Aaron 1
Biographical information
  • 1st Century B.C. (age 24)
  • Deceased
  • Stableboy
  • Swordsman
  • N/A
  • Male
Family information
Significant Others
  • Unnamed Father †
  • Unnamed Mother †
  • Unnamed Siblings
  • Unnamed Son (Status unknown)
Supernatural information
Significant spells
  • Giving Cecilia one of the brightest stars in the night sky
Significant kills
  • Unknown
Cause of death
  • Unknown
Killed by
  • Unknown
Played by
  • Konstantinos Argyros
First seen
Last seen
I'll always come back to you...I promise.
Cecilia's memory of Aaron in Wait For You

Aaron was Cecilia's first husband and soulmate. He plays an essentially important role in Sophia's storyline as she regains her memories of him as well as her unfading love for him.


"Out of all the women, he chose her. He only saw my daughter...It tore me up inside, seeing what she went through...But I was happy that there was a man who truly loved her."
Qetsiyah about Aaron's love for Cecilia in Parting Ways

His life before meeting Cecilia is unknown but has known to be a stableboy and strong warrior.

Aaron was known as one of the most handsomest men in Greece. Many of the woman longed for him but he instantly fell for Cecilia when he first saw her. During their first meeting, they saw that they had a lot in common and he soon found out that he was already engaged to another. However, this didn't stop him from growing a friendship with her and always giving her gifts for her friendship and gratefulness. Many notice the sparks between the two but Cecilia denied it as Aaron could not. His family was against the idea for him to be with Cecilia as they had high expectations of him and she represents the upper class. Aaron ignored their wishes realized that Cecilia was her soulmate which led to him finally confessing his feelings for her and kissing her for the first time. Yet she rejected him but he knew that she felt the same way about him and was willing to wait for her, no matter how long it took.

He witnessed her killing her fiancé for using her and he chose not to run away; he stayed by her side. Over time, she finally confessed her love for him before he went into battle.

The night he proposed to her, he gave her one the brightest stars from the night sky. She accepted his proposal and they eventually got married, also had a son.

Later on for unknown reasons, their child was taken from them and Aaron was killed. Cecilia, hoping to find her mother and bring back Aaron and find their son, she created a new spell: The Eternity Spell, in order to live forever. Yet a price had to be paid to complete the spell, she had to give up her memories of her husband and son including her other loved ones. She believed that one day she would get her memories back in order to get her husband and son back. Cecilia began to regain her memories after two-thousand years.

Throughout The Originals FanfictionEdit

Season OneEdit

Aaron was mentioned by Qetsiyah in Parting Ways. Qetsiyah told Katherine of Sophia's true past which involves Aaron.

Season TwoEdit

Throughout Starting Over, Sophia begins to have strange dreams of Aaron, feeling a strong connection with him and eventually comes to realize that the dreams are memories she had lost as Aaron was her husband that she no longer remembers.

In The Voodoo,

In Paranormal Activity,


His sword will be featured in A Special Reunion.

Throughout NightFallEdit


Aaron is a good man who finds life valuable and believes in seeking justice against those who do wrong. During the ancient times, he was known as a hero for saving many lives and defeating many enemies in battle. He also had a mysterious side to him and never allowed himself to get close to anyone until he met his soulmate, Cecilia.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Although it is still not known of what he looks like, Aaron was extremely handsome due to so many women being drawn to him.


Sophia Mikaelson/Cecilia SolasEdit

Main article: Aaron and Cecilia
"I have loved you since our beginning and will love you even after my last breath."
—Cecilia to Aaron



  • Aaron will bring a unexpected twist to Ben's story.
  • His story will be further explored in season 2.
  • He will appear in a flashback.
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