They can't be serious, it's suicide!

(Several of the werewolves begin to move but are stopped when Hayley and Jackson stand in their way.)

Werewolf 1: Move.

Hayley: Listen, you can't do this. Elijah and the others are handling the situation.

Werewolf 2: Letting an Original handle our problems?!

Hayley: None of us are no match for Mikael! He will kill all of you if you come at him!

Werewolf 1: Then we die trying!

Jackson: And then what? You think you all will be remembered as heroes for going up against the vampire that hunts vampires? You won't! You all will be remembered as damn fools!

Werewolf 3: GET OUT OUR WAY!

(The werewolves charge at Hayley and Jackson but five of them are knocked out by Vanessa who vamp speeds towards them. Hayley and Jackson knock out the rest. The one leading the werewolves is left and Vanessa grabs him by the collar.)

Vanessa: You're going to listen to me and listen well.

Werewolf 1: Why the hell would I listen to a bloodthirsty vampire?

Vanessa: Shut up. Now, Mikael is someone you don't want to mess with. This isn't a game, its choosing life or death. If you want to see the future, then live...But if you want to go up against someone that you're no match for, then gladly throw away your life. (throwing him to the ground) Having one of you own killed, it's a horrible thing. But to make hasty actions that will cause your end, is even worse!

(Vanessa walks away while Hayley and Jackson speak.)

Jackson: You heard her! Are you all willing to throw away your lives by going on a suicide mission?!

Hayley: We can't keep living like this...We have to work together in order to survive! I know that you hate vampires but not all of them are bad! Trust me, you have to get along with the vampires or there will never be peace between us!

(Before Hayley can contine speaking, Klaus appears.)

Hayley: Klaus, what are you doing here?

Klaus: I need to see Oliver and his lackeys.

Jackson: Why?

Klaus: Because I'm going to kill them.

Hayley: What?! Klaus, no--

Werewolf 1: See! This is exactly why we can't work with vampires! Those bloodsuckers--

Klaus: Speak another word and I'll rip out your tongue.

Hayley: Klaus, what is your deal? You can't just walk into the bayou and making demands about wanting to kill people.

Klaus: Oh, really? Tell me which of the werewolves here have moonlight rings?

Jackson: What are you talking about?

Klaus: Danielle came to see me today. The werewolves that went to the music shop were wearing moonlight rings. Now I know some of the wolves don't have moonlight rings because Danielle and Davina can only make a certain amount of at a time.

(Oliver appears.)

Oliver: Well, maybe if those girls made moonlight rings for me and my boys in the first place, we wouldn't had done what we did in the first place.

(Klaus vamp speeds, grabbing Oliver's neck.)

Klaus: I haven't killed anyone for months and believe me when I say that I am going to enjoy this.

Hayley: Klaus, wait!

Klaus: And why should I do that?

Jackson: If you kill him, it will just cause more problems! We're suppose to be trying to create peace between the vampires and werewolves!

Klaus: Maybe you should trying telling Oliver that! Guess what? I have a bonus for you! Apparently in the Quarter, Oliver and his friends tried to kill Joe but Danielle stopped them before that happened. But then...Oliver tried to hurt my niece and her best friend. Now see, I will not stand for that type of behavior especially when it comes to my precious niece.

Hayley: And he will be punished for it including his group! Klaus, please let him go!

(Klaus hesitates and sighs. He then throws Oliver to the ground who starts coughing.)

Klaus: You better be lucky that she's merciful unlike me. But next time, you all better show my niece some respect otherwise I will come back here and gladly rip off each of your fingers, putting them on display in the bayou and you will be begging for death. Now give me those moonlight rings.

(Oliver and the others hand over the moonlight rings and Klaus angrily leaves.)

The Decision You MadeEdit

(Leon gasps as he wakes up. He sits up as he sees Danielle looking upset. She slowly closes her eyes.)

Danielle: Why?

Leon:...Because I wanted to.

Danielle: I don't believe you.

Leon: It was my choice. I had to.

Danielle: You had to? Please.

(Danielle gets up and walks out of the bar with Leon to follow her.)

Leon: What is your problem?

Danielle: My problem is that you made the stupidest decision that you could ever make on your life!

Leon: What the hell are you talking about?

Danielle: You choosing to become a vampire!

Leon: What's so wrong with that? You had a choice too by what Elijah said.

Danielle: Yes, I did have a choice. Because my mother allowed me that choice, because of what I wanted. I chose to become a vampire so that I could stay with my family forever. But you! You chose to become a vampire, for what?! Huh?!

Leon: Like I said, I had to! Because I'm your bodyguard, I have to protect you, no matter what the cost!

Danielle: So you would gamble with your life like that?

Leon: I would put my life on the line for you.

Danielle: You don't even know me!

Leon: I know you by what Elijah told me. A generous, kind, and smart young girl. But she also has a bit of a temper which I can see right now!

Danielle: I have a right to be angry right now! You just had to play the hero and get yourself killed!

Leon: My job is to be your bodyguard at all times!

Danielle: I didn't ask you to protect me!

Leon: That's right! You didn't! Elijah and Sophia wanted me to!

Danielle: Of course...I didn't even have a choice in the matter! I am so sick and tired of being protected!

Leon: Why is it so wrong for me to protect you?!

Danielle: Do you remember what happened in there? You fought with Mikael and you were killed...You died because you were trying to protect me. Me!

Leon: So you blame yourself...

Danielle: Yes! Let me tell you something about how every single time a man has tried to protect me! A guy who is a close friend of mine, a guy that I'm interested in, or a guy that I fall in love with, always dies! They get killed because of me! Their blood...all that blood is on my hands!

(Danielle tries to hold back her tears and Leon gently places his hands her cheeks.)

Leon: Now, you might not want a bodyguard but you're just going to have to get use to it because I'm not going anywhere.

Danielle: Great, another death is going to be on my hands...

Leon: Listen, I'm not going to die. Not a second time, anyway. You won't lose me, I'm sure of that.

Danielle: But--

Leon: Do you trust me?


Leon: Then believe in me. Nothing is going to happen to me and I will not let anything happen to you...Okay?


Leon: So what category do I fall under?

Danielle: (laughs) Someone that I really care about.

Leon: Now that I remember, you did hug me earlier.

Danielle: Like I said earlier, don't get your hopes up. Before we continue this constant bicker, you need to feed. Come here.

(Danielle pulls Leon into a dark alleyway so that no one can see them. She takes off her jacket.)

Leon: What are you doing?

Danielle: Feed off of me.

Leon: No--

Danielle: Leon, don't argue with me. Feed off of me, anytime you want. Whenever you get that sudden hunger. If you want me to trust you and believe that you won't die, then do this for me. Please?

(Leon hesitates.)

Danielle: This will put me at ease.

Leon: Have you ever been...?

Danielle: No. You're the first.

(Leon's fangs slowly come out and he pulls Danielle close to him. She gasps as he bites into her neck.)

Our Parents have ReturnedEdit

(Klaus continually paces around the courtyard just as Elijah arrives.)

Elijah: Niklaus! We have a problem!

Klaus: I'm sure there is no problem bigger than the one that I've just encountered because our mother is alive!


Klaus: Yes! It is worse than we thought!  I met the witch, Cassie. I studied her, her presence, the way she carried herself. The fervor with which she voiced her hatred of our kind. I looked into that girl's eyes, and, I swear to you, Elijah, she's not just guided by our mother. She is our mother!

Elijah: So mother has risen from the dead as well...

Klaus: What do you mean as well? Elijah....who else has returned?

Elijah: ....Our father. I saw him standing there in the flesh, as you do now...And he has the stake. You notice it was missing...I believed he snuck in and took it.

Klaus: What?! How in the bloody hell did he even come back?

Elijah: It was possibly through Sophia's element...when she brought back Danielle and the others. He could have possibly slipped through somehow.

Klaus:.....We are not to tell Sophia of this.

Elijah: You want me to lie to our sister?

Klaus: If we tell her, she will believe that it is her fault and just blame herself. So keep the matter or our mother and father returning from the dead a secret from her.

Elijah:...Alright...But what if she finds out some way?

Klaus:...Then I'll handle it. I will explain to her of why we kept it from her....Now the next question. Which of our parents do we kill first?

Your ProtégéEdit

(Marcel and Elijah have met in the alley where Gia is performing on her violin.)

Marcel: Let me guess. Mikael is nowhere to be found.

Elijah:  I have people looking all over this city. He is gone.

Marcel: Great. Now its like we can't even go into the Quarter without risking our damn lives.

Elijah: Do you think he was able to return because of...

Marcel: Sophia's element? Yeah, possibly. He probably slipped through when Danielle was brought back.

Elijah: If that's the case, I do not want Sophia to know about any of this. She will just blame herself.

Marcel: Fine with that...I need to know where you stand. With the way things are going right now, Klaus is on Team Wolf. What are you?

Elijah: I don't do teams.

Marcel: I'm sorry, but that's not an option. See, you're an Original. Every vampire that's ever been sired is an extension of you and your family. Now, you can walk away from that, and side with Klaus and the wolves. But you're not one of them, and you never will be. You want allies, right? Look around, I have gathered new members for a vampire army! Now, you may think that you're better than us, but we're all you got.

Elijah: (amused) And why would I play benefactor to a collection of lost children?

Marcel: (rolls his eyes) That's right. You never were any good with children. But, like it or not, vampires exist because of you. Gia, come here!

(Gia walks over to Marcel and he nods at her.)

Marcel: And these folks are gonna need your help...Turn her.

Elijah: Excuse me?

Marcel: Her name's Gia and she's gonna need a mentor for when she becomes a vampire. You will be the one to turn her.

Elijah: And if I refuse?

Marcel: Then...I'll tell Sophia about Mikael's return.

Elijah: You wouldn't.

Marcel: Believe me, I don't want to because I don't like lying to her. But I will tell her that it was you that threaten me to keep my mouth shut. Now turn Gia.

(Elijah is quiet for a moment then bites his wrist and feeds Gia his blood. He squeezes her shoulders comfortingly and snaps her neck. He holds her in his arms.)

Marcel: I hope that you do better with her than you did with me.

Planning A Family ReunionEdit

(Esther and Finn are in the coven house, discussing their next move.)

Esther: Niklaus certainly hasn't changed. He's still vicious as ever.

Finn: Have you seen the others yet?

Esther: No. I have no idea where Rebekah and Kol have gone. I heard Sophia has gone off to college.

Finn: So what are your plans for them? Do you plan to bring them back here?

Esther: I have an idea for Sophia....and it will involve Elijah in the matter.

Finn: Should Sophia really be included? I mean she's no longer an Original.

Esther: True but she is still a part of this family.

Finn:...Mother, why did you keep that a secret from us? That Sophia was related to us by blood.

Esther: Let's just say...I did it to protect her. But now that I know she's having visions of her past, I believe I now have the chance to tell her the truth about everything as well as what happened to her childhood friend.

Finn: Tatia? What about her?

Esther: For now, it's a secret. But don't worry, my son. You'll find out eventually...Now with my next plan, can you guess what it is?

Finn: (smirks) It's time for a family reunion?

Cassie: (smiles) Correct.

The Originals

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