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Aria and Addison were NOT friends at the start of college. But when they had to work on a fashion project together. Aria and Addison along with Sophia form a bond.

Season twoEdit


Aria and Addison

Where is Sophia? What time is it? - It's 5:58.- What time is it now?- Aria it's still 5:58.

Aria I am so,so sorry she was trying to take you away from me!- I'm not some prize Addison you could have killed her.

Look Aria they hate me! I know why I've done things I'm not proud of but you have to choose me or them.

Addison to Aria in season two mid season finale.


Aria and Addison

Aria and Addison


  • We find out later that Addison has been keeping a BIG secret from Aria.
  • Addison didn't know Aria knew Originals.
  • She has only told Aria why she ran from Home.
  • Addison doesn't like Katherine.
  • Team Addia
  • Katherine thinks she is a bad influence on Aria.
  • She could ruin Aria's relationship with a lot of people.
  • Aria can never stay mad at her for long.
  • She might force Aria to choose between her family (The Originals) or her
  • Expect a lot of drama between this pair and The Originals
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