Alice Thorne
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  • 1300s (22/700s)
  • Alive
  • Witch
  • Female
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Played by
  • Keira Knightley
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The power of life and death is a powerful thing, and these spells have power over both.
— Alice in Rise from the Grave

Alice Thorne (a.k.a  Myrah and Untouchable) is a recurring character and someone from Rebekah's past. She made her appearance in New Orleans after the resurrection of Kol Mikaelson. She has also helped Hayley Marshall break the curse of her family.



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Myrah was born an heiress to the throne of a Scottish dukedom. Her mother Duchess Cynthia had a Celtic background. This had caused an uproar in the dukedom when her father, Duke Viktor IV decided to marry her while he was travelling in an Aramaic speaking country for conquest. When Myrah was born, the dukedom praised her for her beauty, elegance and ready wit. During her growing years she developed a rare eye-condition called hetrochromia where in her intially stormy grey eyes grew darker and her left eye was completely green. Cynthia and her daughter, the crowned Duchess of Scotland were accused of witchcraft. To add insult to injury, her vindictive cousin, Louis, accused Myrah of association with the werewolves or the slaves. Which was true, because Myrah was a sympathetic and kind woman who had often questioned the torturous treatment of the slaves during full moon nights. Duke Viktor was away on battle when Cynthia was staked to death and burnt alive. Cynthia was indeed a witch, who was too proud to give up the ways of nature. She knew about the vampires and had been feeding her daughter vampire blood with the help of her vampire hunter friend, Mikael. Myrah, in fear ran away into the woods but the people had wounded her with arrows when they found her. To her surprise, she awoke just in time before being burnt to death. The burning in her throat convinced her of what she had become. Wanting to not let her mother's sacrifice go to waste, she made her first kill and with a speed that the Conservatives had not predicted, she fled from Scotland to Italy. Italy was home to a rich vampire family who welcomed her for her beauty and easy wit. She met Niklaus a century later who was in search of a girl who had cheated him (a.k.a Katerina Petrova). He was also running away from his own vengeful stepfather, Mikael. Myrah and Rebekah had a brief but strong friendship until they fought over a the Italian vampire's love, Franco. Klaus daggered Rebekah after this revelation, angering Myrah. After the departure of the Originals, Myrah worked her way with the help of her Italian alliances, to free the werewolf slaves. The slaves were forever grateful for her help and till date, remain at her service not as slaves, but as loyal friends. 

Throughout The Originals FanfictionEdit

Season OneEdit

Alice had appeared in flashbacks from Blast From the Past.

In At Least With Sorrow, Alice appeared before Rebekah in her dreams and reminded her of the story of how a powerful witch protected her people and the lands from a evil demon and managed to overcome its strength, defeating it once and for all. She warns Rebekah that Danielle will be the cause of it if Rebekah doesn't find some way to save Danielle.

After Kol is resurrected in Eclipse of the Heart, Alice appears before Rebekah and Kol stating that its thanks to her items Kol was brought back and that she needs to have a chat with Rebekah about Neoma.

In Rise from the Grave, Alice is first seen arguing with Kol.

Season TwoEdit

Alice will make few appearances and act as a guide for Sophia so she can better understand her powers.

Season Three Edit


Physical AppearanceEdit

High, well defined cheekbones. Pout full lips, beautiful eyes, long brown hair. She's lean and tall. She suffers from hetrochromia. So one eye is grey and other is green. During the time when she was young, in the late 14th - 15th century, the prevalent clothes in Scotland. Now in the present day, she likes to be very fashionable. She keeps it feminine, eclectic and elegant.



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