Cecilia's Father
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  • 1st B.C. Century
  • Male
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Supernatural information
Cause of death
  • Unknown
Killed by
  • Damien
Played by
  • Sean Teale
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Because I believe in you.
Agapios to his daughter in Paranormal Activity

Agapios is the husband of Qetsiyah and the father of Damien and Cecilia. He was one of the most powerful witches during the Ancient Times. Being born a human, he became the protégé of the First Elemental Witch and after a few months of hard training, he was able to use Elements, becoming the first person that wasn't born with elemental magic. Years later, he was shown to be a powerful master of the elements. He later met and fell in love with Qetsiyah, also marrying her at some point and having a son and daughter.


Agapios was born to an unnamed father and Cascadia during 1st century B.C. in Ancient Greece. When Agapios was a child, he was involved in a dangerous incident which led him to met the First Elemental Witch. Seeing the First Elemental Witch's powers and his will to protect others, Agapios became inspired by him and became eventually became his protégé. After a few months of hard training, he was able to use Elements, becoming the first person that wasn't born with elemental magic. Years later, Andra introduced him to Qetsiyah who turned out to be his soulmate. While growing up, he had a good relationship with his mother but that fell apart as she was against his relationship with Qetsiyah.

He eventually married Qetsiyah and she later gave birth to their first child, Damien. About three years later, they had their second child, Cecilia. A few months after Cecilia's birth, he took his daughter to his special place. He told her about the many lands out there that have not yet been explored and he wishes for her to see them. He wished that he could stay with her a little longer so that he can raise her, watch her grow up into a strong young woman and give her away to the man she will marry one day but knew he wouldn't be able to do those things. He believed she wouldn't need protecting from the darkness because her name means one of the shining light therefore she will be the one to purify the evil within those's hearts.

Some time later, he was killed by his own son.

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Season TwoEdit

Brody reveals to Sophia that he had a vision of her father in Starting Over. The vision showed Sophia as a baby and him telling her of what lies beyond the world and that he won't be able to be there for her. After watching the memory, her father looks up at Sophia, revealing that he can see her. He tells that would see each other again soon and he loves her.

In Welcome to the Party,

In Paranormal Activity,


Agapios was a very honorable and loyal man. He was very dedicated to his family, showing that he would give up his life for them. He has shown to still hold hope that his son will change from his evil ways and that his daughter can save him from that.

It is said that Cecilia takes more after her father.

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"My son. I still have hope for him. For him to change and do the right thing. As for my wife, she didn't ruin anything. She gave me a new world and it's because of her that I still live on. That I can continue being with my daughter even though Cecilia didn't know I was there."
—Agapios to Cascadia in Welcome to the Party




  • Agapios was the first and possibly only human to become a witch after only a few months of hard training.
    • This occurred when he was at a very young age.
  • He was one of the very first Elemental Witches/Warlocks.
  • He was the one to name his and Qetsiyah's daughter.
  • Just like his wife, he has been watching over Sophia. However, it is unknown for him due to him finding peace knowing his daughter would be fine.
  • Being able to hear to the music his daughter listens to, he has taken a liking to Whitney Houston and Trading Yesterday.
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